1. Hopefully it's another happy birthday as well!

  2. Happy Birthday almost-daddy!! =)

  3. wish josh a very happy birthday for me. its my birthday as well. its a wonderful day to celebrate :)
    cant wait to see your little one!

  4. Renee B.

    So sweet!! Hope that baby comes soon! Happy weekend!! xoxo

  5. m.

    i hear you're giving him the most epic birthday gift in the form of a baby :)

  6. Heather

    Happy Birthday, what a wonderful bday gift for you! A baby :)

    And Wow! You're tummy is so tiny and so low. I am going to say boy… girls carry so much higher.

    Much love and good thoughts go out your way!

  7. In just a couple of days this man's life is going to change FOREVER. He is going to fall in love harder and deeper than he ever thought possible.

    When my son was about six months old (he's a year now) my mom asked everyone what their favorite day of their life was. My husband's answer? The day he met his son. He said he was terrified, but it ended up being the most wonderful fulfilling day of his life. I was delighted but not surprised that I had married such a wonderful man.

    From one mama to another, here's to a happy healthy baby. I was pregnant until 41 weeks and oh so miserable. Good luck!

    Side note: I just found your blog and LOVE it! How did I miss it? I've been reading Nichole Hill for ages, so I'm not sure how I didn't know about you?! Plus, I'm a Utah girl that adores the Beehive Tea Room. I've done quite a few blog posts about it too. :)

    Have a great day (hopefully soon) falling in love with that new bundle of joy.


  8. Hi Naomi! I just discovered your blog this morning and have been lost in it for several hours now :/ I CAN'T STOP! I am particularly fond of it because I was born and raised in D.C. and live here to this day. It is so fun to see your posts about Eastern Market and 2 Amy's and Baked and Wired and all the lovely little spots and parks and museums around my hometown…they are my favorite places to go TOO! I live in Clarendon right now (have you explored this area at all? Lots of cute little restaurants and a few vintage shops) but I'm dying to live on the Hill for the same reason you love it– the charm and quaintness of the colorful little town houses, the proximity of Eastern Market, and all that the nation's capitol has to offer right at your fingertips. I also share an irreplacable fondness in my heart for NYC, where most of my good friends live. I was just in Williambsburg last weekend, wandering Bedford and North 6th Ave, and eating at Juliette's and Fabians. How I love Brooklyn and Soho (Balthazaar is one of my fave spots!) and every square inch of that city. ANDDD I am obsesssssssssssed with Kingsley/all bulldogs and french bulldogs. I have pugs myself, so any dog with wrinkles and a scrunched nose has my heart. And I'm also a dancer!! So basically you're a girl after my own heart. I can't wait to keep reading and am so excited for the new addition to your family. I can't wait to see a picture of Kingsley snuggled up with his new brother/sister : ) Happy Birthday to Josh and congrats on the very-soon-to-come baby!!! I absolutely ADORE your style and blog and the things you share and say, and think you are so lovely.

  9. Rachel

    Very sweet! My husband's birthday was recently, too, and there's really nothing else to say than "I love you" is there?


  10. allie

    our husband's share the same birth date! awesome!

  11. Hope

    Happy Birthday to Josh!! :)

  12. Ashley

    Happy Birthday to Josh! Hope you guys had a fun weekend celebrating! =)

  13. kaley

    aw, it's my hubby's birthday as well! :) happy birthday to two awesome dudes!

  14. Jess

    Your husband has a great birthday! It's mine too! Happy birthday Josh!

  15. Happy Birthday to him! Yay Birthdays!

  16. carissa

    tell josh happy birthday! :) hopefully see you soon.

  17. Anna

    that growin' tum-tum is so stinkin' cute!!

  18. Happy Birthday to your husband! Aren't birthdays so fun? You look amazing in the picture below. I would NEVER guess you are 2 weeks over-due. I would be going crazy if I were you!

  19. hopefully he'll get a surprise birthday present…in the form of a baby. :) and that baby bump pic is the cutest yet.

  20. happy birthday josh! maybe babys arrival will be your birthday present!!

  21. Colleen

    Hang in there Naomi! That next little birthday is just around the corner!

  22. Happy birthday to Josh! I love reading about you and your family. Thanks for sharing your lives with me.

    And while I know nothing helps with the antsiness to get that baby here, maybe it will help a little to know that you are completely gorgeous, Naomi, 10 months pregnant.

  23. Gaby

    Happy birthday to your husband! Hope that baby makes an appearance soon!

  24. Meg

    happy birthday to josh! i hope you guys had a lot of birthday weekend fun :)

  25. Jennifer

    Happy Birthday to your wonderful hubby! I hope your little one's birthday will also be VEEERRRRY soon!

  26. Happy birthday Josh! Want to wish you guys all the best as you're about to enter this new chapter in life :)
    Can't wait to hear about your baby's birth!

    -Ali @ nothipenoughtoblog.blogspot.com

  27. Holly

    happy bday josh!!!

  28. dEJOISS

    Happy birthday to your husband.:))

  29. Liz

    Happy Birthday!!

    Naomi you look gorgeous and adorable and I am so excited for the two of you!

  30. happy birthday dear josh, happy birthday to yoU!

  31. carina

    Yes! So happy to hear that baby will finally be here. Best of luck!

  32. by r.

    adore this picture of your love! he looks like a little boy with his hair blowing up in back:)

  33. omigosh, just discovered your blog via the very random world of twitter. Happy birthday to your husband…can't believe you are about to be a mom! i will keep you in my thoughts!

    i am just in love with your blog and can't wait to read more and more! i've already lost myself here for a good 20 minutes!

    eek, such an exciting time for you!! can't wait to see if you have a boy or girl ;)


  34. LuliBags

    Wishing you all the best this week!!

  35. yah! happy birthday josh!!!! soon you'll be celebrating your own child's 1st day on earth too, so exciting. ♥

  36. In regards to your last post, I remember all of those feelings! Those 16 days seemed like an eternity and I had several meltdowns myself.
    The midwives told me that the meltdowns were probably a good sign it was soon. Once I decided that I was going to just let go and be happy with whatever his right time was, he came. Probably 3 days after that but he came, happy and healthy.
    Also, not big like some people act. I used to hear that my son would be giant since I went 16 days past. Not so! He was 8 lbs, a perfect size!!

    You're doing great!!!