girl or boy?

baby could come any day now!
do you think we’ll have a girl or a boy?
vote on the side bar!
and why do you think it’s a girl or a boy?
  1. Carly

    i'm thinking boy!
    {not sure why…i just do!}

  2. ahlin

    a girl to be a rockstar like you!

  3. DWJ

    Boy, you're carrying so low!

  4. Briel79

    I chose boy! I'm not sure why, just a feeling! :)

  5. geri e.

    boy boy boy! because those sunglasses are just that awesome.
    how exciting!!! good luck with everything. :)

  6. Sherry

    Boy…just feeling boy for some reason. Good luck. Enjoy every kick and contraction. You'll miss it and want to relive it over and over.

  7. Hope

    For some reason I think you guys are having a boy. I have no idea why I do. :)

  8. You were adorable then too!! I bet you never had an awkward stage you lucky thing!

    I say girl.

  9. I voted boy but only because so many ladies I know (or know of through the interwebs) have been having boys lately. Boy or girl, I wish you a healthy happy baby!

  10. Thinking boy. Not entirely sure why.

  11. Emily

    I'm thinking a boy!! Wishing you and Josh all the best – and a speedy, easy delivery!! Your blog is such a special place to visit and I can't wait for you to share stories of your darling baby and motherhood!!

  12. your eyes and josh's sunglasses have not changed ;]


  13. amanda

    ack! how exciting. you must be soooo ready to meet the little nugget. my vote is boy! i don't know why, though. either way…yayyyyy!

  14. Kelsi

    I hope it's a girl, because I want to see the precious little things you'll dress her in, but I think it's a boy. And I'm usually kinda psychic about these things. ;)

  15. Oddly enough, I'm thinking boy, too. Either way, congrats!

    xoxo Hannah

  16. Hmmm, what a fun question! :)

    I am going to go with a boy, hopefully I wasn't swayed by the other comments, but that was my first instinct, and I just get the boy feel when I look at your adorable pictures!

    Either way, he or she will be simply adorable and so lucky to have you both as parents!

    Break-A-Leg, as we say in showbiz and enjoy every moment…I know you will!

    Liesl :)

  17. Claire

    girl! you are so tiny and out in front. that's how i was and i had a girl. who knows, though! so excited for you.

  18. janeen

    most everyone i know wants a girl but all the pregnant girls i know are having boys… it seems everyone is having boys, girls are hard to come by… so i'm gonna go with that trend, boy boy boy! ;)

  19. becca

    boy! i have always thought that…either way, your boy or girl will be so precious!

  20. Leigh

    Boy — because everyone is having girls . . . Either way your baby is going to be BEAUTIFUL!

  21. Maddy

    I just have a feeling! and I haven't heard of anyone having a boy in awhile. :)

  22. I voted boy because you would make a great boy mommy! Can't explain it. It's what people are telling me too :)

  23. Neen

    I say girl because you're looking gorgeous. Whenever my friends have been pregnant and looked as pretty as you do, they've always had girls :)

    Apparently if you're having a boy the different hormones can mess with your skin and stuff which sometimes means people carrying boys don't look as gorgeous.

  24. Gyda

    A boy.

  25. jackiek

    i don't know why. but either way you are going to be an amazing mother and your child is going to be so blessed!

  26. i keep seeing a little josh running around when i picture you as a mommy! either way you'll make great parents.

  27. i keep seeing a little josh running around when i picture you as a mommy! either way you'll make great parents.

  28. Sarah

    I feel like you're going to have a boy! Either way, it'll be a beautiful bundle of joy for the two of you!

  29. Gyda

    Ok I know I said boy so that was my first feeling but thinking of my past I always guess wrong so I am telling you that a little princess is on her way. Happy New Year you are awsome .

  30. i voted girl mostly because i want you to have a little mini me to dress up…though i'm sure a mini josh would be just as fun :)

  31. Chanel

    this could be an old wives tale, haha, but here's what i've heard…

    -when the mama is ALL belly.
    (can't tell that she's pregnant when you see her from behind)
    -mama is glowing. skin and hair look great.
    – pregnancy symptoms are apparent, but very mild.

    this means you are having a boy.

    -when the mama has gained weight every where else besides her belly.
    -when mama's skin has turned on her.
    -mama is carrying baby very high, near the ribs.

    this means you are having a girl.

    i think you're having a boy! but i'll love my little nephew or niece either way. :)

  32. I hope you will have a girl but I think you will have a charming little boy. I just have a feeling.

  33. Colleen

    I say girl because you're not carrying that low. And because I want to see you dress her up!

  34. MellyB

    Please girl! Maybe just because you are so darn tiny and I hope that if I ever have a girl I won't carry house size.

    Or maybe because I'd love to see those little parisian dresses you wrote about.


    (Although personally, I'm currently a huge fan of little boys)

  35. Brooke

    I'm going to go with girl because you seem to be carrying high, and as the old wives tale goes, girls tend to be high and boys tend to be low. But you never know, I'm carrying really low and I'm having a girl!

  36. savy

    I just have a feeling it's a boy!

  37. Carolyn

    A boy, because I have two of them and they ROCK!!!

  38. I'm thinking boy! Can't wait to find out!

  39. Kristen

    I'm thinking boy, only because out of all the people I know they had a boy for their first child.

  40. I think boy— your husband would be the best of dad's either way, but I could see him having the father-son bond, but you still getting to dress him up in cute clothes. :)

  41. Ashley

    Boy! Because you craved pizza lot during your pregnancy and so did I with my son! ;)

  42. I'm going to say boy. Just by how you're carrying and my instincts. Although my tummy looked the same with all my kids, boy or girl so…who knows! Good luck! Can't wait to see the little guy…or girl! :)

  43. For a long time I was thinking boy, but I'm guessing GIRL! I feel like last year were boys and this year it's girls. But I guess we'll see! Hope everything goes well! Good luck!

  44. Alivia

    I see you two holding a baby boy…but I know how much fun you'd have dressing up a little lady, so all I'm going to say is that I hope you three are perfectly healthy & happy!

  45. kellynD

    I've got a hunch it's a boy. You're carrying really high and out front. It's gotta be a boy! I hope either way you have a healthy baby!

  46. You have a boy belly :-)

  47. Emma

    i imagine you having a boy then a little girl that he takes care of.

  48. I think it's a girl… at least I hope because I'm sure she will be dressed to perfection every day! Good luck with everything :)


  49. Karen

    You are definitely carrying as if you have a boy in there. We'll see though!

  50. Naomi I am seriously SO EXCITED for you and Josh! I cannot wait to receive the news that baby Davis is here! And I am dying to see what s/he looks like and their name!

    Everything about this is just fabulous!

    Love you girl! xo

  51. Ashley

    I'm thinking a boy. I can't wait to find out for sure though!! =)

  52. Boy oh boy! You're gonna have a boy! I'd say it's because you're carrying low.

  53. A boy! Because I hear girls make one gain more… and you look fabulous! Though I'd love to see little girls clothes on little rockstar… bet they'd be adorable!

  54. I am thinking a boy because everyone I know has had boys lately. Either way it will be a cute baby! I am so excited for you!

  55. Jill

    I'm guessing girl, because I carried the same way, and EVERYONE told me it was going to be a boy. I thought so too, but she is all girl and it has been so much fun.

  56. Jill

    also, I would love to hear the list of your baby name ideas sometime, if you ever want to post those. :)

  57. Lynn

    happiest new year wishes Naomi & Josh! i love this sweetest of polls and think it's pretty darn clever. i voted for a little baby girl, only because ever since you announced your pregnancy it's what i saw for you. i actually wouldn't be surprised if twins turned up either. many blessings over your moments before baby Davis arrives and afterwards too. i can't imagine the way you both must be feeling as the start of the new year begins. what a year it will be!!!! ♥

  58. I'm thinking girl because you are just so tiny! Either way – can't wait to see photos and find out! Good luck to you Naomi!

  59. I'm guessing boy!

  60. I'm thinking boy… I can just see you two having a boy first. [That's really funny… I feel like I know you, but I really don't.] I'm SO elated for you two! Hope everything goes well when it all actually happens!

  61. emily

    i agree with DWJ–your photos look like you've got a boy in there. either will be so much fun!

  62. JuneyB

    It's a girl. I'm omniscient… JOKE! But ya, it's a girl.

  63. Rudi

    Heee!! I'm getting so excited!!

    Good luck Naomi and Josh!! This is an exciting but scary time- I hope everything is above all healthy, healthy, healthy!!!

    love, rudi

  64. Rudi

    Heee!! I'm getting so excited!!

    Good luck Naomi and Josh!! This is an exciting but scary time- I hope everything is above all healthy, healthy, healthy!!!

    love, rudi

  65. Mallory

    I'm thinking that you will have a little boy :)

    I'm not sure why, maybe it's cause I can tell through my sixth sense.

  66. Rachel

    Hm, I say girl. Either way, though, it's going to be one darn cute baby :)

  67. Corinna

    i vote boy! funny how we feel that way for no reason. it just seems that God would give you a boy to start out with, I have a feeling they're a little easier!

  68. according to mexican moms, the shape of the belly can tell if it's a boy or a girl (a boy is a smaller and pointed belly, when a girl is a wider belly). so i think it's a boy!!

  69. I hope it's a girl :)

  70. Jessica

    i think it's a boy, but i wish you could have a girl, to dress her up pretty :)

  71. Asty

    I chose girl so you won't be the only girl in your little family hehe and you can play dress up your baby girl too :D

  72. I'm going to guess a boy because you're carrying all in the front like a ball. they say you carry wider when it's a girl…but who knows! so excited to find out!

  73. Elise


  74. OH I can't wait for you guys!! I have a feeling its a girl.. not sure why, just is. Either way, she/he is going to be adorable! Love those pics! You're looking just beautiful as ever. Cutest pregnant lady EVER!! serious.

  75. A girl! How exciting. I hope your delivery goes smoothly. May you enjoy your sweet precious baby!
    Happy pushing!

  76. barrel

    I say girl because my gut feelings are usually more then just "gut feelings":). Congratulations!

  77. Jessica

    I say boy! He or she is going to be darling either way! Can't wait for your little one to be here, I remember being this pregnant and then bringing our son home (two years ago now!) It goes by sooo fast! Cherish every second and try to take it all in!
    Congrats Guys!

  78. the votes are so close!!!!

  79. it seems as if you're carrying your baby high.. it my experience that's always a girl!! And you're not sticking out too far, that's another girl one.. anyways.. good luck!
    (I'm hoping for a girl for myself.. due in august.. the clothes just seem more fun!)

  80. Jay

    I'm guessing a girl, because there seems to be a lot of "that" going on these days ;) Best wishes from Norway

  81. julia

    I say 'girl'.I dream you with a lovely little girl.

    Both of you were very cute children.never changed.

  82. Sara

    Although I would love to see your little girl all dress up, I keep thinking that you are going to keep on saying "my boys"!

  83. I voted – ooh it's close! Definitely a girl :)


  84. judging from the shape of your tummy and how low you are carrying…

  85. haha! i keep looking forward to a cute post from you with a picture of baby davis! i just have a feeling it'll be a girl. probably because we see so much of *you* through this blog so i can't see anything but you and a cute, sweet little girl:) best of luck through the pregnancy!

  86. I love that it was 50-50 when I voted.

  87. I think its a girl and i generally guess right most of the time! I can't wait to see if I'm right or not!


  88. catzie

    For some reason I just picture you both with a boy! Either way, I'm sure you'll both be great parents!


  89. BOY!! Totally think it's a boy because your Dr. has known for a long time what you're having. It's more…um…obvious with boy parts;) Either way, going to be the CUTEST kid! Congrats. Can't wait to "meet" the little guy/gal!

  90. lynette

    i think it's a boy because you seem to be all in front like a lil beach ball :)

  91. I voted girl! I don't really have a good reason other than that it seems like it is?

  92. nicole

    I voted girl. Either way, she or he will be precious. Good luck – cheers to a rockstar labor & delivery! Can't wait to meet the new addition! xoxo.

  93. Alex

    Girl!!! Then shell have such a great mom to look up too! best wishes on the birth.

  94. Kendra

    My gut says boy, I can just see it. But either would be a beautiful addition to your family!

    Best of luck.