1. Faith

    Awww, how fun! Little dates are often the best dates, aren't they?

  2. Ashley

    Looks so fun! I ate at Costco this weekend and definitely thought of you. :)) Are you wearing pale pink polish in these photos? If so, what's the name?

  3. Ashley

    date nights are the best! expecially cheap ones :)

  4. Aw, such cute photos. There's always time for little dates :)

  5. new to your blog, and I love it. thanks for being around… :)

  6. Katz NYC

    So cute. I wish I did more of that with my husband. Cheap low key dates.

  7. Such cute pictures of the two of you. I wish you the best of luck when your new baby arrives.

  8. I love the gelato from Pitango. I'll have to try the hot chocolate – your picture makes it irresistible.

  9. adorable caps, even more adorable couple!

  10. MellyB

    I say go on one everyday until your baby is born! Of course that might not be possible, but if I could go back in time I would try. Now even going to to the store to grab milk together for twenty minutes while someone watches our babe feels extra special.

    Plus it might make time pass if you see how many more little Josh and Naomi dates you can fit in. Maybe.

  11. Enjoy every minute! The hot chocolate has a heart in it…;)

  12. Do as many things together as possible–soon you'll be 3 instead of 2!

  13. You two are so adorable with your hats. Can't wait see the new addition to your family soon!

  14. Meg

    sharing is always good :) enjoy these last few days before baby! we're very excited for you two…

  15. Amanda

    It's suppose to snow again tomorrow so maybe you'll get a snow baby with a very rock star birth date!

  16. Alivia

    I'd steal that hat, too! So cute :) You must be getting so anxious to see the little one <3


  17. That coffee makes me long for my old city coffee shop. Small town coffee just isn't the same….

  18. Jenn

    Did you notice your hot chocolate sort of has a heart in it! <3

  19. You guys are so cute!!!! And the hats are adorable. I love reading your blog :)

  20. Kristen

    Hold the phone… those hats Rock!!

  21. Gussy

    you two are so sweet, i just love it. hubby dates are so special :]

    happy day, Naomi! xoxo

  22. Lauren

    Hello rockstars! I'm a fairly new reader to your blog but I have to say, I absolutely love it! You guys are too cute..and congrats on the soon arrival of the little one! xox

  23. Jessica

    Enjoy these last dates, dates are so hard to come by after the baby is born, not that we cant find a babysitter it's just hard to get away and to want to leave the little one, especially in the beginning!
    Someones advice to us was to make sure we had a date once a month with just the two of us, even if it's something small like coffee, to make sure you always have that time together, and she said no baby talk!
    So hard to stick to that I tell you, but it's important!

  24. Lynn

    i love how you two have such a knack for grooving the little dates! awesome hats and all. i know you'll continue to feel all luxy and taken care of by your handsome one (among so many others) for always.

    gosh, i keep checking in to see if IT'S happened yet, can't wait for baby to arrive!!!! ♥

  25. You guys are too cute!

  26. Oh wow, you must be excited face!!

    Ok, I just have to ask.. since I'm at a loss what to bring and if I'm packing too much/too little for the hospital. Plus, I'm always curious what expectant mothers bring with them to the hospital, what will you be bringing?

    Im exactly 34wks today, so I've got some time (crosses fingers) hopefully. I have very few things ready to go in my bag. Geez.

    Would love to hear from you on that, perhaps you can do a post on it?? I was thinking of doing a "What's In Your Bag?" Hospital, expectant mother style for my blog. Okay, I'm talking too much..hehe oops.

    Big dinosaur hugs,
    Sisilia – http://twonerdsinapod.blogspot.com

  27. so adorable!

  28. Kerry

    You two are ridiculously sweet. Seriously :) x

  29. You guys make me happy :)

  30. Brianna!

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  31. Brianna!

    Oh Gee
    I envy the Hubby and wife CUTENESS

    SERIOUS. You guys define Couple cuties.


  32. Chelsea

    aw, how fun!

    when the baby comes, you'll realize that you totally forgot what life was like before baby! it's amazing!

    congrats to you guys again. can't wait to see that sweet baby!

  33. you guys are too cute!! Good for you guys enjoying a night out together before baby!!

  34. Linka

    That hat is so cute!!! When the baby comes you'll enjoy your date nights even more!!

  35. Lisa

    One thing is for sure: Little baby will someday have really nice teeth and a gorgeous smile, inherited from mommy and daddy :)

    Love your blog, photography and style. (Oh, and the food that always prompts a craving–I'm expecting too!

    Good luck with baby!

  36. how fun! i can't wait to hear about life with baby…you guys are going to be such fun parents!

  37. Amy

    You are such an adorable couple! Cheers to little dates. They make a biggest difference of all!

  38. This is the cutest!

    I love Eskimo hats! I still my boyfriend's all the time!

  39. the countdown begins!! soon date nights will have a whole new meaning!!

  40. Becca

    Good idea to get one last date in!! So excited to see this little baby of yours!

  41. you guys are so adorable… i love the eskimo hat you're wearing naomi. :)

  42. I love how you've enjoyed every chapter of "life without baby" and how you look to "life with baby" with so much joy. Bless.

    I really look forward to "meeting" your bundle of joy. All the best Naomi and Josh xx

  43. soon your little dates will include baby..so exciting!!
    p.s. that gelato is calling my name

  44. Melina

    Soo cute and so fun! You both must be just ridiculously excitedd!

    xx Melina

  45. i love those hats. and i, like everyone in the rest of the world, am checking your blog compulsively for any trace of a baby update. this is big news for the blog world, in case you weren't aware.

  46. so so cute.
    i can't wait for a baby to start showing up in these photos!

  47. janis

    i sure would be stealing my boyfriend's hats if he had ones like those! lucky lady!

    you two must be dying of anticipation! so exciting!!


  48. Lindsey

    Seeing you two together always makes me smile. Glad you managed another little date. Crazy to think you're going to be three soon!

  49. Rachel

    cute! love the heart in the hot chocolate!

  50. Margaret

    I have just discovered your blog and have fallen in love with it. And Kingsley, he is just the cutest little pup!!! I LOVE anything with a scrunchy face. haha!

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  51. Crystal

    You two are too too cute! I hope that even with the complete and loving excitement pretty baby brings to your lives, you still have the opportunity to go on a few date nights once in a while =)

    P.s. – I love your makeup! So pretty and simple

  52. Kristen

    how cute is that, my boyfriend and i do the same sometimes…..p.s. i can't wait to see the baby!!!!!! tell him/her to come out already!

  53. Roxanne

    This is too cute! What nail polish are you wearing?

  54. ice cream and hot drinks. dream mini date. hearts!

  55. Haley K

    yay for SWEET [literally] dates with the hubby! <3 Enjoy them before the babe comes for sure :) But also take advantage of taking him/her out with you guys after he/she arrives, especially while the babe can sleep in the car seat anywhere any time. Yet, look forward to getting a baby sitter and appreciating a date night even more :)

  56. No need to fret… silly eskimo winter hats are definitely available in infant size. Long live Saturday night dates!

  57. mama

    someone else commented about your teeth and i have to say, i kind of hate you for them. i can forgive everything else. but your teeth cause me to sin with envy. both of you could be in a toothpaste commercial.

    also. our babies (3mo. and 23mo.) are excellent sleepers and both go to sleep before 8pm. voila. every night is date night. i wish the same for you.

  58. How cute!! Hope baby comes soon! xo

  59. kim


    Your little dates have inspired us to go on more adventures exploring our city and having fun.

  60. amber

    i absolutely love your eskimo hats!! hubby and i have been wanting some for a while now, where did you find yours at?

  61. Rachel

    Love those hats, too. I am still loving the winter season and getting all dressed up in layers so I hope I feel that way for a few more months still!

  62. Rudi

    This is so cute, but I have to be honest- I'm just too antsy!! When is the little bird gonna show up? Whisper to that baby that it's time to be in the world- even if it is cold!!

    love, rudi

  63. @amber, both hats are from UO!


  64. Shandey

    cute nail polish! what's it called?

  65. Berlyn

    I want your hat.:) And I love the heart in the hot chocolate.

  66. so so so precious beyond words! how can i get a catch like you did?! ;)

  67. Victoria

    Awwww this is adorable x

  68. Kelsey

    it looks like a heart!

  69. l.c.s.

    i can't get over how stinking cute you two are! and only you can pull of that lipstick shade. love it!

  70. Nimue

    oh that sounds so fun and romantic! you two look like a very nice couple… You have an amazing blog btw!