we woke up to beautiful big snowflakes this morning which made our early morning family walk a special one! hopefully we’ll get more snow throughout the day…. and wouldn’t baby make mama a happy woman if he or she arrived while it snowed! (so long as we get to hospital without any trouble…) hint, hint, baby!

also, i’m sorry i didn’t announce our giveaway winner yesterday….
i didn’t forget, the day just got away from me.

congrats BSJ! and congrats on your upcoming babe!
please email me your shipping address!

  1. Cedar

    How beautiful the snow is! I love your coat.

  2. kokoro

    Can't wait to see your little rockstar! All the best you guys! Hugs, Marta

  3. Cubby

    I love your coat! I've been trying to find a pretty mustard yellow one all winter! Where did you find it?

  4. How magical would it be if your baby arrived during the snow?! x

  5. you look so cute! i love your hat and now all my hats seem inadequate in comparison! xoxo

  6. @cubby, it's a few years old, from UO.


  7. Mallory

    It looks like your belly has dropped a lot! SOOOOn!

  8. here's hoping your sweet little one comes while it snows! :)

  9. That pictures are adorable, and I love your hat! Hopefully baby realizes that today is the perfect day to greet the world.

  10. wherever you live, is beautiful! especially with the snow! i can't wait to go back home to boston in a couple weeks :( your pictures make me miss it!

    i love your coat! i can't wait to read about baby! :)

  11. Carly

    so pretty!

  12. Jennifer

    i am in love with that coat. :D
    beautiful pictures.

    yay snow! :D

  13. Ashley

    the best part of these pics is your baby bump!!! so precious!

  14. jessica

    you are adorable! love the shots.

  15. Bridget

    gorgeous as always, naomi!

  16. we've had snow forever, i'm definitely more into summer grass but i'm glad you finally got your much anticipated snowfall! xx

  17. you are just glowing! and i'm so happy this reader won- how wonderful that she's finally expecting, congrats to her! xo

  18. 2busy

    I love snow…I'm wishing we had some. It looks like you are just hiding a basketball under that coat. You wear pregnancy well.

  19. Ashley

    Any day now! I remember feeling so ready for our son to come and one night we went to bed and suddenly my contractions were 3 minutes apart! I hoped it'd be a fast labor, but it is was 19.5 hours – ack! All that to say, you'll know when it's happening and it'l be the best moment ever… until the moment you meet the little one! :)

  20. Both yours and Kingsley's coats are so so pretty!

  21. Meaghan

    What a perfect looking morning!

  22. We awoke to snow here this morning as well! It's beautiful and so peaceful :).

    Have a happy day!

  23. Alyssa

    if you don;t mind me asking…what brand are your boots? thanks!

  24. Aww! Maybe for the next snow baby will be there!

  25. that oversized hat on you is great ;]


  26. Amy

    You're such a beautiful mama to be.

  27. liz

    I love your hat!

  28. benson

    be careful in the snow and ice! just posted a pic of your future :)

  29. FeeMail

    I've never seen a person, who is looking this cute whatever she wears… :)!

  30. Any day now! Photos are gorgeous. If you don't mind me asking, what program did you use for the photos! Is it a filter app? Or something like Photoshop? Thanks!

  31. You are so pretty! And your blog makes me want to live in DC and own a bulldog. Good luck with the baby :)

  32. they had snow in the forecast, but i didn't believe them. LOVE waking up to it! it's like a birthday surprise but not on your birthday! here's to hoping baby rockstar joins you soon!

  33. I can't believe you're about to give birth! You look wonderful, and I'm really excited to hear the news that it has all happened :) xx

  34. you look lovely! and congrats to the winner, a lovely gift for such an encouraging story.

  35. loving your shoes! my town should be getting snow early next week! yippie!

  36. Haley K

    your hat is awesome. Love the mustard yellow and turquoise! :) Yay for snow!

  37. maria

    you look adorable and I thought the snow was the perfect dusting today too!!! (were in stafford va!) Please share your lipstick colors and brands I love them all!!!

  38. Faith

    Your outfit is lovely and comfortable-looking! Also, Kingsley looks oh-so-huggable. Bulldogs are endearing.

  39. Rach

    You are looking amazing!! Just wanted to encourage you. :) Hope the baby comes during the pretty snow for you!

  40. Lucy

    snow!! so exciting!

  41. Aah! Hurry up and get here, Baby, so we can all enjoy your cuteness!!

  42. Jessica

    Your belly is getting lower! Your so adorable! Cant wait for you to enjoy your little one! there is nothing like it!

  43. i love the contrast and colors in the first photo! so fun.
    we only got a little dusting here in boston!

  44. will be crossing my fingers that baby arrives soon! and you get to the hospital with no problems :)

  45. You look so adorable in your gorgeous coat and hat. Life seems beautiful there. Happy for you. :)

  46. Helen

    oh you look so gorgeous here, got that whole 'blooming pregnant mama' thing going on!

  47. Oh, I love your shoes!! Where are they from?? To die for!!

    XO. Hope everything goes well with this little baby. :)

  48. you look so darling in that hat!!

  49. Shannon

    Naomi, I too was beyond thrilled to see the big hunkin' snowflakes this morning. Unfortunately, they melted away and my baby too has not yet arrived. I am expecting a boy, who WAS due January 3rd. Just one more little boy on the hill.

    Hope you enjoyed your walk!

  50. thanks everyone! the hat is actually josh's (it's from urban outfitters) and my boots are really old, i don't know the brand off the top of my head. i've had them since a teenager. i'll have to go check once i'm home.


  51. @shannon, i HOPE your baby comes soon! january 3rd? i'd be dying! here's to hoping both of ours come this upcoming week! making us wait is the worst. and i'd really love to sleep on my tummy again soon. :)

  52. Rachel

    those pictures are gorgeous!!!!!

  53. you are looking prettier than ever….this pregnancy thing is really workin' out for you. but i have a feeling the "new mom glow" will be just as pretty :)

  54. Snow!! So pretty! I wish we had gotten a little more snow here in Oregon this year – we only a bit for a day or two.

  55. Erin

    Seriously where is the coat from. I love it?

  56. Chelsea

    you are just gorgeous! love your sweet little baby bump!

  57. snow in KY, too!

  58. Liz

    You are such a cute pregnant lady. Your bump is as big as mine when I am 5 months along. :) Good luck with the delivery and have fun snuggling that newborn!

  59. Miyan

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  60. Rachel

    We had snow yesterday, too. Just the perfect amount and it is still beautiful. I love your coat and hope your baby comes soon!

  61. Rae

    born your baby please i can't wait to see him/her!

  62. i just have to say. you are one of the most gorgeous pregnant women ever. so chic! and i hope your baby comes soon! can't wait to see the little rockstar.

  63. Alex

    Hi, i just wanted to say that you have some of the cutest hats ever, i love it!

  64. Jessica

    You look so warm, we're freezing here in Tennessee. Your blog is such an inspiration! :)

  65. ah! how i hope i am as naturally glowing as you are when i'm pregnant! you look so cute.

  66. where did u get those boots? you have great style…would love if u blogged more about fashion!

  67. i just loooove your outfit!!! I also want to know where did you get your boots, they're fabulous!!!

    Loved the winking bulldog picture.

    I would love to interview you for my blog if that was possible.

    It's mainly a pet and veterinary blog, but I'll be posting about everything else too (fashion,music,movies,life in general). I'd be really honored if I could feature you and kingsley there!

  68. Lezly

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  69. jlc

    hope you have a happy and healthy delivery!! thinking of you…xox

  70. suuuch cute photos! the baby bump under your winter coat is so so precious.

  71. Amanda

    oh my goodness…come on little baby rockstar!

  72. I just found your adorable blog :) Looks like a fun walk, and congrats on your little one!

    xo, B

  73. Jay

    Such a lovely weekend – and with a baby on the way. You're so blessed. Hopefully you won't raise him/her to embrace the hateful ideology of the Mormon church.

  74. A.Co

    SO CUTE!

    You don't even look pregnant in that first pic – you're SO TINY!! (Although, you're probably not FEELING tiny) – so cute. :)

    CONGRATS to BSJ – wow! Coudln't have picked a beter winner :)

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  75. bethani

    so precious!

    plus i love that blue/aqua colored building in the first picture!

  76. You are SO darling!! I'm getting SO excited for you… everyday I check your blog wondering if you've gone into labor! I'm dying… I can't imagine how you're feeling!!!

  77. Becky H.

    You are one of the most stylish pregnant women ever! I'm inspired by your carefree glamour!

  78. Muhana

    Hello rock star! Sorry I don't know your name yet I just came across your blog and LOVE it my husband and I just moved to the D.C. area we opt to live outside of D.C. for parking reasons, but I am a MORMON TOO from Orem. I just wanted to say hi because it is nice to know that there are other little rays of light walking about D.C. too! I hope your Pregnancy goes well if you need a friend I'm here somewhere!

  79. Claire

    I LOVE your hat SO much!!!!
    If you get a chance I'd love to know where you got it!

  80. I'm pretty sure you and I have the same coat!

  81. My first time here and how cute are you! I love your attire and the pup is gosh darn adorable too!
    I have two wrinkly sharpeis :)