we finally got our snowstorm.

after being teased with teeny tiny little snow dustings in d.c. the past few months, we’re finally experiencing our first major winter storm of the season. it’s beautiful outside… and it’s making up for my terrible-no good-still no baby day. thanks for showing up, snow. i like you, lots.
  1. Sonja

    I keep checking your blog for baby news…and checking for twitter updates. and considering there haven't been any for about a day… I'm hoping that means that you've had the baby!!! :o)

  2. aw!! your dog is adorable! I have a Boston Terrier and they look quite similar! Enjoy the winter…


  3. We have had tons of snow in Brooklyn this season. January has been very beautiful…as soon as the snow gets black and dirty we get another big storm! More to come this week! Check out my blog for pics!


  4. Germana

    The snow pictures are beautiful! I've been praying for you and for the baby to come out healthy and cute as soon as possible.

    Have a wonderful week!