girl or boy?

baby could come any day now!
do you think we’ll have a girl or a boy?
vote on the side bar!
and why do you think it’s a girl or a boy?
  1. i think boy. i don't know why. just a feeling. but secretly i hope it's a girl. but mostly i hope it's the most healthy child !

  2. April

    I'm thinking boy. Either way that baby will be lucky to have such caring and creative parents! Sending my best!

  3. boy…just an inkling. :)

  4. bethani

    i'm thinking boy…you're carrying so so low & its just a feeling..

    but either way, they will be entering an amazing family with rockstars as parents. ♥

  5. Ashley

    Your baby pictures still look like you two! I'm lovin' it! Maybe you'll have surprise twins and get both! Ohhhh ya! :)

  6. Rachel

    I have a feeling it's going to be a boy too, but whatever the gender you two are going to be awesome parents! :D

  7. i think it will be a boy. i'm not sure why, but that is my strong belief! :)

  8. Melany

    a girl! because i'm selfish and want to see the uber cute things you would put her in. i'm so amazed that you've held out to find out what the gender is. i'm only 8 weeks along with my second and i'm chomping at the bit until that 20 week appt! good luck with the last few days!

  9. i said boy because they are so much fun! but this time i'm hoping for a girl..

  10. I'm thinking boy because of the ways in which you 1. would be challenged (being a girly girl yourself) and 2. would overcome those challenges and raise your son to be an individual (Somehow I think it's more challenging for men to remain steadfast in their individuality.) You're husband has done (from what I see on your blog) an awesome job maintaining his individuality!

    *Either will be EXACTLY who you are meant to have! Cheers!
    *I've got my fingers crossed you have a girl though…

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  12. Shiloh

    I am prego with my second and we got a girl vibe, so girls are on the mind. That is likely why I think that. Good luck lady! The waiting game is the longest part but before you know it, it will be over and your life will change forever and you will love that it did.

  13. girl! you have such great fashion sense in dresses and tights to not have a little girl to dress.

  14. Girl! Because every baby should be a girl ;)

  15. Whitney

    Ah! I'm terrible at guessing! I believe I said girl earlier though.
    I just don't know!

  16. Whitney

    Ah! I'm terrible at guessing! I believe I said girl earlier though.
    I just don't know!

  17. Vanessa

    Boy! You look too fabulous to be having a girl, according to the ol' wives tales! :) And I think he's coming in the next 24 hours.

  18. i don't know why, but i'm thinking it's a boy! i've read your blog every day for the last 6 months and i can't wait to read all about your new baby adventures! happy new year naomi and josh!

  19. julia

    mom said boy when she saw your belly.She wants to see your photos.And,she is pretty sure.
    but I say girl.

    love from Turkei.

  20. No idea but if it looks ANYTHING like either of those adorable kids you will have a CUTIE PIE. :)

  21. Helena

    Hi Naomi,

    just a quick note to say I love your blog and I can't wait to see little baby, I'm sure he or she will be a total star! Just wondering if you're taking sponsors for this month and if so what are the prices?



  22. JessLa

    I'm thinking little girl… your face hasn't changed much and when there are shots from your back side, you can't even tell you're pregnant. Signs of a girlie girl :)

  23. Hailey

    i don't know why, but i think it's going to be a boy.
    ahh, too exciting. (: good luck!

  24. Brooke

    I say boy. I think it's because you're carrying low and you're just a cute little belly.

  25. Sierra

    Its definitely a girl!

  26. Boy! I have a feeling…

    We are all so excited to see the new little rockstar!

  27. I'm not sure but I could just imagine you dressing either a cute little boy or girl completely adorable and cannot wait to see!

  28. Marine

    I choose a girl ! But it doesn't really matter, he/she's going to be a beautiful baby! It's great to keep the surprise ;)

  29. Kara

    I love this blog. Do you have a button I can add to mine?

  30. Boy! Because they say girls take away your beauty during pregnancy and you are looking super radiant! There's no way you've got a girlie bun in that oven!

  31. I had been itching to leave the states for awhile and when I saw you were going to France, I was inspired. I convinced my boyfriend to take off for Paris with me for two months in September. I was then showing him photos of baby clothes from the blog and he told me to not get any more good ideas from you!
    hah. I'll just be happy for you and your pregnancy for now. You are the most beautiful momma to be and I can just tell once he or shes graces the world with his or her presence, it will be the luckiest child around =)
    I'm thinking…. it'll be a girl.

  32. Crystal

    Wow! The votes have been 1% off since the poll started! =)

    I voted girl. Mostly because I'm really hoping its a girl lol. With your gorgeous style, I could only IMAGINE pretty dresses and cute accessories!

    …but a boy would be super cute too! =)

    ♥ Crystal

  33. girrl…either way hope it is a healthy and wonderful baby for you. praying for the birth!

  34. I think you're having a boy…I don't know why but when you posted about being pregnant I pictured you with a baby boy. Either way you are so blessed and I know your baby is going to be adorable and have such great parents.

  35. I think you're having a boy…I don't know why but when you posted about being pregnant I pictured you with a baby boy. Either way you are so blessed and I know your baby is going to be adorable and have such great parents.

  36. Katyha

    I definately think it is a boy. I got all these marks on my face when pregnant with my daughter but you look wonderful. My fingers are crossed that it all goes smoothly, it is a super exciting time isn't it? can't wait to see your bundle of joy

  37. I'm just impressed you were able to not find out with this being your first! Bravo.

  38. beatrice

    boy! i just… have a feeling. and i always trust my instincts because… they're good =)

  39. You are the most beautiful pregnant woman. I hope I'm as glowing as you as you one day!
    I vote a boy!

  40. Boy!

    Boys are soo much fun you'd love it. But a girl oh my gosh i'd die if I had a girl!!

    I'd go bankrupt for sure.

  41. i think girl because you have kept a beautiful glow throughout the pregnancy photos.

  42. Jess

    love the childhood photos!

  43. Monica

    Boy! It's fun to have a little sidekick around that reminds you of husband!

  44. Britti

    Boy :) Because nothing in the world is greater than a big brother.
    But either way, I believe your baby will be the cutest the world has ever seen :) All the best!!

  45. haha only you could do something like that :) I say boy! you're radiant by the way!!

  46. amanda

    i heard on the radio recently that if you eat a lot of potatoes (or other foods high in potassium) it ups your chances of having a boy. it seems like you love your burgers and french fries so i'm guessing it's a boy!!!

  47. Haley K

    i voted boy :) I can't wait to hear what you guys have!

    PS – i'll go with Amanda's reasoning :) [comment above mine]

  48. Maren

    I am not sure, maybe girl? (I'm biased, I want you to have the sweetest little girl in the world). By the way Naomi, have you seen Black Swan!?

  49. Girl OR boy, either way, it'll be presh. Mostly though, I wanted to remark on the fact that you look like a tiny, toddler version of Jackie Onassis in this picture. I think it's the eyes.

  50. my girl is born into me. Whether such a beautiful and lovely mother.

    p.s. I hope that baby of mine would be

  51. L0

    first I voted for girl, then changed into a boy.. You have a post with picture of little shoes. i guess those are soooooo rockstar-boy's shoes.

  52. i think it´s going to be a girl. i don´t know why.. but i think that there are so many cute and beautiful things for girls…
    but i think it doesn´t matter if it´s a boy or a girl… the main point is, that it´s healthy. :)
    have a blessed week!
    xoxo, pin lady <3

  53. claire

    Boy. The way you're carrying.

  54. you looked like a tiny little Jackie O! sooo cute!

  55. Chessa!

    ohmygoodness! congratulations! clearly I have been away from here for WAY TOO LONG. I'm a new mama too so my focus has been elsewhere. I am thrilled for you both. yay!

  56. i think it's a girl. :o) there's a certain look the carrier has when it's a girl…tis hard to explain, but whatever the sex of the child is, much blessings and love to you and your beautiful family of soon-to-be-four. cheers!

  57. Oh*my*gosh! Your little bangs are killing me! I can't wait until my daughter's hair can do that. I'm thinking girl : )
    Praying for an easy delivery for you!

  58. A boy I think. Pregnancy suits you! I have just become an aunt for the first time to a gorgeous little girl and little boy. My brother is quite the doting father. Babies bring such joy!!!