all of our family is in town meeting little miss eleanor!

and my baby brother isaac turned 13 yesterday! (crazy.)
we had two birthday cakes after we swam at the hotel last night…

and isn’t eleanor’s swimsuit cute? ;)
(she didn’t swim, but looked ever so fashionable sitting beside the pool…)
be back soon…
  1. Yikes! It was Ike's b-day! We totally forgot! I'm sending Garron over right now with a present. Isaac always give Gar the best presents. I miss you and am glad to see you are doing well! I need to get your address from your mom so that I can send Eleanor some things since I am a gansta craftsta. — Marie Brian

  2. tRiSh

    you & your family look soooo lovely: love your noses, too cute =D
    this is a beautiful reunion of all of you