i love…

making myself chocolate covered strawberries.

(even after valentines day)
talking to my baby.
taking a warm shower when she’s finally sleeping.
breakfast for every meal.

friends who stop by to check in.
friends and neighbors who kindly offer to walk kingsley.
getting mail addressed to eleanor.
looking at photos of my husband as a baby and toddler.

singing songs with josh while our food bakes in the oven.
jimmy t’s breakfast. and breakfast with friends.
a husband who calls his wife to say he’s scheduled her a surprise massage.
phrases like “bill cosby. steve martin. ‘charlie bit my finger.’
michael scott. then, todd packer.”

all the faces this little girl makes during the day.
kingsley’s patience with this new little addition.
how he curiously smells her diaper and his love for licking her feet.

  1. gee

    oh goodness..i LOVE the last picture.
    breakfast is my favorite meal..i love everything from waffles to eggs benedict.
    eleanor is absolulty beautiful. <3

  2. i choose breakfast for every meal too :)
    i'm so happy kingsley and eleanor are friends

  3. Breezy

    SO precious! I can't wait to see how our pups respond to our future babies someday! Your quiche made me hungry! yum!

  4. Sky

    all that sounds wonderful! :-)

  5. what a good life. for eternity! :)

  6. This sounds like a perfect little life <3

  7. That breakfast looks divine. And Eleanor gets even cuter every time you post!

  8. those are all really great things to love.

  9. best happy list EVER! and that episode of the office was too funny! congrats again on your baby girl! she's adorable.

  10. I love these photos! I've just started following your blog and it seriously lights up my day. Thank you!

  11. Erin

    Breakfast for every meal — yes, please! And Eleanor looks a lot like Josh in that pic.

  12. Gaby

    Breakfast for dinner sounds perfect, and I'm sure the massage was nice too. What a sweet husband you have!

  13. This post made me happy. Your husband rocks for scheduling a massage.

  14. Lara

    Love this post <3 beautiful pictures! And now I want grapefruit haha!

  15. Ms. H

    I love the number of people who support the notion of "breakfast for all meals." Thanks for uniting us!! =) Chalk me up on that list as well.

    Lovely post, as always. Love from Wisco!

  16. Hilary

    I love your blog! I love that you talk about Kingsley so much. I am a total dog lover and enjoy seeing other people enjoy their dogs as much as I do. Your daughter is beautiful as well :) Thanks for posting!

  17. Dawn

    love this post!! i love kingsley. we have 2 pugs and we adore them. eleanor is adorable, i really enjoy her pics :)

  18. getting mail addressed to eleanor — so precious.

  19. Rachel

    so cute. love that your family is so adorable

  20. Ali

    I love your table in the last picture! Will you post a home tour one day?!

  21. Jenna E


  22. this is so lovely :) it warms my heart <3

  23. Drea

    This made me all teary eyed. :)

  24. What a beautiful post! Makes me think about all the little joys of life.

  25. Colleen

    Love the pic of your two guys at the end!

  26. Michelle

    aw! such sweet things to love :)

  27. Joy

    i'm so proud that i know what you're referring to with the whole 'bill cosby, steve martin…' thing. :) and little miss eleanor is such a cutie pie!!!

  28. this post makes me endlessly happy. xo.

  29. Aw so many sweet things! ^.^ xo.

  30. Monique

    Super Yummy breakfast for dinner. Next time you make grapefruit, drizzle some brown sugar on top and pop it in the oven…it's sure to be heavenly the top coat of sugar hardens and then the juices just bust out with every spoon full. You are so lucky to have such a supportive community. Much love to you, baby E, Kingsly and hubs.

  31. josh looks EXACTLY the same as a baby!!!!

  32. Victoria

    Oh I love that Office quote. Your new little family is so adorable and it is great that Kingsley is open and good with the baby.


  33. Chiara

    This is such an adorable post!!!
    Love that Kingsley licks E's feet!

  34. Vanessa

    that's a lot of love in your little home! xo

  35. Renee B.

    Lovely post. Left me all warm and fuzzy inside, really:) I can't wait to share those precious baby moments with my hubby. Enjoy it! :)

  36. O O N A

    mygoodness she's such a cutie! makes me wanna multiply hahah.
    and your dog is just beyond arorable. what a stud

  37. pymette

    heehee, that was a great Office ep. also, breakfast is THE bestest meal ever, at all times of day. what is with places that don't serve all-day breakfast?

    xo leanna

  38. taylor

    this whole post just made me so happy! your family is beautiful.

  39. Holly

    breakfast for every meal is my kinda life.

  40. erin

    so gorgeous.

  41. Faith

    The photo of your husband and Kingsley is precious! (So is your daughter!)

  42. "bill cosby. steve martin. 'charlie bit my finger.'
    michael scott. then, todd packer."
    BEST EVER!!!!

  43. Love this post. :)

  44. I love…your blog!!

  45. this makes me so excited to have a little one of my own someday! love it.

  46. Marfio

    You're living the good life – what a lovely, sweet husband you have.

    How does E. react when Kingsley licks her feet??

  47. I'd love to hear more about how Kingsley is adjusting to Eleanor being home… I often wonder how our fur-baby will react to a new addition! If you have any tips for how to introduce dog to baby, I'm sure many of us would benefit :)

  48. I love this post. A little drop of positivity in an otherwise blah day.

    Blogs are the best. We all share the lovely bits of our lives and in turn, inspires smiles from all over the world. Reminds us to smile and appreciate the little things.

  49. Sini

    Lovely post. It's just full of lovely things.

  50. Brissa

    i loved that line from the office. i'm so glad you kids are so happy! :)

  51. Aw man… what a happy life!! It's inspiring! xoxo

  52. Rhianne

    oh gosh, I love this post, I bet kingsley licking her feet is just the cutest thing :)

  53. Emma

    such a lovely post. You are one happy mom , it's so sweet to read.

  54. in.tin.

    Eleonor has very impresive features,so it makes we think that she's going to be VERY beautiful when grows up.

    Lucky parents :)

  55. What a cute post! You should do more 'I love' posts :)

  56. Shalini

    Naomi – I read this last night before going to bed and then semi-dreamt about your life at night haha! So I just had to come back this morning to thank you for being such a source of blessing and joy. I read on your twitter a while ago that you're not planning to publish your birth story and I totally respect that. As a soon-to-be-married 24 yr old Christian gal living in a city, I'd love to hear though about any 'surprises' about labour from you. I'm not one of those overly emotional women about pregnancy and birth but it's still something that piques my curiosity and that I hope to go through in the future — I sometimes feel people don't focus enough on the traumatic part of birth and only talk about it as a joyful occassion which plunges many new mum's into PPD as they struggle to come to terms with what happened… ok, this is getting way too long but I just wanted to say hello :) and see if you'd be comfy talking about birth and being a young woman in a city 'in general' (and if not, like I said, full respect)!

  57. by r.

    precious! what a wonderful husband too!

  58. chloé

    I have always loved your dining table. Do you mind sharing where you got it? It looks like it would be one of a kind, but I'm just curious because I've liked it for so long :)

  59. Rachel

    Haha I love the Office! Oh Michael and Holly make me laugh. I love your photographs here-they are just so gorgeous. And your baby is beautiful, too.

  60. Leslie

    I'm with @Ali. I would love to see a home tour. Your photos are lovely, as always. xo

  61. Chelsea

    her lips are perfect.

  62. Rachael

    Love your table!

  63. Saara

    i am still very much in love with your blog. It makes me so happy every day. And I have started to want to have a baby :)

  64. kate

    you are so lovely. i just want to hold that tiny sweet eleanor! newborn babies are just so precious.
    Hahaa love the quote from the office. ;)

  65. What precious pictures!!!


  66. I am SO with you on breakfast at every meal!

  67. Ashley

    Your blog is so cute. I enjoy reading about you and your cute family. I have to ask you about your KITCHEN TABLE…it is so cute. Is it an original? I'm in the market for one and just wondered where you picked it up?

  68. your sweet eleanor is just beautiful. and love that breakfast spread! love this post.

  69. Your breakfast looks much prettier than mine. Not that a bowl of soggy Crunch Berries is hard to beat.

  70. @ashley, thanks! we bought it out at an antique store in luckets, virginia. it was from the 1940's. it's my favorite piece of furniture.

  71. so sweet, even to this day watching my girl sleep is my favorite thing (she's 6 years old), plus it is always nice to get a minute for myself

  72. rebecca

    looks like kingsley will make a great big brother. what cuties you have.

  73. lauren

    That pie/breakfast looks fabulous! What is it?!