these are my three younger sisters with “pillow” baby bumps over christmas break. today i feel the way my sister in the red shirt looks in the second photo.
last night, after calling far too many italian restaurants around d.c., josh and i finally found the only place in the area that has eggplant parmesan on their menu (thank you, carmines.) we’d have cooked it ourselves, but i’m always a mess in the kitchen. plus, with a dish like eggplant parmesan, it’d probably have turned out extra disgusting. neither of us likes eggplant as it is, but we’re determined to try all those “myths” that supposedly help a woman go into labor, so eggplant parmesan it was. (and, surprise surprise… still no labor.)
then we came home and watched i, robot. that is what happens when you both think the other person is updating your netflix queue… you get sent movies like i, robot.
in my best thoughts and dreams, i go into labor sometime in the next 7 minutes (i’ll even take sometime in the next couple of days… otherwise this mama has to be induced next week and she doesn’t really like that idea.) in the meantime, i’ll just keep directing everyone here. (thanks fennofashion.) have a great weekend!
  1. Hi. my husband and i teach a natural childbirth class. to get things moving there are some things you can do naturally. go for walks…lots of walks. do "it". thumb sucking…i know weird. there are also pressure points on your foot, which you might want to google. hope this helps.

  2. Aww poor girl! I hope baby comes soon!

    PS Your sissies are gorgeous, just like you!

  3. Heather

    I was induced with my second, and i was kinda bummed about it, i went into labor naturally with my first. I must say that being induced was actually a really great experience! Everything went really smoothly, and kind of nice knowing:) Good luck, and I can't wait to see/hear what you have! My guess, a boy!! Best of luck!

  4. I saw that people have mentioned red rasberry tea and I wanted to second that also evening primerose oil pills were recommended by my midwife and it did the trick for me. And using your breastpump and pumping will maybe get your body going in the right direction. Good luck I know how rough the last part of your pregnancy can be.

  5. Love your blog all the way from Sydney… I was induced for my little girl 3 months ago and had tried everything to no avail. I did though walk up and down up and down hospital stairs once I had the gel so was able to avoid serotonin as labour started. Baba will be here soon, try to chill (I know, I know, I was feeling exactly the same as you)

  6. Holy cow you and your sisters share such a resemblance!! Those pictures are adorable!

    We (your devoted readers) are all keeping our fingers crossed that Baby comes soon! So exciting!

  7. Rueby...

    I suggest getting REALLY adamant about not being induced. Stress yourself out completely. My sister had a break down Thursday about not wanting to be induced (her 3rd baby and she's a very natural-all-the-way type person), went into labour and had the baby Friday, and had been scheduled for induction Saturday :)

  8. Chelsea

    I hate that so many dr's induce. The baby is never as BIG as they measure it to be-but they tell you they want to induce you so your baby wont be too big.

    I hope you don't have to be induced or have a c-section. They are the worst. We decided to go with a doctor who does water births/natural births this time around because my first delivery was such a nightmare. I'm praying yours is a breeze! Can't wait to see the little one!

    Hang in there. it's almost over!

  9. Autumn

    Good good luck!!

  10. Salina

    Hi, i was over due by 4 days. i started taking blue and black cohosh drops and went into labor in 12 hours. These are herb that really work. I used them every 15 minutes. I really didn't want to be induced. Best of luck you you!

  11. Chelsea

    i was SO excited when i read about eggplant causing labor. (eggplant parm is my fave meal ever) My husband and I went straight to Macaroni Grill. Nothing. I tried every myth out there in the universe with my first; he was 3 days late. I tried not one single thing with my second; he was 2 weeks early. They really do come when they want, we have no control, but its funny the things we try.

    you are adorable!

  12. Adorable pictures! I was induced and it wasn't that bad, so not everyone has a horrific time with pitocin.

    I, Robot would be preferable to Sliding Doors, our most recent Netflix flub.

  13. I second the castor oil, but only if you are a bit dialated or if you're having some contractions and definitely if your water has broken. Also what Chelsea said is true, the baby is never as big as they say and sometimes your body just needs time. You usually have until 42 weeks (legally) so you don't have to be induced if you don't want to, its your body! Blue and black cohosh are good but you need to make sure you research how to take it first. Good luck!

  14. kiki

    my sister just told me about your blog and already i'm smitten. congratulations on your baby, we just welcomed our first four months ago and since then it's been nothing but sweet baby goodness bliss for us. we moved to NoVA when i was 35 weeks preggo and i'm just starting to get a lay of the land. so i have a question for you – i am in LOVE with your hair style and am in desperate need of a new stylist, who do you see? thanks!!

  15. Sammy

    No no no no don't let yourself be induced!! Women have been doing this FOREVER, your baby will know when you are ready. There are so many risks of induction, please do some research before you let it happen!!!

    Best of luck to you guys!

  16. Liz

    LOL! I'm loving that website! And being induced isn't bad at all. No stress–you just calmly go to the hospital. Easy peasy. I was induced with both of mine and I had nothing but good experiences in both cases.

  17. Gaby

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that you went into labour 7 minutes after writing this post. x

  18. Erin

    My sister said that real ginger works. She accidentally ate cookies with candied ginger the day before she had her baby and heard after the fact. Maybe? :)

  19. Yyohhe

    Oh no. I can only imagine how frustrating this is. But think within a week you will have your own bundle of joy to shape into a fantastical little human being.

    PS. Your sister in the red shirt looks identical to you.

    PPS. I think it is going to be a boy.

  20. Pamela

    you are all so beautiful!

    i hope the little one makes her/his appearance soon!

  21. Susie

    What was your due date – are you at 41 weeks now?

  22. Annalea

    You don't know me from Eve, and I just found your blog via the Salon.com article, but I wanted to come out of lurkdom to let you know what worked for me. I've been up to three weeks overdue (I love my midwife), and the only thing that has ever worked (out of the MANY I've tried!), is an herbal glycerite called, of all things, Start Up. It's by Trilight Herbs, and the pattern I've found is that I take it for a couple of days, and then a day or two later, labor starts. Once labor starts, I take it again, and whamm-o, the baby is here. :o) (I've done this twice, so I know it's not a fluke.)

    Best of luck, and hang in there! Inductions are No. Fun. If you're willing to try anything, this can't hurt, and it will most likely help a lot. Big hugs from another mom . . .

  23. G

    Oh, sakes! I've been that pregnant before. You can do it Tiger! It seems like an eternity, but it's so worth it. :)

  24. Ha! I am so glad you liked the link, I put it as my facebook status to make things clear for everyone who asks me constantly. Next time I am telling everyone I am due 2-3 weeks AFTER I really am so I don't get the constant questioning!


  25. geo

    The only thing that works, it's to have sex. trust me.

  26. with my daughter my waters broke but no contractions! I tried acupuncture and a hot curry, and that got the ball rolling!
    when you hold your baby in your arms you won't care whether you were induced or not!!

  27. Connie

    LOL "i-robot" lol!

  28. dont let your doctor let you go too late, baby is definitely ready!

  29. All those little labor inducing tricks really only work when you're ready but I remember walking did a lot to start contractions, even if it only lasted for a little bit.
    I also took a natural supplement called Primrose oil that really helped me to dilate, it softens your cervix and it's totally natural.

    Good luck, and don't be disappointed, it's totally common what you're going through!

  30. Hang in there, I know the last few weeks/days are brutal. I went into labor on my due date and had my daughter just under two days later. She came fashionably late, is what I like to say! Fingers crossed you have a smooth delivery. Any day now, kid;) xx

  31. Jackie

    Hi Naomi! I've never commented on your blog before but I love it and check it all the time! I wanted to wish you the best of luck with your labor. You will be holding that wonderful little baby very soon :). What a lucky baby to have such great parents!

  32. You guys all look so much alike!!! I totally thought your sister in the red shirt was YOU!!! Sending Labor Vibes in your direction.

  33. Em & Gar

    Oh dear friend, I am so happy and excited for you and sad baby is taking its sweet time! :) I am sending lots of labor-y thoughts your way and praying your babe will come soon. Your tummy must really be a happy place for that baby to hold on so long! Can't wait to see the little lovely.


  34. fingers crossed for you!

  35. i SO know what you're talking about with the netflix queue :)
    my fingers are crossed and i will say some prayers for you that you get your baby asap!!
    good luck naomi! you are going to be an amazing mom :)

  36. all your sisters are beautiful and this was a cute post :)

  37. jlc

    ahhh carmine's is my favorite restaurant in the world!!!

    only been to the one (out of the two) in NYC, the Bahamas and AC… never did try out the DC one! :)

    She'll be here before you know it!!! Have faith!! <3

    And yes, I think it's a she.

  38. liss18

    I love your blog and I'm praying baby makes her/his way out soon! Please, please, please don't listend to all of the scary induction/c-section stories…my water broke 6 weeks early and I had to be induced and then ended up in an emerg. c-sec…sound awful? Not so much! We had a beautiful little girl at the end of it and that was all I cared about. You won't care how your baby comes into the world when you're holding that little newborn in your arms! Hang in there! (oh and eat spicy pizza…my mom did with me when I was a month overdue, and again with my brother when he was 3 weeks past the due-date!)

  39. Induction stinks. If I have to have it done again someday, next time I'm taking the epidural. For me, it did make labor go fast though! I pushed out a 9 pound baby in 20 minutes. It's on my list of greatest accomplishments, right after potty training.

  40. Marcy

    That's awesome!! I drank chamomile the night before labor cause I heard that works and it worked for me!!


  41. Good luck! Hope you don't have to wait too long to go into labor!

  42. Not only do you make me want to be pregnant but you also make me want to have three sisters! Ha!

  43. I adore your blog, your pictures and stories!!!

    I am also working on mine – still takes me some time, but really, you did a great job and good luck with your child!!


  44. I really hope that the baby arrives on its own. However, if s/he doesn't, you're not the first mama to have to be induced. I was induced with my first, and I was SO against that kind of medical intervention. But it was necessary and it all worked out. Now I have a happy and healthy 2 year old and I can tell the L&D; story with a smile. Good luck and I can't wait to hear if you have a boy or a girl!

  45. Kerry

    Sweetie. Induced or not, that precious child will be here before you know it. :o)

    My daughter's friend at college turned her onto your blog, who in turn introduced me. Now we're all in love with Kingsley and creep your blog regularly. Such a fun blog!

    In case it will help you feel better, my twin sons were induced. And since I had them via C-section, my daughter's birth was scheduled ahead of time. Everything will be fine.

    Looking forward to news and photos! :o)

  46. Evening Primrose Oil and Red Raspberry Leaf Tea (up to four cups a day). It hasn't worked for my yet, but it's standard practice at my birthing center.

    Good luck with the waiting. Don't get discouraged!

  47. liz city

    you guys are beautiful.
    i'm so excited for you to have your baby!

  48. elsabags

    Naomi- i was 10 days late with kaleb (remember that little guy- almost 13 now!) it wasn't fun- but the good news is with the next 2 i was only 3 days late…

    just think of the future. good luck!

  49. I am in love with eggplant and have found that Olive Garden (Do you have one of those near you??) has the GREATEST eggplant parmasan. Just in case you want to try again :) I have never heard of that myth but I have never been preggers so I wouldn't know a lot. However I did try to make eggplant parmasan and ended having the Fire department come to my apartment ( the WHOLE apartment had the alarm going off..least to say the most embarrassing thing I have done in my married career). Apparently you are supposed to turn on the vent when you are frying things? ha little did I know. Lets just say I am not the greatest cook but I am learning how to cook for two.. ha oh the joys. got to LOVVVVE it.
    BTW Love your posts. You are way TOO CUTE!

  50. so great — I've always wanted sisters!


    such a great post! your sisters are darling and you all look so much alike; so pretty. I bet they can't wait to be aunties!!

  52. Raspberry tea and long walks! My family swears by this! (That's how my mom got me out… 14 days late!)

  53. Liz

    I really can't believe it!! I'll be praying for labor this week. xo!

  54. wishing you all the best – hoping baby makes a grand entrance soon!

  55. have you tried caster oil? my mom says it works like a charm!

  56. Sarah

    the suspense is killing me! >.

  57. Grace

    haha I love that website! I try not to ask because I know the women are being asked constantly. I hope your little one comes soon!

  58. Naomi, I hope you don't feel "pressure" from all the comments and constant refreshing while we all participate in Rockstar Baby Watch!! We are just all so excited for you and your precious little family!!

  59. Oh my gosh, I thought your sister in the red shirt WAS you! I literally did a double-take, haha. Hope your baby comes soon, Naomi. Baby Davis must be awfully comfortable in there. Try eating spicy food — I hear that can sometimes "wake" baby up and inspire him/her to arrive.

  60. Whitney

    Hahahah adorable bellies!
    I hope just for y'all that Baby Davis makes an appearance soon!

  61. bell

    beautiful photos!! aahh love the warmth of it! and hope you get to meet your baby soon :]

  62. Your sisters are so cute! The one on the left looks so much like you!

    Hope your baby comes soon. I'm not always the best at being patient, and I can't imagine how hard it must be for you to wait right now! Excited for you guys!

  63. I didn't think this post suited the comp. So here it i. I am off to Sweden with work tomorrow and just my luck my sinuses are playing up. So found this easy & cheap worth a try and good good luck with it(I am sure you have heard of caster oil & curry already)- Use your right thumb and index finger to grasp the skin between your left thumb and index finger. Press gently to find where the muscles make a V shape on the top of your hand. Massage this small indentation with firm but gentle pressure for 10 to 15 seconds; repeat on your right hand. Do this as needed. Pregnant women should not use this technique; it may stimulate uterine contractions.

  64. The past week I have been reading your blog start to finish…I am now on year 2010. I have a one year old and am excited to see all of the fun things you do with your baby!

  65. your sisters are adorable!

  66. jenny

    Those are the cutest pictures! what fun sisters! and how awesome to get them all together!

  67. Mindy

    "that is what happens when you both think the other person is updating your netflix queue… you get sent movies like i, robot."
    haha too cute. at least you have each other while waiting patiently (or anxiously) for baby :)

  68. Amy

    My Mom has always sworn by fresh pineapple. It worked for her 3 times and has worked for many of our friends! Good luck!

  69. j.miller

    Hello, your family is beautiful. You dont understand how jealous i am of your creativity. it is AMAZING (: i love where you live… and wish i lived there also in every photo it looks gorgeous! Best wishes with your baby!(: hope to hear from you soon! Love, jaye