these are my three younger sisters with “pillow” baby bumps over christmas break. today i feel the way my sister in the red shirt looks in the second photo. last night, after calling far too many italian restaurants around d.c., josh and i finally found the only place in the area that has eggplant parmesan on their menu (thank you, carmines.) we’d have cooked it ourselves, but i’m always a mess in the kitchen.... Read more

children’s books.

last night on twitter, we talked about favorite children’s books and i couldn’t believe all the books mentioned that i had forgotten about! there are so many great ones. so, what’s your favorite children’s book? i’m making a little list… would love some suggestions. most of my favorites are pictured above… xo ... Read more

a car seat, a car seat! now, show yourself baby!

yesterday, we finally installed the car seat into the back of our car. we’d learned at our birthing class months earlier that it’s a good idea to have that thing ready to go 5 weeks before your due date… but a combination of laziness and other things i can’t remember exactly led to it sitting in a box just inside our front door until yesterday.... Read more

we still don’t have that baby over here.

…and while i’m trying to be patient, it’s killing me. i’m realizing i’m not a very patient person. i’m a moody, still-pregnant lady who wants to hold her baby. so cross your fingers we get to meet baby this week. ok? thanks. and in other news, here is our shopmamie giveaway winner from last week! congrats to ashley below: ashley, please email me ([email protected]) with your contact info.... Read more