rockstar giveaway! (closed)

today we have a lovely giveaway for you by sponsor mayfly designs!
mayfly is offering a necklace of your choice
from the everyday collection to one lucky reader!
mayfly designs is a little online shop
that offers beautifully handmade, made-to-order jewelry
by owner and creator, holly.

to enter, please visit mayfly designs
and leave a comment below before friday, january 28th!
update: congrats to ashley below for winning our giveaway!
please email me your necklace choice & shipping information!
  1. Amy

    I'd love to win the lily necklace, or really any other necklace since they are all so beautiful and unique!

    I hope you're little baby comes soon!

  2. leigh

    i am new to following the rockstar diaries, and i love it! i love DC and i love these necklaces, they are so amazing!

  3. Rachel

    LOVE THEM! The 1st & 4th are my favorites!

  4. Bea

    so cute! i love them all!

  5. omg, those necklaces are ADORABLE!!!
    and there´s even one with my name ;)

  6. Love these, so pretty and just what I've been looking for! Love them!

  7. beautiful necklaces! They would go perfect for my trip to Paris next month! :)

  8. Meredith


  9. oh my, i love all of those!

  10. Serena

    I LOVE these necklaces…and your blog, this is my first time reading it! Thanks for all you do! :)

  11. Harriet

    so elegant and lovely!

  12. LOVE the Naomi necklace!!

    ChasingDavies (at) gmail (dot) com

  13. e.louise

    Her work is beautiful! I love the "Lucy" necklace!

  14. Georgous! I'd happily advertise to everyone were I the lucky winner.

  15. christy

    Would love for one of these gorgeous necklaces to brighten my day!

  16. christy

    Would love for one of these gorgeous necklaces to brighten my day!


    oh i looove the flowers on the first one! it sets the chain off perfectly. :)

  18. Uno

    Bring it…


  19. Loving the Morgan necklace!!

  20. gioia

    so pretty..pick me-please pick me!!! :)

  21. Sheena

    The Naomi, Grace, Juliette…oh my! Love, love, love. No better way to procrastinate at work on this snowy NYC morning than shopping on Mayfly:)

  22. Aly

    Wow So SO pretty!

  23. Nicole

    i'm so in love with her earrings! i love the bonnie pair!

  24. DMK

    Gorgeous jewelry!

  25. what a lovely collection! *fingers crossed*

  26. autumn

    Gorgeous. I have been looking for a beautiful statement necklace but never feel trendy enough to get one, this would be the perfect start!

  27. love them all!

  28. SO pretty!! love them, especially the top left – oo la la.

  29. Kate

    Very Pretty! All of these are gorgeous!

  30. In love with the Lori Necklace!

  31. Corinna

    love the blue! perfect for my alice in wonderland gala in march! xo, corinna

    [email protected]

  32. wow! the stuff is amazing. thanks for introducing me to it!

  33. Emily

    Stunning! Love her everyday wear, and like how they are unique and not produced in mass quantities. Beautiful work. :)

  34. Hollie

    The necklaces are amazing!!

  35. Amy

    The Grace necklace is gorgeous!

  36. Michelle

    they are so cute!!

  37. Jules

    Woah, that's a lot of comments! What spunky jewelry! Love it!

  38. Zahra

    !!!!! there are too many precious items to only choose one! Though our budget is tight this year, I think a splurge on something like this would be justified ;)

  39. Di Brito

    I love the Lucy necklace – I always like an asymetric design. It would be lovely to win any of these lovely necklaces.

    Hang in there, baby will come soon. Keeping you and your husband in warm thoughts.

    Diana from San Francisco

  40. Joanie

    Love the Lucy necklace. Maybe this will be the first time I win something!!!

  41. Rebecca

    wow- such cute necklaces!

  42. oh so pretty!

  43. N.

    I love everything! Wow! So many pretties!

  44. BAAHHH!!! I love all of these!! I would love to wear one on my wedding day!! Yay! Pick ME!!! :) This giveaway is flippin stellar!!

  45. susannah

    love the naomi and grace!

    hoping bambino comes very very soon!!!

    (my #1 was 11 days overdue :( drove me crazy!!!)

  46. Hannah

    They're all so gorgeous. They remind me of my mom. :)

  47. I just visited the Mayfly site, and I'm in love! Such cute and creative pieces. I'd so love to win!!

  48. I just visited the Mayfly site, and I'm in love! Such cute and creative pieces. I'd so love to win!!

  49. The necklace on the top left is so lovely!!

  50. Clara

    so many great necklaces, hope to win.

  51. Cindy

    They are all so beautiful ~ it would be hard to choose one!

  52. these are so romantic and pretty and perfect! <3

  53. KMB

    Gorgeous necklaces!

  54. shawni

    Beautiful necklaces!

  55. Darcie

    Lovely antique looking necklaces! How beautiful!

  56. Jane

    I love these! Thanks for the introduction. Here's for hoping I win!

  57. Katie

    I can feel it around my neck already!!! (Did I tell you I have a very good imagination?)

  58. Katie

    I can feel it around my neck already!!! (Did I tell you I have a very good imagination?)

  59. This is my first time hearing about mayfly designs. What an awesome company with really beautiful designs. I would LOVE to win one! Thanks

  60. ooo! so darn pretty these danglers are – i'd feel like i just stepped out of an anthropologie catalog with one on! :)


  61. kylie

    wow these are so pretty! makes any outfit fun!

  62. Tara

    love the long necklaces and rings :)

  63. wontani

    just lovely! :)

  64. Oh, how the Addy necklace just speaks to me! ::smiley face::

  65. livvy

    love her wedding stuff! I'm getting married in May and it'd be PERFECT!!! :)

  66. livvy

    love her wedding stuff! I'm getting married in May and it'd be PERFECT!!! :)

  67. Carolyne

    ♥ it all! Thanks!

  68. annie m

    Simply charming!

  69. {b}

    oh boy! i could really use a pretty necklace!!

  70. Emilee

    absolutely, positively goregous!

  71. Emily

    love these necklaces – especially the naomi one!

  72. How would you pick a favorite? They're all so pretty!

  73. Kristin

    Absolutely beautiful. I had a lot of favorites. Hoping you can hold that baby soon soon soon!

  74. kimz

    The Lyla Necklace is breathtaking. I am not a girly girl by any stretch of the word. This strand would the perfect feminine piece to add to my blah blah wardrobe.

  75. Melissa

    I was hoping your baby would be born on my birthday (yesterday). Anyway my fingers are crossed for the baby to come soon -and- that I'm the 1 out of 1877 to win a gorgeous piece from Mayfly Designs!

  76. I love these but, I'd love it even more to give one to my mom! It would brighten her day (:

  77. So Cute! Fingers crossed!

  78. Wendi

    all of these necklaces can only be described in one word: lovely.
    would love, love, love to win. <3

  79. call me in

  80. Incredible shop – thanks for sharing with us! Love all of it; particularly into brooches right now….

  81. such beautiful creations!

  82. such beautiful creations!

  83. Nancy

    The jewelry is lovely! Good luck everyone!

  84. LOVE!!!! gag! …. oh, these are just darling!

  85. jill

    a shop full of such beautiful creations! i would wear them all… but the 'nadine' and 'naomi' necklaces are my favourites!

  86. lisha

    I dont even know how I would choose!!

  87. Amanda

    soooo cute!!

  88. Amanda

    whhhhooooops… forgot my email.

    amccallj at gmail dot com

  89. Rachael

    I could use a necklace.

    Also, my little Dorothy Rose was 10 days late. I am pregnant again and we are taking a different approach with this lad or lassie: we are telling everyone (and ourselves) that the due date is later than it actually is. Good luck!


  90. jade

    love this giveaway! her necklaces are beautiful!

  91. jade

    love this giveaway! her necklaces are beautiful!

  92. Ash & JD

    SO amazing. I love them all!

  93. hope you're having your baby and don't have time to pick a winner! but if you aren't…. I hope I win :)