1. I love Johnny Rockets! It always tastes the same whether it's here in Toronto or in the States somewhere.
    You look beautiful and glowing too! I hope baby comes soon!

  2. Yum is all I have to say!
    and….ice cream makes the waiting game easier! :)


  3. ByProxy

    I think the waiting is over? And hope it went well with the little rockstarbaby:) What do you think?

  4. nidia

    i feel so much love in your blog! i love it! your family is so beautiful, and i hope your baby come happy, healthy and beautiful like their parents. :P
    I'm from mexico, and you guys inspire me so much to be a happy and full of love person. Thank you so much for your pictures and your autenticity.

  5. carina

    Does the radio silence mean that the junior rockstar is here?:-)


  6. aly goo

    I think Carina is right… I feel as though the rockstar babe is here!

  7. Beautiful photos! I love your style – it feels very vintage to me. :)

  8. Brit

    Baby time!

  9. stef

    awww i guess your baby is here, maybe?
    so fine. so excited to hear baby davis' name :D

  10. They all come when they're ready. Mine are all over by 2-4 weeks (my last baby was born at 44 weeks, and she was 7 1/2 pounds), and I've just learned to not think too much about it until it's 42 weeks at least :)

    Get as much sleep as you can now. It's when I decide to stay up late, watching a movie, that I end up going into labor. . .

    your world will change completely. Enjoy it all.

  11. Sarah

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  12. You're like the prettiest pregnant person I have ever seen. I told my Mom about "this blog I read and the girl is 40 weeks pregnant and that's craaaaziness" and she said, "you kept your little ass in there for 40 weeks. you've always been a stubborn little girl." haha. but if you ask me, that just means 'little baby' is going to be THAT MUCH better! ;)
    happy delivery wishes! peace&love;


  13. VLS

    I am an American living in Paris and experiencing all sorts of close friends' pregnancies here. The French pregnancy calendar allows for 42 weeks of gestation, instead of the American 40. This means that ladies here don't get all worked up for another 15 days! It also means that the majority of babes are born before or on their due dates.
    Ton petit bébé va montrer son nez quand il en est prêt. Il sera tout magnifique, comme ses parents.
    Courage, Naomi!

  14. in Ireland we have Eddie Rockets over here, I promise it's 5 times better than Johhny's, which I love as well!!

  15. Hope your baby comes soon! Also, thanks for posting all of your food adventures. I'm planning a trip to NYC (never been) and I went through all of your NYC posts looking for the best places to eat! We will be trying out the Shake Shack and Stand burger!

  16. I came over from salon.com. I find two things about your blog very interesting. How do all the skinny girls eat so much crappy stuff and stay skinny? And I have been reading natalie hill's blog for a long time and it was funny to put the two together that you guys were friends when seeing the photo of your dogs together. I knew without even reading the caption that it was her dog. ROFL ONly in the Mormon world.

  17. I'm sorry you're tired and moody, waiting for your darling to come. I hope he/she arrives soon, and that she/he is in very good health.

    In the mean time, eat cupcakes. They make the world a better place.

    And keep looking beautiful and so cute.

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  18. i've never been pregnant, but I'm pretty sure I want to look like this when I do.

  19. YUM! That's all I have to say!

  20. jlc

    I'm praying I have a pregnancy like yours!