1. Perfect name for a perfect baby girl. i LOVE. Well done Naomi and Josh. Welcome to the world little Eleanor. Bless xx

  2. is she wearing a woolie diaper cover?? love!!

  3. beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl. congrats mama and papa! :)

  4. Karen

    She is gorgeous and I love her hair accessories already :) Congrats to you both, and welcome Eleanor- I look forward to hearing about her and seeing all the lovely pics.

  5. I LOVE the name Eleanor! One of my twin girls is named Eleanore Lula. Your girl is adorable. =P

  6. abby

    she is glorious- congrats! beautiful name choice- classic, pretty and strong :)

  7. Bridget

    beautiful child! beautiful name! beautiful parents!

  8. Marae

    Oh my, born with so much hair and chub! What a prize.

  9. She is a doll! What a lovely, perfect name. OMG – gorgeous outfit for her! Dressing little girls is so much fun. You are going to have a blast! I have one, and although she's been picking out her own clothes for at least a year now (she's 4 and a half!!!!), I still get a kick out of shopping for her.

  10. She already sounds like she will be famous!! Wonderful, sweet and beautiful!!

  11. Erin

    lovely. The baby and the name. :)

  12. Sara

    LOVE it! Congrats, she is beautiful.

  13. ariel

    i love her back rolls. chubby babies are the best :) congrats!

  14. Andrea

    What a lovely name! She is so cute!!!
    Love your blog, hope you are doing well and welcome to Eleanor Davis!

  15. Sunny

    Congratulations again! Those are great pics of baby and dad. I love chubby babies. Who doesn't?

  16. Can hardly even handle how precious!

  17. tis perfect

  18. These pictures are so beautiful!



  19. michelle

    Perfect name.

    My own little Eleanor will be two this spring. Enjoy this special time with your new baby! She's a beauty.

  20. zelina

    I'm so happy for you both and that's a perfect name :)

  21. She is beautiful! Precious! Stunning! Sweet girl, adorably beautiful name too!

  22. She is beautiful! Precious! Stunning! Sweet girl, adorably beautiful name too!

  23. Leanne

    "Pre" to the "cious!" A beautiful name for a beautiful little girl. Congratulations!

  24. Brie

    this just made my day!! congratulations! :) :)

  25. Eloise

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  26. Eloise

    She is definitely a looker! In my adult life I haven't seen many babies as yet so fat rolls highly amuse me!

    What were the other names on the table besides Eleanor? It was a fantastic choice! Don't shorten it! =P I really like names that aren't the norm. My mother does too. Not 'out there' names, but sweet and rarely used because they "sounds too old". I'm Eloise, my brother is Alasdair and my sister is Clarissa.

    Congratulations! =)

  27. Pablo

    Cute name actually, congrats you both! stay gold =)

  28. FeeAMore

    That's a beautiful name for a beautiful one! Congrats!

  29. Wahy

    pretty name and beautiful baby. perfect!

  30. best. name. ever!
    she is beautiful! congratulations again josh and naomi!!

  31. So beautiful! fits her nicely <3

  32. Jessica

    PERFECT!!! She is so precious! Enjoy!

  33. Marléne

    Eleanor is my favourite name EVER!
    This is so perfect & lovely!

  34. Marléne

    Eleanor is my favourite name EVER!
    This is so perfect & lovely!

  35. Such a perfect name! She is absolutely gorgeous. Congrats!

  36. bethani

    eleanor is such a beautiful regal/historical name.. i love it. very vintage and powerful! ♥

  37. Oh my goodness she is adorable! I LOVE Eleanor Davis, so beautiful.

  38. This is nothing short of perfect. Congratulations a million times over.

  39. she's just precious…congratulations on baby eleanor!! love the name :)

  40. Shorty


  41. Beautiful!

  42. what a beautifully rocking name! good god, she's adorable. love her name. seriously. congrats to you and to the hubz!

  43. a beautiful name for a beautiful baby! congrats!! oh and where did you get that cute little flower for her hair?

  44. Nikki

    oh my goodness, she is so beautiful. and so is her name. Congratulations again!!


  45. Little baby Ele :) How sweet! Congrats on picking a name!!

  46. Gato

    What a lovely name :O)

  47. she is so so cute. the name fits her perfectly. i love it.

  48. Mlle.m

    first of all, that is a gorgeous name for you lovely baby girl. I'll sound crazy but, i absolutely don't know i came to end up on your blog. Not sure if you are really going to read this but I had a such lovely time looking at your life or so. So much love and serenity. Really.
    Thank you for showing your love for life that way :)

  49. Jenae

    CONGRATS!!!! Beautiful name, baby, mama & papa! So happy for your new happiness. Enjoy!!!

  50. sarah

    Eleanor is beautiful. Congratulations, little momma (and dad).

  51. Suse

    perfect in every way

  52. Libby

    I KNEW it was going to be an old fashioned name!! I was 110% positive it would be ;) Very cute! Ellie for short? Middle name?

  53. Libby

    and you'll have to teach her the song by Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies, Eleanor! I like Ella too :)

  54. beautiful name for a beautiful girl!

  55. Alexia

    she is one cute baby! congratulations!

  56. Love the name. Wondering if you will call her Ellie for a nickname. I am very partial to babies with black hair since that is how all mine come out.

  57. Bre

    She is heavenly! Seeing a man hold a baby absolutely melts me. Eleanor is beautiful, congratulations Davis family!

  58. Michelle

    A little Ellie!!! She's so beautiful – congratulations to you and your husband!

  59. Victoria

    what a cutie. lovely name.

  60. Molly

    ahhhh! she's beautiful and the name is so lovely :) congratulations!!

  61. Robin

    What a beautiful name! Congrats!

  62. Heidi

    She's already wearing her mommy's favorite color in her hair. Beautiful baby!

  63. She's LOVELY!!! Absolutely perfect & squishable!! :)

  64. Congrats!! the name is beautiful!

    I'm from the DC area as well, AND LDS….which ward are you guys in? I'm in a northern VA ward

    happy bloggin!


  65. BEAUTIFUL name!!!! and so fitting for such a beautiful little girl. yay!!!

  66. Jenn Bo

    She is a darling. Gorgeous photos. Congratulations!

  67. Haley K

    LOVE the name!
    LOVE her hair.
    LOVE her cute little shorts.
    LOVE the proud smile on her Daddy's face :)

    So happy for you!!

  68. What a sweet name to beautiful baby girl. Congrats!

  69. I love her name! My best friend in elementary school was named Eleanor (not that that matters to you, but it's a great name!)

  70. Maria

    So perfect and adorable!

  71. I just adore her name!

  72. Kaycee

    oh my goodness she is just too precious! Not to mention eleanor davis is just the daintiest, cutest little name! Oh, and Eleanor just may be the best dressed newborn on this planet =]

  73. Congrats to you both welcome baby Eleanor…what a cutie…Emma x

  74. Congrats to you both welcome baby Eleanor…what a cutie…Emma x

  75. Ginny

    welcome to the world miss Eleanor. a beautiful name for a beautiful baby.

  76. jenn

    She is so adorable! And I absolutely love the name!!

  77. Lidia

    I LOVE that name!!! she is beautiful!! =)

  78. eleanor=precious

  79. Eleanor is such a beautiful name. congratulations! I know this is 6 months after the fact, but I'm still so happy for you and your husband.