all of our family is in town meeting little miss eleanor!

and my baby brother isaac turned 13 yesterday! (crazy.)
we had two birthday cakes after we swam at the hotel last night…

and isn’t eleanor’s swimsuit cute? ;)
(she didn’t swim, but looked ever so fashionable sitting beside the pool…)
be back soon…
  1. Rachel

    looks like you guys are having so much fun with your family there with you! and that swimsuit is the cutest thing i've ever seen

  2. your little brother is adorable and yes eleanor's swimsuit is cute. She is cute, your dog is cute and your family is cute.You must be so happy!

  3. Victoria

    She is so adorable!

    I bet you're having a blast with your family there.


  4. naomi your little one is so sweet. cant wait till we have a cute babe to snuggle with.

  5. Laken

    She is precious! Your entire family is!

  6. Kate

    You all look so similar! I can totally see the family resemblance!

    Eleanor is precious!

  7. floreal

    Eleanor is adorable …such an angel.
    Lovely pics of the familia..:)

  8. Luisa

    The pictures are all so beautiful.
    I love them.
    And Happy Birthday to Isaac :)
    Eleanor's swimsuit is so cute. I love it.
    Have a great time with your family :)

  9. Hooray for families being in town. Happy birthday to your brother and definitely the cutest swimsuit!

  10. How adorable! Ps- your body looks amazing for being post baby! Hardly looks like you even had a baby, congrats!!

  11. Yeay family! It's the most important thing we have : ) Your daughter is adorable, love her style!

  12. Katz NYC

    Looked like great family time. Must have been great to introduce little baby to your entire family. Ah, good time.

    Happy Saturday!

  13. J & J

    what sweet memories you're making… and precious little clothes! eleanor is already so fashionable!

  14. Emily

    Your family is gorgeous! Happy birthday to your little brother Isaac! (my little brother's name is also Isaac). Love Eleanor's swimsuit!

  15. so adorable – i am the oldest of 5 as well :) but i have 1 more brother than you!

  16. Holly

    wow, little eleanor is bringing out the perfect smile from everyone! your family looks so happy!!

  17. Jenna E

    She is such a beautiful baby! Love the swimsuit xoxoxo

  18. Diane.

    can you post where you get some of eleanor's clothes?

  19. Daisy

    I cannot believe how a like allllll of you look!!! So cute!

  20. Laura

    You have an adorable family – and you all look so alike! Sounds like a great little reunion!

  21. McKenzie

    Ah! You guys all look so much alike — what a good lookin' family ;) Enjoy the special time!!

  22. Eleanor is so adorable, and you have such a beautiful family!

  23. Aww Eleanor's little swimsuit!

    I can't believe your little bro is 13!! He has such a baby face. I thought he was like, 7. lol

    I love Eleanor's face in the 3rd pic. She's like, "Eh…I don't know about this, Mom."

    And I love the pic of Josh and your dad looking at Eleanor. Sooo sweet!

  24. lievebee

    What a sweet picture of Eleanor with her aunts and uncle. I am sure she will cherish that photo.

  25. I love Levi's age! My eighth graders are my favorite, and I have a whole class of boys 7th periods…they're the best.

    I love Eleanor's tights too!

  26. You all have the same smile. :) Beautiful!

  27. Meg

    what a fun time with family :) it's so good you're taking lots of pictures!

  28. Mandy

    Your family is adorable, and I love your blog! Also, I just have to ask, where did you get those little bows Eleanor is wearing in her photos? :)

  29. Haley K

    Looks like you've had a lovely time with your families!! It's got to be so sweet sharing your new little girl with those you love so much :) And yay for birthdays & adorable baby swim suits! :)

  30. first of all, i am loving the length of your hair. that 1st photo is so great. you have never looked happier. or better (did you really just give birth? i'm having suspicions!). also, i still remember that video you posted awhile back of isaac singing and dancing around outside…so funny. anyway, love all these photos (especially eleanor's face in the 3rd one)!!!

  31. Ana

    These are some lovely family photos! I love how much you and your siblings look alike!

  32. AmyLee

    she is adorable & you have a beautiful family! and um, you look amazing for having just had a baby a couple weeks ago. yay mama!!

    enjoy the fam :)

    a good life.

  33. how must be so exciting to introduce little Eleanor to the family. are you noticing any resemblances to your side of the family or Josh's??

    p.s. her bathing suit is adorable!!

  34. Marfio

    What a striking family! There is such a strong resemblence between you all!

  35. you all look alike!! :3 such cute shots. Praise God for your family.

  36. You just had a baby??! You look great! Darling daughter and love her swimsuit.

  37. Jennifer

    Gorgeous family, and beautiful daughter, as always. :)

  38. Gaby

    It's so sweet that your whole family came to meet the little one. Have a fantastic time together!

  39. i love how babies always bring family and friends together in happiness…she is so loved.

  40. jenny

    Oh this is PRECIOUS!!! And ALL of your family has the most beautiful smiles…

  41. Jesse

    What a beautiful family!

    That bathing suit for Elanor IS really cute!

  42. Manda

    You and your family are so cute! And Eleanor's swimsuit is amazing…I love it!!

  43. how fun! and eleanor's constant hairbows are so precious. I imagine having a girl is just too much fun.

  44. Sonja

    Oh these posts make me so happy!
    She is SO adorable! and tres fashionable in her tiny little bathing suit!
    Have a great time with your family!
    and hapy birthday Isaac! :o)

  45. Alyssa P

    i'm new to the blogging world and i just started following your blog. i just want to say congratulations and what a cute family you have!

  46. oh my goodness, such a beautiful family! and um. does eleanor's bathing suit come in my size?! so cute!

  47. oh my goodness, such a beautiful family! and um. does eleanor's bathing suit come in my size?! so cute!

  48. such a beautiful family. love eleanor's swimsuit!

  49. Minnie

    You have such a cute family! love, love love x

  50. so adorable, especially the swimsuit.
    congratulations x

  51. Renée

    You have a beautiful family. Happy birthday to your brother, he is beautiful and eleanor is so fashionable!

  52. Eleanor is so adorable! Her little outfits are so cute!

  53. amanda

    you look great girl! and your family looks so tickled to be surrounded by the little peanut!

  54. holtkamp

    your family is adorable! and eleanor's swimsuit is to die for!

  55. Congratulations to you and your husband on the beautiful babygirl Eleanor. I love the name :)
    I wish you all the best :) big hug from Mette in Norway :)

  56. Wow, y'all all have copy paste faces! Adorable

  57. Shannon

    Naomi! What great pictures. Enjoy this sweet time. I love Eleanor's swimsuit…so much so I bought the same one just in case I had a girl. I guess I will be saving it for the future.

  58. Emily

    I got the same swimsuit for my little daughter coming in June. So cute!

  59. Rachael

    Great family photos! Glad they could see her!

  60. 2busy

    Definitely see the family resemblance!

  61. Krista

    What a beautiful family! Eleanor is getting cuter by the day. She's so lucky to have all those people that love her

  62. alex

    everyone in your family has such great smiles, so happy! and yes, of course that swimsuit is darling! love that bow.


  63. I love the last picture. Eleanor is ever so cute in her swimsuit but I LOVE your moms happy face. You can tell she is so inlove to meet her granddaughter!

  64. Sarah

    such a beautiful family! :)

  65. family is so wonderful! and all you girls are so beautiful, really you have such a beautiful family!

  66. Family is a blessing and your memories are precious!!
    Happy Happy Birthday Isaac!!

  67. Michelle

    I can't get over how much you and your siblings look alike! And you're all so gorgeous!!

  68. Michelle

    Those teeny little seahorses! Congrats again – how exciting!

  69. Erin

    Families make me smile. :)

  70. Holy genetics at work, Batman!

  71. Inessa

    she is such a cutie and how great to have all the family there with you.

  72. {Rachel}

    What a beautiful family. Congratulations!

  73. jlc

    I SWEAR I saw your mother at Newark International Airport on Saturday morning.

    Would that have been possible?!? If not, she DEF has a twin.

    I know you're in DC but maybe it was a connection? Or maybe since you're always in NYC she happened to be there?? lol

    Anyways! You look great for just having a baby and happy happy weekend beautiful! :D

  74. Hannah

    Eleanor is adorable!!! And you and the other girls in your family looks so alike!!

  75. Can't believe how much you and the siblings look alike!

  76. Faith

    Your family is beautiful!

  77. Colleen

    You are looking great, as is Eleanor! Love the suit.

  78. Such a beautiful family <3
    You're all sharing the same smile^^

  79. wow, your sisters look so much like you, and your little brother is adorable :)

    Eleanor's looks really cute with that swimsuit on. when I have my own kids I'm sure gonna have fun dressing them up! :D x

  80. congratulations! you look so happy and i'm glad you had the chance to spend time with your family!

  81. Congrats on baby Eleanor! I just came across your blog and love it! I also just had my first baby 4 months ago and have an english bulldog! And I also have the same crib as you! Mazel Tov on your growing family. It's such a beautiful thing.

  82. Nina

    What a beautiful family! How does anyone tell you guys apart?

  83. naomi:

    you have such a beautiful family!
    love e's swimsuit, wish i had one just like it! haha :)

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    oh my goodness, such a nice and beautiful family! and I Really like your family so cute!
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  85. that photo of your dad holding your daughter is KILLING ME! so beautiful. and i have probably said this before but i just want to reiterate that YOUR MOM RULES. she is just a beautiful woman inside and out. i love her huge nonchalant smile and her casual short hair and the glow of her face. your family is rad, what a blessing for your daughter to be born into such love and spirit and grace.

  86. Fashion

    What a wonderful family you have. You can tell thre is so much love there.

    Love how eleanor at such a young age is already excited for summer fashions