my pregnancy lifesavers.

i know i said i love being pregnant and want to enjoy this pregnancy (and not complain about it), but being 40 weeks pregnant with no sign of baby yet is really killing my body this week. it’s definitely gotten uncomfortable.
i’m not a girl who has many beauty products in her bathroom (i mean, i steal josh’s old spice deodorant every morning), but the 4 things above have really helped my body throughout this pregnancy and have especially made the last few weeks more comfortable so i thought i’d share…
1. l’occitane’s certified organic pure shea butter. i know some people think stretch marks are inevitable during pregnancy and there isn’t a point in trying to prevent them, but i’ve been using this shea butter on my tummy since i found out i was expecting last summer and so far, not one single mark! also, since my body has gotten stretch marks before (thank you, dear thighs) i know it’s not just “my genes” here, so i’m crediting the shea butter.
2. sabon’s dead sea salt scrub. this is the one product i’ve splurged on over the past few years and always keep stocked in my bathroom. it saved my body each week while i was dancing all day in NYC and it’s proving to be a lifesaver again with this pregnancy. especially the last few weeks where sleep at 3am is nonexistent. a warm shower and exfoliating scrub seem to help calm me down before bed (and the patchouli lavender vanilla scent helps put me to sleep afterwards, too.)
3. massaging tools. while i’ve always held a lot of tension in my back, this third trimester has given me extra knots (and ironically, only on my left side). having josh work on my back each night has helped relieve a lot of the back pain i’ve been experiencing (thank you, josh.)
4. burt’s bees nourishing body oil. and using a little body oil with #3 helps considerably since i usually always cry when someone massages my back (yep, my sorry little back knots are that bad.)
i hope this list might help someone else who wants to make the last stretch of pregnancy a little more comfortable. did you find any particular product helpful in the last stretch of your pregnancy? (i’m all ears.)
here’s to hoping my baby will just come already so i can cuddle him or her and forget about the back pain!
  1. mina

    l'occitane shea butter saved my life before my wedding when i had an allergic reaction to something and my face had red splotches all over it.

    good luck with the last bit of your pregnancy!

  2. bethani

    I'm glad you have found some things to make the baby pains more tolerable. Those products even sound totally awesome for those of us that aren't expecting.

    Hope the baby comes sooner rather than later to give your body a nice vacation. ♥

  3. trust me, everyone in the blog world is hoping for the same. :) and i might bookmark this page for future reference (very far in the future reference) because that stretch mark product sounds like a lifesaver.

  4. Cedar

    Thanks for the list. I am entering my third trimester in about two weeks, and am sure I will need some 'help' as time progresses!

  5. I'm A.

    the only thing that got me through the final stretch of my pregnancy (i was 10 days overdue!) was dr. mario. my husband and i played it non-stop for a week. it totally took my mind off the pain and discomfort. :)

  6. Maddy

    I am no where near ready to get pregnant, but stretch marks are a big fear as I have them already too (aren't thighs the worst?!) I have always loved L'Occitane products and am happy to hear they make good shea butter lotion to fight those evil marks!

    Sorry to hear about your back.. you're in the home stretch now! Soon you'll have a little baby! How exciting :)

  7. Linka

    I know how it feels. It's like I use to wonder why in the world peopel say 9mths then baby when most first time mothers hit the 10mth mark. Body scrub was HUGE for me as well! I'm glad you're finding some comfort.

    Hang in there girl!

  8. Haha…I steal my fiance's old spice each morning too! That made me giggle ;)

    Hope the little one comes along soon!


  9. One

    I think God makes the last little bit of pregnancy so very uncomfortable to help us appreciate the little munchkins more when they arrive. I swear I slept *more* in the weeks right after my babies were born than in those before!

  10. tracey

    I used The Body Shop's Cocoa Butter Body Butter every day of my pregnancy and not one stretch mark! And I gained over 40 lbs. Best of luck with the birth of your baby. It is magical and beautiful and worth every ache and pain.

  11. erin

    sabon body scrub is incredible. {i think i feel the need for a splurge coming on, myself}. hoping you get lots of sweet rubs during this next little bit! thinking of you!

  12. Emily

    The only thing I could ever do that made my back feel better was stretch and exercise, which, of course, was the very last thing I felt like doing the closer baby got to coming. The good news is YOU'RE ALMOST THERE!!! And it is so so so so so worth it. And that first time you get to roll over in you bed after baby comes is just heaven!!!!

  13. i have a friend who was pregnant last summer and told me soaking in the bath with epsom salt helped her back pain.
    good luck!

  14. I'm going to start stocking the L'Occitane now! Even though pregnancy is a bit in the future for me :)

  15. Although I'm not pregnant or a dancer, I started using Sabon's salt scrub last month (as per your previous recommendations). I LOVE it. My skin is always so soft now, and you're right-the patchouli lavender vanilla is the perfect scent to get you relaxed for bedtime. Thanks so much for suggesting it!

  16. A great list of 'must haves' ~ I also swear by the stretch mark butter! And I also really took advantage of a bi-weekly visit to an acupuncturist.

    Good luck…he/she will be staring up in your eyes soon!

  17. Oh, and I'm sending lots of love and prayers your way. Hope this last little stretch goes by as quickly as possible for you. We're all so excited for the arrival of Baby Davis!

  18. nadia

    Great list, thank you for sharing! (I'm hoping I may need to refer to it in the near future :)

    Ps. I steal my husband's old spice every morning too, hehe.

    Good luck and take care!

    xo Nadia

  19. i think i'm gonna need to get that shea butter for my legs!

  20. MellyB

    Ugh, sorry you are so uncomfortable!

    I remember hearing about other girls having their babies and wishing it was me so bad at the end.

    The only thing that came remotely close to the happiness that was holding my perfect new baby was when I stood up after they took him away to be checked out and I realized I wasn't pregnant anymore. Suddenly not being pregnant anymore rocks. You are so close to meeting your first child, eek!!!

  21. poor thing! i totally feel you. i'm 39 weeks right now and absolutely no sign of her coming either. my products that are super helpful right now are all allergy related. lol cedar fever here in texas is HORRIBLE and that's the only thing making me miserable (so i guess that's a good thing pregnancy wise). but i definitely take lots of warm showers and baths too. ps…no stretch marks here either…yet. yay! :) hang in there!!! yay for babies!

  22. I got a foot spa in the last weeks of pregnancy because I was working full time on my feet as a barista at the time. Soaking my big swollen toes was nice and a wonderful excuse to sit down for awhile and stop nesting… :)

  23. uuuugh this is making my ovaries ache for another baby despite all the pain and discomfort… cuddling a newborn should be a prescription painkiller it's so good.

  24. amazing news regarding the stretch marks – again the thighs! who knows what will happen to me if I'm lucky enough to have one.. but at least I won't give it up for a lost cause and give it a go!

    eeeee getting closer! woop woop x

  25. Alivia

    Like some of the others have said, these even sound great for those of us that aren't expecting! Hope little one comes soon for you, Mama!


  26. It's refreshing to read your post about the being pregnant.. I love that you don't complain.. and even though I know you are enjoying being pregnant I know the last few days are very trying.. You want to hold that baby so much it's insane.. All my 3 babies were late, it was like " come on you can't be that comfortable in there" Can't wait to see your baby soon.

  27. I also used L'Occitane shea butter and got not even 1 stretch mark! For nightime I used their Mommy and Me shea butter which is richer but I guess is too late for you ;)

  28. i use my husband's old spice deodorant too…haha. it lasts longer and smells better.

  29. I love this post. I'm 18 weeks and love hearing what other expectant mothers are doing to help their aching bodies. I'm already there with the sea salt scrub, I'm in love with Sabon!! As far as the others, I'm trusting you and jumping on your wagon :) I hope little baby comes so soon for you. How exciting.

  30. Lauren

    Well, I've never been pregnant so I can't help with the advice part. I just wanted to tell you that I seriously have started checking every single day to see if your little one has made its appearance yet. I keep hoping Kingsley will be updating about his new sister/brother!
    So for your sake, and for your husbands sake, I hope that they come soon!!

  31. I've never been pregnant, but hopefully I will be before too much longer! Thanks for sharing this – I bookmarked it for later:)

  32. Leslie

    A birth/exercise ball really helped me feel more comfortable during my pregnancies. Also, it worked wonders for me during labor and is an excellent baby soother. :)

  33. I hope your little one comes soon! I can't wait to see pics and of course I hope you can feel better soon. I loved being pregnant too but the last few weeks, you really start to hurt. I was only two days overdue but it seems like once you hit your due date the pain intensifies that much more. Hang in there! It will be worth it!!

  34. Becki

    The last week of pregnancy is hard. I always wonder when people say how long their labor was, because I felt like I was in labor for a week with each of my 3 children before transitional finally started.

    Be good to yourself and take it really easy. I hope you have a happy, healthy baby and mom in the very near future.

  35. Chelsea

    I used that same shea butter and I STILL got stretch marks. But I gained like 43 lbs and it looks like you've done a good job of keeping off the weight, so i think weight has a lot to do with getting stretch marks, and genetics. I greased myself up multiple times a day and still got nasty stretch marks. Good thing is, they went away after about a year!

    cant' wait to see your little one!

  36. there's definitely a point to trying to fend off stretch marks. i used earth-mamma-angel-baby stretch mark oil and although i did get stretch marks in my last month i kept using it faithfully. my stretch marks got so bad in just 4 weeks, very ugly & i hated them with a lot of passion. anyway, i still used the oil the same and after i gave birth my stretch marks slowly disappeared. by the time my son was 4 months old they were completely gone… even though everyone swore there was "no way" they would be. try drinking red raspberry tea since it's very good for the uterus & can give you an easier labor. and when you are in labor, "stand & rock" i lied in bed way too long with no progress since no one told me not to and when my husband finally convinced me to stand up & moved around a bit i was "Ready to go" in less than an hour. xx

  37. alicia

    i can't wait to check your blog every morning to see if your baby has finally arrived.

    hope the little one debuts soon! <3

  38. Ceridwen

    Just a helpful hint. Once the baby is here and starts to get cradle cap, douse his/her head with the Burt's Bees Oil and let it sit for about 5-10 minutes. Then get a soft brush (they usually put one in the baby's bed at the hospital)and rub it in little circles on the baby's head to loosen the cradle cap. Then bathe baby. I did this with all of my children and I only had to do it once or twice before all the yucky was gone. Love BB baby products!

  39. Holly

    ah yes, Sabon products are soooooo wonderful!

  40. I'm glad I'm not the only girl in the world who wears their husbands Old Spice! I mainly started wearing his because I have not found any women's deodorant that doesn't have aluminum or whatever the ingredient is that supposedly causes cancer. I need to venture into the natural deodorants I guess. Or just keep smelling like a man!
    But don't worry, your pains will go aways soon enough. I have three little boys, so I've been in your spot a few times!

  41. I also lathered up my belly with lotion every day and had no stretch marks as well. I even had a nurse tell me she couldn't believe I didn't have any for such a big belly…which was a strange sort of compliment I suppose. But yeah for big pregnant bellies!

  42. ooo might have to give that l'occitane a shot. i used mustela's stretch mark cream in my first pregnancy and didn't get stretch marks until that last miserable week (of course, i'd stopped using the stretch mark cream… of course!! erg.)

    i'm using mustela again this pregnancy and no more marks so far… and it feels so good, too, on my crazy dry winter legs. :)

    my other huge lifesaver in pregnancy #1: the sleep pillow. i seriously couldn't sleep without it.

  43. Falderol

    What is your "beauty" routine? You always have such beautiful, glowing skin?

  44. I'm so glad you shared this! I'm not expecting, but hopefully someday soon. It's always nice to read and see what really has helped others because you can always research stuff, but you never really know unless someone has used it first hand and can give you honest feedback.

  45. Mallory

    When I went into labor all I had was back pain. It was miserable.

  46. Annie

    I had my baby 7 weeks ago. I don't have any pregnancy product tips, but I do hope you are prepared with lanolin for post-pregnancy. You'll have a whole new set of pains after the baby comes!

    I'm so excited for you guys. Having a baby is more wonderful than you even think it will be!

  47. Kelsi

    Oh girl, I understand having back knots so bad that massaging them makes you cry. And oddly enough, mine are only on the left side too! Cannot imagine having them so badly while pregnant. It'll be so so worth it when that precious little girl or boy arrives!

    Good luck on your final days of pregnancy. xo

  48. va

    i would suggest some natural remedies since you are pregnant like using 100 Percent Pure products which are all natural and they also have contest going on their fb page .
    Sorry so on to the point , 100 percent natural shea butter is good , cocoa butter with no chemicals 100 percent natural as well .
    i think it is important to go natural especially when you are pregnant , the sabon body scrub doesn't look natural and i would suggest using products without the harmful effects of parabens / chemicals in products . thanks and just trying to help .

  49. oh yes. Rosemary Peppermint Moisturizing Foot Cream (bath & body) accompanied by my husband's massage hands was perfect for my tired puppies. I worked and played all day so they were especially achy.

  50. jenbern

    i'm not pregnant but I thought I would recommend some Weleda products to you. I really swear by this company. their products are all natural and they have a great line of products for babies:

    they also have a really great birch cellulite oil which has helped me so much. and I love their citrus deoderant which is aluminum free (and smells great!)

    hope you're feeling better soon & best of luck with the birth!!

  51. maria

    Hang in there girl, I know how ya feel my first was late to arrive, but your bundle will be there in a blink! Thanks for sharing your products as Im pregnant with my second and can't seem to get rid of dry skin! Also would you mind sharing your fab lipcolors too please I love them all!!

  52. I am also a pregnant lady right now (about 30 weeks) I heard good thing about the L'Occitane shea butter and got it for Christmas. It's some good stuff! Wishing you all the best with the upcoming birth of this baby boy or girl!

  53. Jessica

    I used Olive oil and then bought some vitamin E oil and used that everyday. I usually use olive oil as my moisturizer everyday when getting out of the shower but i added the vitamin E oil when I was preg. I gained like 44 pounds too, my son was huge, but only got one teeny stretch mark that looks like a chicken pock scar.
    Keep that Exercise ball handy in your birthing room, that saved my life, that and being in the shower on the ball with hot water on my back. I hope you don't have back labor! Its miserable, but just remember in the end you have this beautiful little baby in your arms. all the pain is so worth it and it's so a beautiful amazing experience, just try to enjoy it, as hard as it is, it goes by so fast! I was a week late, nothing seemed to help. I walked everynight, they say that is supposed to help!
    Are you guys going to do a natural birth?
    Hope little baby comes soon!

  54. Oh gosh, the end is so hard. You are so big and so uncomfortable. And you just keep growing too. You think, there is no way I could get bigger. And then you do. You just keep going. You think, I should have this baby soon. And then you go a week over and you are ENORMOUS! The end is so hard. Did I mention how big you get? Hang in there. And just remember that the end does come. It doesn't feel like it, but it will. I wish you all the best and that you will have an awesome labor!

  55. Allison

    haha i use my hubz old spice every morning too! that's funny!

  56. Jo

    Burts bees stuff is amazing! When the little baba arrives I would recommend using their products.
    I've never posted on here before but read your blog for ages, I'm so excited to see what your having.
    I have an 8 month old baby boy, and boys are sooo much fun! All the pain now you will forget about the second he/she comes out.
    Good luck!

  57. I was really hoping the "2 days without a post" was an indication that baby was here!!!!

  58. Haley K

    body oil + Burt's Bees = brilliant :) I'll have to try that! And AMEN to massaging tools being a lifesaver!

    PS – lots of smooth labor thoughts coming your way! :)

  59. I love that you are awesome enough to wait to find out the sex. That involves some serious determination!! I want to try that sea salt scrub! xx

  60. Briel79

    You must smell really good with all those nice products! haha

    I hope the baby comes soon!

  61. Lol, I can't wait for your baby to be born. It feels like it was family. I log on everyday on your blog hoping to read that the new rockstar is born!!!

  62. Lexie

    Oh my gosh- my son was 8 days late and I thought for sure that I'd be pregnant forever! I also loved being pregnant but it gets hard at the end. Get a message if you can. Your sweet baby will be in your arms in no time and it is the best. thing. ever.

  63. Lexie

    I just had my little girl a week and a half ago – 18 days after my due date. I'm happy to hear that you've found some ways to feel better physically, but I also hope that you can find some ways to cope emotionally with going past your due date. It's the most difficult thing I've ever experienced.

    Good luck with your impending labor!

  64. I used the Mama Bee!! Brings back memories. I can smell it now!
    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  65. If you live near a rec center or an indoor swimming pool of some kind, go float in the pool for awhile as much as you can and it will totally alleviate the pressure from your back. I have never been pregnant but it literally saved my sister.

  66. Dawnica

    i've never been pregnant, but my sister is. and when she thought there was nothing she could sit in, lay on, or any position to have her body in which would make her back comfortable, she tried out a love sac and says it's great. and she didn't have to buy one, she borrowed one from a friend for a couple months. maybe you could borrow one for a few days!

  67. miriam

    good luck and I hope that baby comes soon! I had an emergency c-section at 38 wks so I can't totally relate, but I do understand pregnancy discomfort. I loved burt's bees oil. The other thing I used was burt's bees belly balm.

  68. Faith

    The body scrub looks wonderful. I am definitely going to try that.

  69. Pregnancy yoga did wonders for my back pain!!!

    And I used neutrogena sesame oil on my belly… not a one stretch mark! Whoop!

    You're in the home stretch!!!! Good vibes to you!

  70. Erin

    That is so funny! I discovered Old Spice on my honeymoon, the stuff really works!!

    I am a big fan of Tree Hut's organic shea butter. I think the baby liked it too ;)

    P.S. I would LOVE to know what other beauty products you use and especially make-up. You have such beautiful skin.

  71. Brooke

    I just entered my 3rd trimester and I got stretch marks, literally, over night! I'm going to be trying the shea butter for sure! Thanks for the tip

  72. Hang in there, you can do it! I went 16 days past my due date, not common, but I'm sl thankful I let him come on his own time, when he was good and ready. My husband helped out a lot because besides being physically tired, I think I cried every day of that last week!
    He/she is coming soon!

  73. my back pains have been excruciating also. I may have to try the Burt's Bees body oil to ease those painful massages. I've been using Basq body butter to prevent stretch marks and at 33 weeks I've been mark free so far (woohoo!) But I'm not getting too cocky because who knows what can happen in the next seven weeks. I hope that baby of yours come soon. I hear the aches and pains just melt away as soon as he/she arrives!

  74. A simple one for me… mountains of pillows. I'm 30 weeks along, and just like with my first, I sleep in a fluffy pillow fort every night. And my husband thinks it's fun to help me construct the perfect structure before sleep. :)

  75. j.

    these products all sound so wonderful! wish i would have had some of these suggestions way back at the beginning of the summer because my pregnancy is pretty much over now! i am still stretch mark free too and so so grateful for that..lets hope it lasts for us both!

    and just fyi, i think you should have your baby on tuesday. i'm having mine on tuesday (having a c-section)…i think you should do the same. ;)

  76. Thanks for this post! I'm just starting my second trimester and have loved using Burt's Bees. I haven't tried the other products yet. Now, you need a post about the best places to shop for maternity clothes in D.C.! Best of luck to you in the next couple weeks. Keeping my fingers crossed that baby comes soon. :)

  77. j.

    ha, when i said that you should "do the same" i was referring simply to the having the baby part, not the c-section part! sounded wrong.

  78. I don't know if you'll even see this comment, but I just have to tell you. . .

    I haven't been following your blog very long, but I clicked on the link where you said you love being pregnant and want to enjoy your pregnancy. I was then taken to your post from November, read it, and got teary-eyed. Best of luck to your cute, little family.

  79. grecia

    I used to work at L'Occitane since 2008 for the holidays!! It is the besssst store! Definitely a splurge but I would totally speak on behalf of their products! Try their body oils!

  80. Glad to hear you can prevent stretch marks! My sister went 2 weeks past…hang in there.

  81. I hope you can sleep a bit before the baby comes and that the delivery goes smoothly!

  82. The only thing that kept the pain away during my last trimester was walking every. single. day… least a mile. I know it seems dreadful, but the more you walk, the faster that adorable baby will be in your arms and you can start the next chapter! Also, your husband contains the magic potion to set labor into motion!!!! :P

  83. I'm pregnant for the second time now, 23 weeks! My little sunshine is 16 month and gets big too fast, you will see that with your own baby.
    I'm afraid I have to say that no oil or something else prevent me from marks, I got a lot!
    But I was 10 days overdue at the end and my life saver was the biggest t-shirt I could find in my husbands closet, because my belly was that big!

    But good luck to you and I'm sure you will make it and will be a wonderful mom!
    By the way the baby shower looks so nice, badly we don't celerbrate the ariving of a baby in austria that much you do!

    Greetings from Vienna!

  84. intel

    l'occitane's certified organic pure shea butter – This product saved the day!! I recently had a head cold where I used about a box of lotion-added tissues each day. Even though the tissues contained lotion my nose was still very red and irritated. One night I decided to put the pure shea butter on my nose and, voila!, in the morning my nose was so much better. This stuff works wonders.

    Welcome to my blog at:

  85. Just found out I'm 4 weeks pregnant with my 2nd, so was great to catch this post! Will check out those products! :-) All the best for a happy & safe delivery!

  86. Just found out I'm 4 weeks pregnant with my 2nd, so was great to catch this post! Will check out those products! :-) All the best for a happy & safe delivery!

  87. Erin

    yay for no stretch marks!! make sure you put the shea butter on your sides too. I didn't have any stretch marks… until my due date passed. My baby came 2 weeks late and in those last 2 weeks I got a couple nasty stretch marks on each side. I think it's because I always buttered up my belly but didn't focus so much on my sides. So make sure to bring it around to the sides to prevent those late stretch marks! Best Wishes!!

  88. Maren

    I love this, I might bookmark it. Tell us more about the pregnancy! I want to be a mommy someday, I'm jealous. Will you do a post sometime soon about all the different parts of the pregnancy? I'd love to know what its been like, what you've been eating and doing and all that jazz. Love you guys, hope the bebe comes soon

  89. Great picks! And I know how you feel… my baby was 9 days late! Now that's she's here, I slather l'Occitane's mom & baby balm all over her little body to keep it from drying out in this mountain desert. It works better than anything else.

  90. rhiannon

    I am new to blogger, but i love your blog. And i just realized on this post that your hubby's name is Josh. My hubby's name is Josh too. :) I know it's a common name but… lol. I just had my bebe Cole Parker in June and I am happy to share my experiences. It is beyond words wonderful. I can't wait to see your little sweet bundle of joy.

    <3 Rhiannon

  91. Chessa!

    sabon is my all-time favorite and you picked my favorite scent too. I was a coco butter addict when I was pregnant.