rockstar giveaway! (closed)

today we have a rockstar giveaway for you by our sponsor, petunia pickle bottom! they are offering this beautiful cameo clutch in buttercream from their cake line! does it even look like a diaper bag to you? i’d want to be carrying around this little clutch every day as a non-mommy, too!
the clutch is made of tweed and cut velvet, with water resistant lining. it features a detachable wristlet strap that converts to a shoulder strap, a fold-out and detachable water resistant changing pad, a detachable inner coin purse, an embossed cake wipey case, plus a number of pockets. 12 x 8 x 4.5 in. retails for $135!

to enter, please visit petunia pickle bottom
and leave a comment below before friday, january 7th!
  1. Melissa

    oh please, oh please, oh please!

  2. Melissa

    oh please, oh please, oh please!

  3. Melissa

    oh please, oh please, oh please!

  4. Janssen

    Oh my! That is darling.

  5. Jen

    I have been craving one of these for over a year now!

  6. BriAnne

    Oh I would love to win this! I almost bought one for my new baby but ended up with their bigger bag. Its so cute!

  7. H

    Simply Perfect! Oh how I wish I had one!

  8. Oh my word! I have so many cute friends having babies who would die over this bag! Lets be honest, I died over it and I'm not even a mommy! I hope I win:)

  9. What a fabulous purse must have!

  10. Sarah

    Love the Tea on the Thames. Thanks Naomi!

  11. Ashlee

    hi. I love it. i'm pregnant…finally!

  12. Katy

    Such a beautiful little clutch! And so non-baby for when you want to go out on a date as a wife!!

  13. When I was younger, I never liked the color yellow very much. But all of a sudden I hit 30, and I suddenly fall in love with yellow. Which means I would **love** this clutch! It would add the perfect pop of sunshine to any outfit.

  14. Oh soooo beautiful!!!

  15. How unbelievably gorgeous. For all those yummy mummy's out there!
    Fingers and toes crossed!

  16. Chessa!

    I LOVE PPB. My sister bought me the prettiest bag when I had my baby and I would LOVE this one too – it's so compact and perfect. woot!

  17. now i just have to get prego…wait, now i just have to find a man, then get myself pregnant so i can use this clutch!

  18. Sara

    oh my word…love it (:

  19. LOVE this!!!

    God bless!!!


  20. Oh my goodness! I am in love! What a fabulous giveaway!

  21. I love it! Very cute!

  22. I love it! Very cute!

  23. Man, I LOVE Petunia Pickle Bottom. That clutch is adorable! WANT.

  24. Rita

    Oooooh! I am in LOVE with that little bag!

  25. I think this would make my life complete…. definitely. I'm head over whole body in love.

  26. oh… and it would be lovely to have this for my little lovely arriving in a month.

  27. Eek I'm probably the last person to enter! But my future babies would be so proud of me. :)

  28. oh my goodness!! what an adorable brand. i had not heard of them i'm obsessed! thanks for introducing me to another cute and chic baby brand!

    +who wouldn't LOVE that diaper bag? i know i sure would! c:

  29. ~L~

    This is really really really cute and I really really want one.

  30. krystyna

    I am *obsessed* with the Cake by PPB line! So gorgeous! Pretty sure I will carry that perfect little clutch even when I don't have my baby with me!

  31. Love, love, love, love, love, love. That bag is ridiculously cute! -Kate

  32. cris

    This is a yummy yellow bag!! cutest giveaway ever

  33. please me! i love yellow!

  34. OLIVIA

    crossing my fingers! i love this clutch!

  35. this would go perfect with baby maddie's cool style! we would lurve this clutch around here!

  36. Spencer

    my wife would die if this showed up on our front porch, rockstars rule!

  37. julia

    yes, puh-leez. I'll get pregnant if I win this–gratis!

  38. siilenti

    That is so pretty! I have summer dresses that would go so well with that! :)

  39. Such a cute bag! I want one :)

  40. yes please :)

  41. yes please :)

  42. jen

    I love the happy yellow color, perfect for dreary winter days!

  43. em

    This is an absolutely rockstar giveaway! Totally functionally with such style. I would love to win!

  44. OMG the perfect clutch! i do have my fingers crossed on this one

  45. Liz

    I need this for my baby on the way!!!

  46. heather

    wow, so cute… and so many people have entered this giveaway!! i'll try anyways. :)

  47. absolutely adorable!

  48. molto bella!

  49. Erin

    This clutch is adorable! I saw it and wanted it not even realizing it has a diaper bag. I guess that its kind of like buying maternity clothes when you aren't pregnant because they are so cute.

  50. Been drooling over all the PPB bags! Love this!

  51. my sister has the larger version of this bag and I'm obsessed with it. they're so so beautiful!!! i love ppb!

  52. tvmom

    love this!!!

  53. Rachel

    cute as a button!

  54. Nikki

    Oooooohhh I LOVE Petunia Picklebottom! And I'm not even a mommy! This is such a scrumptious lil' purse!

  55. Molly

    These bags are fabulous! Thank you for sharing! I need a new place to shop now that my husband and I are working on a new addition to our clan:)

  56. lindsay

    I would love to give this to my new mommy sister!!! she is a rockstar mommy for sure and would work this!

  57. Oh my word – GORGEOUS!
    Perfect cure for my post baby blues.