before we end the motherhood posts…

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…i just have to say a few words about mine.
last week, my mom flew into town and literally saved the day, every day. josh had to go back to work last monday so it meant a lot to have someone here with me for a few days since eleanor was only one week old and i really have no idea what i’m doing, still. anyway, back to my mother, i just don’t know how she does it. she is a superwoman. she cooked all of my favorite meals, held eleanor while i slept, cleaned and reorganized my house, ran errands and made sure kingsley knew we all still love him by playing, walking, and spending lots of time with him.
my mom’s always been like this, though. it’s nothing out of the ordinary. she’s always put her five children first and i think one of the main reasons why i’ve looked forward to becoming a mother myself over the years was largely due to her wonderful example and love for her children. i really hope to be that kind of mother to eleanor… the kind where she knows at any given moment in life, i would do anything for her, because i love her so.

my mom is coming back into town this weekend, along with the rest of my family and josh’s parents. i’m so excited to see everyone and have them meet our little girl. family is the most important thing on this earth to me and i’m really thankful for mine. especially my mother. because she really is a superwoman and i love her very much.
  1. your mum is gorgeous and her beaming smile says it all. great moms make great moms, eleanor will know this too some day!

  2. Ayan

    i looooooooooove this post. i wish i blogged when i had my daughter. so i can let the whole world know what it feels like to be a mom. and how thankful i am for everyone! your blog is so inspiring!

  3. Pamela

    what a beautiful post. mamas are the best. i'm so happy you've had this wonderful experience with yours. my mom was with me when my first daughter was born and it is an experience i will never, ever forget. i'm so happy for you. :)

  4. Lauren

    This is adorable! One of my favourite Rockstar posts! :)

  5. tv

    1) Mom's are the BEST.
    2) You look fantastic!
    3) Mom's are the BEST!!!

  6. I would love to know where you got your stroller from!!!! From what I can see, it looks darling!

  7. you have such a beautiful family!

  8. Gosh, my mom has always been amazing also! But when I had my son, I realized that a million-fold!! She saved my life, as I had no idea what I was doing. hehe. AND I realized how much she loved me once I had my own child. We are so lucky to have beautiful inspiring mothers!!! Cheers to incredible family!! It is the thing I am most grateful for in this life! I cannot imagine what my life would be without them. Keep it going!
    Congratulations to you! E is absolutely gorgeous!

  9. My mom is in Brazil. I miss her so much, so so so much. You are lucky to have your mom somewhat close by. By the way, little baby E is adorable. I love her in her baby swim suit.

  10. Glimmer

    I am the one who said hello to the three of you at Costco. It was fun to see where you got your distinctive beauty! Take good care, C

  11. This was such a beautiful post. Your family just radiates so much love and selflessness. How lucky Eleanor is to have you all in her life.

    Second of all, oh my stars you look so amazing! I would say for just giving birth, but it appears that you went back to your pre-pregnancy size already! How is this possible? Do tell.