chubby little cheeks + other little things.

i promise josh isn’t choking our baby in that first photo although it might look like it. that’s just some fancy burping hold they showed us at the hospital (along with things like ‘how to hold a newborn’ which i needed major help with.) i just die over eleanor’s chubby cheeks as she is being burped. they are precious.
a lot of you have been asking a few similar questions so i thought i’d just answer some of them here…
we didn’t give eleanor a middle name. she just has a first and last name. we like it a lot.
i bought eleanor’s cute bows and flowers in her hair from lou&lee on etsy. i think they’re the perfect size for newborns.
i mentioned how much i love knowing that eleanor is sealed to josh and me forever in this post. many of you commented and emailed asking what that meant. it means i know that God has a plan for us, his children, and through that plan, families can be together forever. i find great comfort in that.
anyway, i wanted to thank everyone for all the kind words and love expressed here as we welcomed our eleanor into the world this past week. i really love the blogging community and all the people i have met here who are so genuine, giving and supportive. so thank you.
  1. Anca

    Eleanor! What a beautiful babe you two have, her cheeks! aah, squeeze!

  2. Andrea

    Oh Naomi she is so sweet!! That burp hold is the same one I use and it makes their cheeks so big and squishy! LOVE!

    Also, thank you for your example.

  3. Kathy

    Oh those cheeks!

  4. Eleanor is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute! she is just truly adorable. i love her chubby cheeks. you guys are the cutest family.

  5. Hello! I just started reading your blog a while ago. At my job, things get a little slow so I find myself looking at blogs. I'm so glad I stumbled across yours. My husband and I are expecting our first baby in July, and reading your blog makes me so excited and happy that we get our own little baby soon. Elenore is such a precious beautiful baby! Congratulations! Also, I read your blog where your quoted D&C; 78:17-19(i believe) and it was something I really needed to read that day, so thank you!

  6. Oh, Eleanor is so very adorable! You both must be over the moon. Sending you loads of love & light… I hope the first few weeks of parenthood treats you both well. x

  7. shannahg

    Your daughter is quite lovely :) I am anxiously awaiting a family (father, mother, daughter) photo!

  8. I love that you teach the gospel right through you're blog. You'll be an amazing mother. :)

  9. Ashley

    She is a beauty! Glad she's healthy and that you are all very happy!

  10. marta

    oh such sweetness and chubby love for a one week old. so excited for you guys. she is a doll. and eleanor is a nice good solid name, no middle one needed. i grew up without a middle name too and now i get to have my maiden name more 'apart' of my name, i seriously love it.

    okay, well hang in there. you'll feel better soon. give yourself lots of time to recoup. xoxo.

  11. Fiona

    Many congratulations. I'm a Mom of Teens now, which is possible even more scary than a newborn:) but am loving sharing a bit your journey.

    I just wanted to say, that any new Moms who are feeling less than adequate and possibly really struggling, you are not alone! Ask for help wherever you can. Don't be ashamed.

    I love my boys so much, but truly struggled through those first months until I confided how I was feeling and got help.

    My boys are now beautiful young men, and yes it does go past in a flash. Enjoy!


  12. I know everyone thinks their own baby is the cutest….but yours really is! WHat a gorgeous baby!

  13. Katie

    Ohhhhhh congrats on your new family member! My daughter's name is Eleanor and this post makes me all sniffly and nostalgic for when she was that small (she's already 18 months!). I hope you're getting enough sleep mommy!

  14. Emily

    Are you going to share your birth story?

  15. Juliana

    Eleanor is such a cutie!!! My real question is, how does Kingsly like her?!?

  16. Bravo, chica, for sharing your faith so simply! And Congrats!

  17. Natasha

    Eleanor is so gorgeous. I hope the two of you are basking in her presence right now. It is a sign that you two are truly blessed and she is a wonderful gift from God. I'm going to thank God for your happiness and pray that soon, I will have my own :)

  18. joolee

    i'm so surprised at her chub already! my kids are pretty scrawny when they're born and then fatten up quite nicely later. :) she is precious. congrats again!

  19. I also don't have a middle name, it's kind of a family tradition. It very rarely comes up, but when it does people think it's cool (once the initial disbelief has worn off).

  20. Sarah

    what a sweet little angel face you have there. She is so darling!

  21. Marfio

    Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl.

    Just saying hello because I have stumbled over from the article and I am very much enjoying your blog.

    I hope you are having a lovely first few weeks with your bub.

    M xx

  22. Baby cheeks are the best! She is beautiful!

  23. what a beautiful baby girl. i love your blog times one million.


  24. Sini

    She is amazing, such a beautiful baby! I hope you three are all feeling well :)

  25. ahhhhhhh! cute

  26. Carolyn

    congrats, so cute. (and love your blog). I love that you chose against a middle name. What is the point :)?

  27. Annie

    I love what you said about the 3 of you being sealed together forever. That was beautiful. God Bless your now larger, even happier family :)

  28. Kelly

    I am 100% in agreement with everything on your link. I believe in monogamy, I believe in families being together forever. However I don't understand if you believe in the true, amazing, spiritual sense of these words how you could participate in a religion that doesn't consider gay and lesbian couples worthy of going to heaven like the straights you encounter.

    I mean, what if Eleanor turns out to be a lesbian? And before you say that's offensive, I'll say that I'm a lesbian and it's the best gift that God (or whatever higher power I have) has given me.

    What do Mormons do when their kids turn out gay, I guess is what I'm wondering here. Do they demote them to less-than citizen?

  29. Zoë

    This is such a belated comment, but we also did not give our baby girl a middle name! Just first and last as well. :)
    I love discovering your blog. Thank you!