1. magnolia

    the VW one is so supercute

  2. SO precious! You are blessed. :)

  3. Kristina

    love them all, you three look too cute!
    viele gruesse, kristina

  4. brandi

    Awwww :)

  5. janis

    i'm so happy for you. such a lovely family..

  6. NAB

    These are so cute :)

  7. Just beautiful! There's nothing more touching than a daddy and baby pic!

  8. Aww! They are all so precious! Beautiful!

  9. So cute! Love the instagram app! I just downloaded it earlier this week (it's now my blogger profile pic!). It's way better than hipstamatic. I love how you can try all of the different treatments rather than guessing and having to re-take the photo 5000 times. Hope all is well at the Davis household!

  10. She is stunning.

  11. Oh gosh, you're right, that photo should be your favourite! But you and E in the other photo is equally as beautiful! x

  12. Whitney

    She is a doll! I'm so, so, soooo happy for y'all!

  13. Whitney

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  14. ~k

    She is so lovely! The tiny bow in her hair is darling!
    G i v e a w a y !

  15. such cute pictures and love the bow in her hair xx

  16. sososo cute! she is beautiful! :)

  17. I've got one of those daddy-daughter photos that is my favorite of all the thousands I've taken as well. It's a moment that will never be forgotten…

  18. Renée

    she's so beautiful!

  19. there is no way to describe how adorable i think she is. (as if you don't know that feeling….) i have a photo that looks almost just like the top right one of me and my dad. i love it and i also have a full head of dark hair in the pic. as does my dad. though he doesn't anymore…whoops.

  20. by r.

    what a sweet baby! Eleanore is already so beautiful, just like her parents!

  21. Lovely photos!
    My niece is 7 months now I love taking new photos everytime I visit and comparing how much she has grown! :)

  22. Lovely photos!
    My niece is 7 months now I love taking new photos everytime I visit and comparing how much she has grown! :)

  23. Miranda

    she's precious, congrats!

  24. all are so, so precious!!

    also, if you didn't know already {and care to ;)} you can zoom into your photo so to leave out the black border on those that don't fit into square box. just use your fingers to open/zoom the photo a little bit so to fit before you choose your effect.

  25. Jenna E

    ooooh I just want to squeeze those perfect cheeks!!! xo

  26. maman?!

    wonderful pictures !

  27. just adorable!! she has the sweetest lips and nose!

  28. I guess you never felt that feeling…that must be the best feeling ever! I´m so happy for you!

    I don´t have words to describe Eleanor…so cute! we want more pics haha

  29. Cheray

    Such beautiful pictures! :)
    You have such a lovely family

  30. Such a sweet little family!

  31. Really happy feelings are petruding from your photos!
    Her hair bow is ultra ultra stylish! Great baby taste!

  32. Chelsea

    her lips kill me.

    she is SO adorable.

  33. Faith

    Look at those chubby little cheeks! Your daughter is beautiful!

  34. She is SO beautiful!! Congrats!! :)

  35. Erika

    SO CUTE!!

  36. Katie

    Gorgeously intimate … Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  37. holtkamp

    oh wow i LOVE these! i love the one of you and eleanor!

  38. McKenzie

    SO, so cute! Dying to know what iPhone app you use? Love!

  39. these are so sweet!

  40. I predict lots of favorite all time pictures! I have about a thousand now. ha. There's not much sweeter than a baby girl and her daddy. Love. Eleanor is a doll! You can feel all the love in your pictures. She's lucky to have you two… and you two are lucky to have her. For sure!

    I still find myself looking at all of my Elle's pictures (new and old) in adoration while she's napping, etc. I do alll the time. Babies are so amazing.

  41. hey naomi! one of my favorite song writers, jill andrews, recently had a baby boy and wrote an adorable song about him. i'm not anywhere close to being a mother, and this song still makes me teary eyed. so, as a new mom, i thought maybe you might enjoy it. i can't say enough nice things about jill andrews. (obviously, i dont actually know her. she's pretty opposite of regina spektor, but right up there with her). hopefully, if you enjoy it, you can check out more of her music. she has a honey angel voice and is extremely authentic. here's the link:
    congratulations on every new day with your little girl. so happy for you : )

  42. She is beautiful, just like her parents!

  43. ahlin

    so precious.

  44. your baby has the chubbiest cheeks i've ever seen! so cute. have you ever pinched em :P

  45. the ones where josh is holding her makes my heart melt. Something about a daddy and his daughter…

  46. so sweet and perfect :)

  47. Lara

    SO precious! Love these pictures :)

  48. Shannon

    These are all so precious!! Congratulations on your new baby girl! I recently found you via A Good Life blog :)

  49. That is a beautiful picture of her and Josh at the top and I love the one with you and her in the bottom corner. She has beautiful hair and oh my goodness, she is a doll!

  50. lynette

    such a beautiful little family. congratulations :)

  51. Chelli

    You have such a fun blog! Congrats on the beautiful baby! I dig the VW onesie.

  52. Rachel

    precious. i look forward to the day when me and my husband will be a little family of more than two

  53. Looooove these pics :)

  54. Ah, what sweet memories!! Thanks for letting us glimpse into your family life. How special! xo

  55. alex

    so adorable. i am obsessed with the instagram app on my iphone too, it's like an accessory for every photo!

    thank you much for sharing, brightened my morning.

  56. Renee B.

    I die. She is so beautiful.

  57. Marfio

    She is delicious! … and I love how you are beginning the accessorising at a young age! :)

  58. I love these pictures! Great memories for your family.

  59. Laken

    She is just too precious!

  60. kwistin

    wow. these are absolutely priceless. what wonderful moments to cherish!

  61. Could I ask where you got that VW onesie. My daughters initials are VW and would love to have one of those!

  62. Rachael

    I love them! So cute!!!

  63. your baby is so beautiful xxxx

  64. Tina

    I just recently found your blog and I absolutely LOVE it. Being a new mom, it's nice to read real stories from REAL moms. Sending you a belated congrats on your sweet bundle.

  65. aww, those chubby cheeks :)
    soo adorable ! x

  66. Oh dear, her lips are just so pouty and lovely.

    And I love the ones of her and Josh too…there's nothing like a baby in a man's arms.

  67. You take some dang good pics with that iphone. And, Eleanor– most beautiful little girl ever.

  68. I've enjoyed browsing your blog. Congrats on the little one, she is adorable! – Camellia

  69. Kalen

    She's gorgeous :)

  70. She is precious!! Love the bow in her hair!

  71. taylor

    she is too perfect. love!

  72. these are gorgeous! she is a doll!
    what app do you use?


  73. Sooooo adorable! :D Seriously cute :D

  74. So I am definitely thinking she looks a lot like your side of the family! The second picture down on the left side, I think she resembles your little brother a lot. And not because she looks like a boy or anything, because she doesn't :) She is one beautiful little lady!

  75. she is absolutely darling! I love her VW tee.

  76. Congratulations on the new bundle of joy! You two should be sooooo proud! She's definitely exudes the beauty of her two parents. :D

  77. eeeep! where did you get that VW onesie?! or is it a tee?? either way, i must know :)

  78. Mindy

    So adorable!! I love these pics!! Congrats on have such a cute baby!

  79. @stephanie, a friend actually got it for E on Etsy! i am not sure what the shop was called but i bet if you search "vw onesie" on etsy you could find the seller! xo

  80. You need to get your favorite pic in a locket to wear! That would be so cute! Congrats little E is so beautiful just like her mommy.

  81. I am really really really ridiculously happy for you guys.

  82. Jolie

    My mom's nickname for me was always "E." (even though my name starts with a J) She still sometimes calls me that almost 25 years later and each time it makes my heart smile.

    I hope your "E" will love it as much as I do.