first family walk.

on eleanor’s 5th day of life, we went on our first big walk around capitol hill as a family of four (i like including kingsley in our family count) and introduced eleanor to the capitol. i guess technically our first family walk happened the night before when we walked to our friend’s house for the evening, then to CVS for juice and then to grab chinese take-out. but i’m going to just go ahead and count our walk to the capitol as our first walk as a family of four.

i love him.

it’s getting warmer outside, which means more walks as a family are around the corner. i’m really excited.
  1. Capital Hill is as beautiful as I remember it! I've been to D.C. twice for school and absolutely loved the city! Your pictures bring back great memories (: -thanks

  2. Kirstin

    this is so adorable! one of my favorite things growing up was family walks around our neighborhood; whether we were biking or roller skating or just taking a stoll, it was fun to be together as a family. i hope your daughter will grow up to love it too!

  3. Ash Att

    you have such a cute family! little eleanor is adorable.

    have a great week!



  4. So beautiful! I love the city this time of year, just as the hint of spring starts whispering…

    Enjoy these days with your lovely family!


    how lovely. and everyone looks darling :). xo

  6. this is probably so random but i love that you included kingsley. so many of my friends or family members get a dog, love it to death but the second a baby comes the dog becomes a pain to them. i always hate it and it breaks my heart! i've even known some of them to sell the dog once the baby came. not because the dog showed any agression or anything like that but just bc all of a sudden theyd idnt have time for them or didnt want to deal with them:( so thank you:) and your family is the most precious thing ever!

  7. awesome.

    you look great :)

  8. oh my lordy, what a cute family! i hope to one day have one as cute as you guys :)

  9. Meg

    how cute that you get to cuddle little eleanor, while josh is in charge of cuddling kingsley :) you are such a beautiful family!

  10. you're so cute :) love the shades you're wearing :)
    p.s. i've been there! took a tour too! lol that's a long ways from this alabama guh's home! ;)

  11. I can't wait for walks! We just got our jogging stroller and no joke I have contemplated putting our dog in it for his walk just so I can take it around the neighborhood. With spring weather starting to slowly show up warm temps will be so great for our strolls. Such a beautiful family you have :)

  12. this makes me so happy to see! congratulations!
    your little family is adorable!
    God bless you!

    ps. how is kingsley with the baby?

  13. Congratulations! We just had our first little girl in August, and I remember our first walk like it was yesterday. So much fun! Blessings to you! ;) xo

  14. what a great stroller! everything's better when the sun shines!

  15. Alivia

    Kingsley looks like he has embraced the role of "protector." So cute!
    P.S. I love your hat!

  16. Aw the sweetest little Eleanor… :)

    These days I am so excited and happy about you and your adorable family. And each time you update a blog post I rush towards your space to see your photos and read your words.

    Big hugs, Naomi! xo

  17. Yay! loving seeing the pictures of all your sweeties :)

  18. Luisa

    The pictures are absolutely beautiful :)
    And Eleanor is just so cute <3

  19. bethani

    your little family is too cute.. kingsley looks so grown up now, like he runs the place & you can't forget little sweet eleanor snug down in her stroller..

    i can't wait for warm temps so we get to see sweet little sundresses on her with bows in her hair!

  20. The whole family looks lovely and oozes happiness.

  21. Chaucee

    So incredibly happy for you guys : )

  22. She's so teeny! And I love your glasses, what are they?

  23. Really beautiful photos! So lovely!

  24. This is so cute, and she is so tiny! ♥

  25. she looks so tiny in that big stroller! so precious, it warms my heart to see your little family of four on your walks.

  26. look at you with your fancy stroller. she is so teeny tiny! i hope kingsley isn't jealous. xo

  27. Your family of four is completely adorable. I hope you are feeling as excellent as you look!

  28. ohoo so lovely! you look great! I know what you mean, I also have a french bulldog and for us she is our little daughter… we´re really mad about Lola!

  29. Haley K

    oh such a beautiful, HAPPY family :) cheers for lots more fun family walks with spring right on our heels!

    PS – the photo of you holding tiny, little eleanor is beyond precious :)

  30. Ruth

    so sweet!

    please, please post about all of your favorite baby items. I would love to know!

  31. Esther

    I can't believe you had a baby 5 days ago! You look great, and your newest family member is precious:)

  32. K :)

    Precious blog. Sweetest little baby girl. Wonderful place for a first walk.

    When i saw your daughter's name it reminded me of the book my 10 year-old daughter (Lily) is reading about Eleanor Roosevelt. She was an amazing woman. What a wonderful moniker for a sweet little girl.

  33. Mrs. C

    The East Coast is so beautiful!!!! So is your family and loving the hat!!! Sidenote—get anything good for Chinese takeout. Always the best!!!

  34. your little family is beautiful! I also am curious about what kind of stroller you have… can't see the whole thing, but it looks too cute.

  35. so happy for you and your new family of 4! :) congratulations!

  36. becky

    This has made my day! Beautiful pictures, beautiful weather, beautiful family. I hope you and little Eleanor are doing well—and I hope Kinglsey isn't too jealous of all the attention she is bound to be getting!

  37. 2busy

    Beautiful sun shinny day!

  38. DianeSS

    Walks with my family are among my happiest memories, especially since not all of my children are living at home anymore. Enjoy the journey ahead!

  39. How sweet! Many more beautiful walks together for you guys too ! She is just beautiful! U both are very blessed!

  40. Jamie M.

    so adorable. her little outfit! you look amazing too…

    what kind of stroller is that? looks uber comfortable and modern.

    can't wait to see more.

  41. you're stroller looks epic!!!!!!!!!!!

    love the pics!!!!!

  42. Kelly

    such a sweet little family of four…and mighty attractive ;)

    can't wait to see more family outings!

  43. erin

    so sweet, naomi. what a spring you will have!

  44. motherhood suits you. so well. i cannot wait to see more photos of your new family. so beautiful.

  45. I bet you are super pumped to have access to the rest of your pre-pregnancy clothes again. Jealous!

  46. holtkamp

    you guys look great! DC is such an exciting area to raise kids.

    what kind of stroller it that?! i love it! :)

  47. Mariel

    The most fashion-forward family I've seen :). Enjoy your little family! :)

  48. marisa

    Such a sweet little family! I love that you count Kingsley in your family! And little Eleanor is just adorable!

  49. how fun! you're little family is so beautiful and i can't think of anything better than a "family walk." we walk everywhere too and daydream about the day our little one will be here and we can push her in the stroller with us.

  50. amanda

    baby rockstar is just too cute! what a great first walk.

  51. Marfio

    You are the cutest mother of a 5 day old I have ever seen. The spring sunshine in DC is absolutely beautiful.

  52. Renée

    What a beautiful photos, you look amazing with little eleanor!

  53. Jenna

    So sweet!… Such a beautiful family!

  54. Coope

    Isnt it a STOKKE stroller? :)

  55. Rachael

    You guys are such a cute family!! And seeing your little girl in your arms…I about died from the the cuteness of it!

  56. Shannon

    so fun! Behr and I have yet to venture towards the capitol, but Union Station has been a frequent spot for us to run a quick errand! It is incredible toting around your very own child. I am completely smitten and end up talking to him the entire time! We are so bundled up, I probably look half crazy!

  57. A.

    I love the stroller! Can you tell us a bit about it? I'd love to get one like that!

  58. Such a fashionable mum! Congrats to you all!

  59. Kelsi

    what kind of stroller is that? it looks awesome!

  60. Kristel

    I also want to know more about that stroller!
    Eleanor is so teeny, she's adorable!

  61. s a m

    I love the modern pram! Even a stylish stroller …

  62. MK

    So sweet! And I love the Stokke Xplory… it's in my top three (alongside Bugaboo and Orbit)

  63. what a lovely family !

  64. Gorgeous family! I too am interested in the stroller and I don't have a baby ;) Always on the lookout for cool baby stuff for when the time comes!

  65. Jenna E

    Cute family!!!!

  66. Anne

    I wish my bed looked as comfy as Eleanor's stroller does!

  67. Allison

    So beautiful! I loved our family walks when my daughter was a newborn. Fresh air is good for everyone :)

  68. kelly t.

    you make it look so easy. being a mom and wife and enjoyer of life :)

    please do share what kind of stroller you have. ive only seen a stroller like that when i was in italy. glad to see them here in the u.s.

  69. Juliana

    What a cute family!!!

  70. Elle

    What a rad stroller! you are such a hip mom, which those sunglasses especially :)

    love, live & wear

    xoxo, L

  71. Colleen

    What fun! And you look like the coolest Mom ever. Love seeing little Kingsley back in the photos.

  72. Faith

    Cute photos!

  73. Rinda

    The stroller is a Stokke Xplory Stroller, right? So cool. I only know that because I've started the hunt for a good stroller and I keep drooling over this one. How do you like it so far?

  74. Ashley

    Awwwh this looks like such a fun day! :) You guys are the cutest family ever!!! :)

  75. Anna

    Wow that stroller looks super comfortable.

  76. You're probably one of the most beautiful new mommys I've ever seen! A thousand times congrats :)

  77. Laetitia

    Eleanor looks adorable! (: She's such a sweet baby. How is Kingsley's taking to the new addition of the family?

  78. Coolness, you all are right near my job. So cute!

  79. cutest family ever!! so excited to see all your family adventure and watch eleanor grow!

  80. To those who asked (and sorry I didn't get here sooner to reply), the stroller is the Xplory by Stokke.

    Hooray for walks!

  81. It's inSANE how cute of a mom you are. I live in DC too and was doing a very similar thing the other day! My boyfriend lives right around Eastern Market. Today's weather is even better! Eleanor picked a good time to be born : )

  82. Kelsey

    a blog is the new photo album. you're going to be so happy you have this later in life.

  83. pretty sure you guys are the cutest family ever.

  84. How blessed you are to have your mother visit and…how lucky your mom is to be able to do so!

  85. Lauren

    You are one of the prettiest moms out there! Seriously. How do you do it all?

  86. You guys are an adorable family & you look ridiculously amazing for 5 days out! Is that the Orbit? Do you love it? She looks so cozy in there!!

  87. A

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  88. So I just started reading your blog today (after seeing it suggested on a good life) and I can see myself becoming addicted!

    Im a DC momma too and am excited to see what fun outtings you go on to get some ideas. I can not wait for it to get warm again because first thing on out list is a picnik downtown and a ride on the carousel… its what we used to do all the time when I was little and i cant wait to start those memories with m daughter

  89. Ali

    I'm loving your sunglasses! Where did you get them?!

  90. LCR

    I just stumbled upon your blog while blog hopping… and your family caught my eye. Love finding a young mom to relate to. Thanks!

  91. LCR

    I just stumbled upon your blog while blog hopping… and your family caught my eye. Love finding a young mom to relate to. Thanks!

  92. Sara

    great pics!

  93. tRiSh

    the weather looks way better than over here (Belgium)
    I love DC for walks…

  94. Heidi

    Breathtaking little blog (& family) you have!