chubby little cheeks + other little things.

i promise josh isn’t choking our baby in that first photo although it might look like it. that’s just some fancy burping hold they showed us at the hospital (along with things like ‘how to hold a newborn’ which i needed major help with.) i just die over eleanor’s chubby cheeks as she is being burped. they are precious.
a lot of you have been asking a few similar questions so i thought i’d just answer some of them here…
we didn’t give eleanor a middle name. she just has a first and last name. we like it a lot.
i bought eleanor’s cute bows and flowers in her hair from lou&lee on etsy. i think they’re the perfect size for newborns.
i mentioned how much i love knowing that eleanor is sealed to josh and me forever in this post. many of you commented and emailed asking what that meant. it means i know that God has a plan for us, his children, and through that plan, families can be together forever. i find great comfort in that.
anyway, i wanted to thank everyone for all the kind words and love expressed here as we welcomed our eleanor into the world this past week. i really love the blogging community and all the people i have met here who are so genuine, giving and supportive. so thank you.
  1. (I'm a little late to this party..) Eleanor is so beautiful! I'm so glad she got here safely. Congratulations!

  2. Katy

    Oh, Eleanor is just the cutest!

  3. Em & Gar

    I loved your last comment, about sealing. It was really beautiful and simple. I need to remember to let it be more like that. :) Love Naomi Mommy! Lookin good!

  4. Ramsey

    I just found your blog and your baby is so adorable! I just had my 2nd boy 2 months ago. I'm always amazed that nobody tells you how painful life can be after the labor and delivery part. Just know it gets better. hahaha!
    Congrats on your exciting adventure!

  5. Mary

    She is perfect! So so so thrilled for you! xx

  6. Michelle

    Eleanor is absolutely adorable. Congrats again, you two!!!

  7. Holly

    congrats! she is just perfect. and you are going to be the best mama to her.

  8. whimsy

    seriously you are such an amazing missionary. teaching everyone about everything!! and such a wonderful mother already! right from day one. i am so impressed!

  9. JULIE

    finally the baby's here! :)

  10. JULIE

    finally the baby's here! :)

  11. Annalea

    She really is beautiful. :o) Congratulations, again.

    And, speaking as another girl whose parents didn't give her a middle name, you can tell Eleanor she can choose her own and add it in when she goes through the name change process when she's married. (I only thought of that AFTER I went through the whole process. Doh.)

    Enjoy her!

  12. Katz NYC

    She's adorable little burper. I love her name. Great pick parents!

  13. Amanda

    WHAT a cutie!!!!!

  14. i love your testimony about everything. so uplifting and inspiring to all. you are already an amazing mother! eleanor is beautiful and lucky to have you and josh as parents!

  15. Gato

    Thank you for all of the joy and warmth you have spread through sharing your journey! I always look forward to reading Rockstar Diaries and find that it always cheers me up when I need it.
    Blessings to you and your growing family! I am truly happy for you and blessed that you share your joys with us!

  16. Gaby

    I like the no middle name thing, it works. And she looks gorgeous – these posts are not at all helping my cluckiness. I can't wait to read more stories and see more pictures. And I'd love to read about her birth story, if you feel like sharing of course. x

  17. I have a picture of myself when I was one day old with that exact hold and the same chubby cheeks–my dad held me like that and when I was a kid I always wondered why he was choking me when I was a baby. :)

  18. Colleen

    That picture of her face with Josh burping her shows how BEAUTIFUL she is…wow! She's going to be quite the looker when she grows up!

    Also – thanks for taking time to explain your faith more. I'm happy with my faith, but love learning more about LDS and think your faith is also beautiful – keep up the great work!

  19. Trina

    She is so beautiful! I love me a good chubby baby! I love that you are willing to share this with, well, everyone and anyone. I can't help wondering if you mind. I mean, do you wish sometimes that your life was more private?
    You are such an inspiration to so many women and now with your little beauty, you will be an inspiration for so many women. Thank you for sharing your life with us!

    Best luck!

  20. aww, Eleanor is sooo cute. The name is fitting.

  21. Meg

    you're welcome! i've (we've) loved hearing all about her as she begins her life with such wonderful parents. you are truly blessed :)

  22. Naomi! she is beautifuL!
    thank you for sharing about your week and your new life as a Mom. Thank you also for be so open about your faith. I think it's your stories of your faith I enjoy the most! Tied with Eleanor posts of course!

  23. kate

    oh naomi! she is so beautiful! i am beyond happy for you- you deserve all the happiness you're feeling. you little email a few months ago was so kind and gave me so much hope. seeing this little face only makes it better!

  24. Oh those cheeks! I love the adorableness so much.

  25. aj

    I just found your blog a couple weeks ago and I have loved these posts with your darling little newborn! I am 22 weeks pregnant with my first – just found out it's a girl – and I can't wait to be a mommy. I love your testimony as well, I can't imagine going through life not knowing that you can be with your loved ones forever and ever. You and your family are gorgeous!

  26. aj

    I just found your blog a couple weeks ago and I have loved these posts with your darling little newborn! I am 22 weeks pregnant with my first – just found out it's a girl – and I can't wait to be a mommy. I love your testimony as well, I can't imagine going through life not knowing that you can be with your loved ones forever and ever. You and your family are gorgeous!

  27. she is so beautiful. but i'm sure you already know that.
    congrats again. :)

  28. Peaches

    she is beautiful, I am sure Kingsley will be pleased with the new addition.

  29. Erin

    My parents didn't give any of their girls (all 6) middle names and I love it. My dad passed away when I was little, but left such a legacy and I am so excited to make our last name my middle when I get married.

    I agree, you are a great missionary!

  30. Ashley

    Those cheeks are wonderful! So big and fuLl! :)
    I like the no middle name thing. Eleanor is such a strong first name. Its fitting.

    Congrats again to the happy family!

  31. Yay for missionary work on the internets!! and yay for eternity! :) She's just so beautiful, Naomi. Congrats!!

  32. Emma

    she is the SWEETEST! those cheeks are so adorable. i'm so happy for you guys!

  33. Naomi, you are so inspirational! You make me want to be a better member. and a mommy. I can only imagine the kind of joy a baby brings, but you articulate it very well.

  34. colleen

    Those cheeks! I've been showing your baby off to my husband, making doting aunt noises. Too much cute.

  35. eleanor is absolutely precious. and her name is just too perfect. congratulations, naomi and josh! <3

  36. She really is so beautiful! I love knowing God's plan for us. It's amazing.

  37. Sonja

    She is absolutely adorable.
    I am really enjoying the Elanor posts, so so sweet. :o)

  38. Betsy

    Oh! Those cheeks make me want to have a baby. Adorable.

  39. Oh my goodness she is so beautiful! How could you not love those cheeks?

  40. Oh my goodness she is so beautiful! How could you not love those cheeks?

  41. Cole

    I can't believe her cheeks in the first photo! Totally smoochable!

  42. odessa

    ooh…too cute! congratulations! <3

  43. She is so beautiful! I cant wait to have my own!

  44. Eleanor is beautiful! Congratulations. I was also only given one name and my surname. Succinct and to the point.

  45. Eleanor is a gorgeous baby and I love her name Naomi.
    We lost our only daughter 13 years ago when she was 17 years old. We're sealed together as a family forever and all eternity and that knowledge gives us strength and comfort every single day!
    Congratulations again and again! I would love to send you a gift for all the reading enjoyment you give us and for letting us in DC vicariously through you.
    Is there an address I can send it to?
    [email protected]

  46. Monika

    Goodness Gracious! Her cheeks remind me of my sisters when she was born! She had the chubbiest cheeks, and to this day, we can still see a little bit of chub in her cheeks when she smiles!

  47. Li-Sha

    eleanor is darling. my mom just died, and i can honestly say that i love being sealed to my family! it's the best:)

  48. Kez*

    i love her chubby cheeks :)
    you're going to be an excellent mother

  49. she doesn't need a middle name because eleanor davis is perfect the way it is. and i love every photo you are posting and every story you are telling….i hope you post your birth story someday because i know around 7,000 people who would LOVE to hear it. :)

  50. Hey elenor is really cute, her name is unique, she has beautiful chubby cheeks, and she is beutiful, god bless her,
    best of luck for your future…

  51. Emma

    What a beautiful baby, you must be so proud!

  52. so much love! i know it's ridiculous that i am THISSSSS happy for you, but i feel like i know you and i know we would be friends! so thrilled!!! <3

  53. what a beautiful little girl! how wonderful. :)

  54. Felicia

    What a beautiful baby!

  55. Kailee

    Oh, she's gorgeous. Just gorgeous! Beautiful baby, and beautiful name too!

    I'm due with my first in June, and seeing your photos makes me so excited!

  56. by r.

    your baby is beautiful! I especially love the onesie from the last post!

  57. Melissa

    I liked growing up without a middle name–now my maiden name is my middle name, and I think that's really special. She is gorgeous!

  58. So beautiful!! Both of you.

    Ps. I'd love to know where you found the gorgeous sweater you're wearing:)

  59. I think she looks just like her momma.

  60. she's so incredibly gorgeous and i'm so happy for you and your family! so glad everything went great and you are recovering well!

  61. I don't have a middle name either; it's definitely refreshing! And she is too presh for words :)

  62. P-Cute

    What a sweet little girl you have!

  63. Love the post. You make a great point that no matter what happens, you are bound to your family for life. beautiful, actually.

  64. Amanda

    It's wonderful knowing we have each other for eternity. We just gave our little Eloise a first and last name as well. Lots of people ask why, but we love it!

  65. Jennifer

    Eleanor is adorable!

  66. She is so freaking cute!!

  67. Rachael

    Cute pictures!! Gosh, if I was a nurse working in the baby ward, I'd die from all the cuteness around me!

  68. you are such a good example. i love that people are learning about the gospel through you.

  69. She is perfect…enjoy every moment, they really do get so big so fast!

  70. Chelsea

    my goodness, THOSE CHEEKS!

    SO cute! ;)

    How's nursing going?

  71. Your family is so beautiful! Thank you so much for providing an intimate perspective into a young, healthy, relationship.

  72. How's Kingsley doing with all the hub-bub of the new little in the home? :)

  73. holtkamp

    those cheeks are adorable! i love her tiny bow, thanks for posting the link.

  74. Katelyn

    Eleanor is adorable! I love the name and her little bows and flowers are so cute!

  75. Do you have any favorite baby blogs that you follow? Or places to buy cute baby clothes?

  76. CKE

    Congratulations! She is so beautiful! And I love the no middle name thing. That's what my parents did with me and I ended up changing my last name to my middle name when I got married. It made me so happy to be able to keep my maiden name with me! :)

  77. I guess I need to learn that fancy burping hold before June comes. It looks a little uncomfortable for them…but I'm sure it works like magic.

  78. Emily

    She is SO cute! Seriously, she's one of the prettiest newborns I've ever seen. :)

  79. I'm usually a lurker, but I just had to comment to tell you how darling your little girl is. I honestly think she is one of the prettiest little girls I've ever seen!

    Also, thanks for the link to the bows and flowers – I am due with a little girl in 2 weeks, and now she will have some hair ornamentation (hopefully she'll have hair!!) just like little Eleanor. :)

  80. She is so, so cute. She's giving me baby fever!! Hehe.

    I love her bows…but I have to know. Are you sticking them to her head with KY Jelly?! Haha, I just checked the Etsy site because those bows would make the best gifts and was curious to see how they stayed on.

  81. hanner

    it is just not fair how squish-worthy her cheeks are. sigh…

  82. Eleanore is beautiful,and I love her name. Very classic.


  83. Lexie

    Welcome to the planet, Eleanor. Love the chubby cheeks! As I snuggle up to my son (7 months old) Jake's chubby cheeks, I tell him that they are "pillows from heaven". lol

  84. Novice

    She's beautiful! I'm not part of the mormon faith but the description of marriage posted on the link you provided is beautiful, thanks for sharing!

  85. Jennifer

    Possibly the most beautiful baby I have ever seen (don't tell my nieces and nephews that though!)

    You must be head over heels in love


  86. KodaBear

    A friend of mine just told me about your blog; you do such a great job with it! I especially appreciate the way you're spreading the gospel. It's like cyberspace missionary work with a cute, individualized flair! Just wanted to say thanks and I'm enjoying reading! Also, did you see this article? Looks like those who aren't members of the church are noticing and appreciating!

  87. KodaBear

    Also, congratulations on your gorgeous Eleanor!

  88. Lisa

    Maybe this weird because I don't know you all, but I feel like she looks like your little brother! Is that weird? ha ha…

  89. Preston

    Thanks for being so uplifting & honest! Can't get over how beautiful Eleanor is!!

  90. Beatrice

    she's sooooooo adorable! ^,^

  91. she is one of the most beautiful newborns i have ever seen … and i have five of my own! what a little love! i am sure you are just in heaven!

  92. Melissa

    ack! I just want to squeeze those cheeks. Adorable. Congratulations, Naomi and Josh!

  93. Rachelle

    oh she is such a beautiful baby!!

    we didn't give our daughter daphne a middle name either. lots of people still ask us about that but it suited her with just a first and last name.