guest post: what i love about motherhood, by leah wright

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“Being a mother is the hardest and most wonderful adventure I’ve taken in life. While I am lucky to have learned from my amazing mother, sisters, and friends about what it takes to be a mom, I owe it to my son and daughter for being my true teachers. They’ve taught me to forgive quickly, reminded me that learning is magical, and proved that taking time to sit, talk, and play with them one-on-one is much more important than having a perpetually clean house. They’ve also taught me to laugh at knock-knock jokes that make absolutely no sense, consent to breakfast food three times a day, and accept that a pack of gum purchased today will not be around tomorrow. And I’m okay with all of that because I can’t imagine my life without them; without Isaac’s inquisitive mind or Lucy’s obsession with all things girly, without their good-night kisses and infectious smiles. I love that I am theirs and they are mine, forever.”
  1. Such a beautiful family, my gosh! I couldn't agree more…I gave up on the thrice-daily kitchen scrubs when Devon started walking and taking over more of the house. All that logistical stuff can and does wait. Spending time with her and seeing the world through her eyes is so much more important and exciting than anything else.

  2. what a beautiful post and wonderful photo! i'm already loving these guest posts so much!

  3. Jenn

    This is beautiful. I, too, can't imagine life without my two boys. The joy they bring is immeasurable.

  4. beautifully said. i echo her sentiment. what a great photo! (hope you are surving the pains of after birth naomi! they're no fun, but also totally worth it!)

  5. Miss Amy

    Beautifully stated. All that truly matters in life, she has it!

  6. what a sweet little summary of what's important and what really matters. so dear! thanks leah! xo.

  7. Beautiful post…Can't wait to find out your baby's name, Naomi! I have checked this site more today than ever. I'm on the edge of my seat. Lots of congrats again!

  8. Keli

    what beautiful words! I don't see motherhood in my immediate future, but I look forward to such a wonderful experience.

  9. Haley K

    That is the sweetest post :) Being a mother is nothing short of an amazingly sweet blessing…and she Leah got me excited to think of my little guy (not quite 1 year old) as a toddler…and more kiddos coming into the family :) Great feature!

    Hope motherhood is treating you wonderfully!! Snuggling a newborn does a body [& heart] good :)

  10. Ali

    Such a sweet sweet post! I feel the exact same way!!

  11. Becky

    That is so sweet. I love the photo and the sentiments. And I totally agree. My biggest lesson has been learning to forgive quickly. Thanks for the reminder.

  12. Minta

    I loved reading that, i'm expecting in August and i'm so excited to have my own baby to teach me things!

  13. Yep, my sister Leah rocks!!

  14. I read this and that, "Aw, aren't kids wonderful? Look at all they do for you!" Then, I thought, "My mom thinks these exact things toward me!" It was a perfect reminder to better include my mom in my life and remember how much she loves me!

    Little Miss Paige

  15. Chelsea

    aw, this is so sweet. I couldn't agree more!

  16. I love the guest posts. What a great idea while you're recuperating. Thank you.

  17. That was so beautiful! Oh gosh it made me teary :)
    and totally made me wanna go hang out with my mom right this second.

  18. I'm not even a mother yet, but I love every word you wrote. One day :)

  19. i love this. especially this part: they've also taught me to laugh at knock-knock jokes that make absolutely no sense…


  20. I adore every word of this post. And, I really adore her hair….so lovely!!

  21. Annie

    awww that's beautiful. "I love that I am theirs and they are mine, forever." – love that.

  22. That is soo true! It is spot on what I feel about my little ones and motherhood! Nice that someone has the ability to describe it in such a beautiful way! Thanks!

  23. Colleen

    Beautiful! Loved the last sentence. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Becca

    love the beautiful picture with this post.

    and your baby girl kills me…so gorgeous!

  25. Holly

    so sweet….love that photo, what a gorgeous family!

  26. She is beautiful!!!!

  27. How wonderful!!!Enjoy your beautiful baby girl!

  28. kristina

    Its so fun to see my good friend, Leah on your blog, isn't she amazing?! and I love looking at your blog, you live such a fun life, and you are so gorgeous!

  29. This quote is PRECIOUS! As a mom, who feels the exact same way, I couldn't have said it better myself!