guest post: what i love about motherhood, by elaine qualter

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“Sticky hands. Refusing to share. Temper tantrums. Whining. Unreasonable demands. Short attention span. Mood swings. High-pitched shrieking. Picky eating. Choosing her own clothes. Putting on those clothes v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y.
She is three years old and she isn’t always easy to deal with, despite my morning yoga and meditation routine and lots of chocolate therapy.
Her name is Mayumi. It is a Japanese name meaning strength, reason, and beauty. She was born on a Sunday morning after six hours of hard labor, but we had worked for 7 years before that to get her here. Like many, we struggled with fertility issues and were one of the lucky ones to finally be successful. All babies are miracles, so how can I claim that more so than others? I can’t, but I can tell you how she’s changed my life and what I love about being her mama.
I love witnessing the wonder she exhibits whenever she learns something new.
I love the sheer joy she exudes when she plays, and the raw, unencumbered spirit within her.
I love how she is the perfect synthesis of me and her daddy (my true love); I love seeing the best parts of us manifest in her.
I love the way she calls me Mama and holds my hand and nuzzles into my shoulder before she sleeps.
I love her hugs.
I love who I am with her and because of her, how all my personalities and roles have been magnified and re-examined; Mama seems to encompass artist, activist, musician, teacher, healer, friend, homemaker, explorer, writer, warrior, yogini…
I love how she inspires me to be better than I am.
I love how I’ve explored all sorts of new things (homeschooling, attachment parenting, EC, urban homesteading, blogging, etc.) because of her.
I love that she motivates me to operate in this world with more patience, compassion and mindfulness.
And best of all, I love that she still loves me even though I take myself so seriously and am constantly and consistently messing up. She reminds me that happiness and beauty is there in every moment if I take the time to recognize and enjoy it.
There are times I feel defeated and overwhelmed, yes. She is three years old. But… I kind of love it. All. Being a mama rocks.”
–Elaine, known as MamaQ from Wasabi Mama
  1. i'm a proud mama of a newly turned 3 year-old, and yes, I LOVE IT!

    Beautiful post!

  2. Haley K

    I loved how real and sincere she is :) You can tell she knows mama-hood is a lot of work…but she see's the beauty in it, and has such love for her little girl [and her husband]!! One of my favorite parts:

    "I love that she motivates me to operate in this world with more patience, compassion and mindfulness."

    Great feature!

  3. Ainsley

    My favourite yet. You can tell you are truly smitten :)

  4. Jasmine

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  5. Jasmine

    I love the name Mayumi! cute :)


  6. Pamela

    Beautiful, beautiful post. So real.

  7. What an adorable little girl! I loved reading her mom's story and it's very evident the wonderful impact this bundle of joy has had on her!

    <3 kris&kel;

  8. I was just looking at my mum's bookcase and saw a book by kingsley davis and thought of you!! haha so funny :)

    ohhhh how nice reading!

  9. Dawn

    This is my fav guest post so far :) We are in the process of adopting and I cannot wait until we are able to travel to China and hold our little Mia in our arms. Hope all is well with you and Eleanor. I am certain it is :D

  10. This is perfection.

  11. Love all these guestposts! Wonderful!!


  12. MellyB

    Being a momma does rock. This is my total favorite in the guest post series. Yay for parenthood!

  13. NAB

    That is such a cute photo of you two :)

  14. This was really sweet. And it made me cry. I love that you described her spirit as unencumbered. When do we lose that? I remember feeling that way once, what happened? I don't think as an adult I can ever truly revert back to that completely but I think through my children I can relive it a little and revive a portion of it within me.

  15. I loved this! I also have a three year old daughter and could really relate to this post. My favorite part of having a three year old is something similar to what was mentioned her and that is their excitement over new things. It makes life so fun!

  16. MamaQ

    naomi, thank you so much for letting me share some of my thoughts on mamahood on your incredibly sweet and fun blog. it's kind of surreal to have this much exposure, but i suppose you live with that all the time!
    i'm also so happy for you and josh upon the arrival of little eleanor and i can't wait to meet her in person. congratulations and enjoy the ride – it is so wild and heavenly!

  17. Dara

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  18. i love how different all of these posts are….everyone has such a cool take on what motherhood means to them.

  19. Lovely post, Elaine! You're such a thoughtful mama.

  20. jlc

    I love that this post is from a mixed couple!!! I'm always so curious to see how me and my husband's babies will turn out.. and this girl is GORGEOUS!!

  21. amy

    I really love this post! And I love how happy happy and in love you look, looking at her :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  22. so sincere and beautiful!

  23. I loved every bit of this. Makes me really look forward to being called mom someday! Lovely!

  24. Liz

    What I love about Motherhood:

    Hearing my three-year-old son say, "Mommy, I love you soooo much!"

    My five-year-old-daughter telling me, "Mom, you just take it easy, I'll clean this room. I want you to rest because you have a baby in your tummy."

    My husband putting his hand on my bulging belly to feel our baby kicking.

    My two children kissing my tummy, telling me they are excited for the arrival of their new little sister.

    Smelling baby breath. It's my favorite scent in the world.

    My kids wanting me, and only me, to hold them when they are sick. I once had to hold my (then) 18 month old son for almost 3 days straight (only bathroom breaks) in the hospital. He refused to sleep in the crib. He only wanted to sleep on my chest. It was exhausting, but it felt so good to know that I had the power to give him the comfort he so desperately needed.

    My children clasping my hands when we cross the street.

    The fact that every art craft made in her kindergarten class will be given to me.

    The way my children run to me shouting, "Mommy!" and their eager hugs and kisses after I return home after being gone only a short while.

    The glances my husband and I give each other after one of our kids says something we think is cute.

    Life as a Mom is pretty great.

  25. jenny

    I love the past part… "sometimes I feel defeated and overwhelmed… but i love it all." Thank you.

  26. Oh this made me a little teary and I'm the momma on one very cuddly puppy. But I cannot wait to feel all of those things…so perfectly described in Elaine's post!

  27. Hailey

    That is beautiful, Elaine! I always knew you would be the most fabulous mama, and Mayumi is so lucky!

  28. Lovely, Elaine! Perfectly stated as usual.

  29. Great writing:) I totally agree, it does rock. The best part was: inspires me to be better than I am! Oh yes.

  30. Tina

    this brought tears to my eyes. i too struggled for years to have a child and now am lucky enough to be a mom. i particularly love "I love who I am with her…" so lovely. thank you for sharing your story.