1. What a cutie pie!

  2. Hope

    How cute! :)

  3. Maddy

    hahahah does he do this on command?! that's awesome!

  4. Jessica

    Supa cute!

  5. My dog does this too! Now getting him to do it on command is another thing entirely… nicely done, K-dog.

  6. Ms. H

    That is soooo adorable!! Oh Kingsley =)

  7. Hahaha. This is so hilarious. Kingsley, I think you've won a few more hearts :)

  8. Kristen

    haha, this is cute. i love it!

  9. What a charming young man ;)

  10. I just wanted to say, that every time your blog pops up in my reader with a new post, I clicke to it first, hoping to see a birth announcement. I am so so so excited for you, and excited to meet this little one! Parenthood is more amazing than anyone can ever describe, and you two will be wonderful.

  11. kingsley posts are my fave, he is so, so cute! :)

  12. Oh my goodness! This just melted my little heart!

  13. Haley K

    HA! nice work Kingsley ;)

  14. Oh my goodness he is just irresistible! Love the Kingsley posts.

  15. Lacey

    cutest post ever.

  16. Allison

    hahahaha that's awesome!

  17. Good job, Kingsley!! ;)

  18. -Tess-

    cuteness !

  19. Mece

    Oh how I wish i had a dog:(

    One day, one day…

  20. Sarah

    just when you think he can't get any cuter…he does!

  21. Rachel

    oh my precious. that is awesome!

  22. Caralee

    Priceless! It must be a bulldog thing, my little man winks and wiggles his ears.

  23. What a Cute-eee Patoo-tee!

  24. Cindy

    Adorable! I gotta teach that to my dog Benji (:

  25. Beli

    hahahha sooo cute. like a grumpy old man.

  26. You probably poked him in the eye. That's what i am betting on.

  27. You probably poked him in the eye. That's what i am betting on.

  28. i think im in love with kingsley!! what a cutie! :)


  29. Hee hee! My friend's cat can wink, but it's a warning that he's plotting some mischevious scheme he knows fine well he's not supposed to do.

  30. Hahaha.. I have a 1 year old british bulldog, name Tyson, He also likes to wink hehehe…

  31. Adorable! I love him!

  32. thea

    that is just plain AWESOMENESS right there… love it!



  33. Fran

    So Cute!!!!

  34. Naurnie

    this cracks me UP because about a year ago, my husband tried to teach our dog how to wink. he would say 'wink' and then blow in the dog's eye. let's just say this never worked…

  35. Laura

    he's so adorable! :)

  36. hahaha kingsley you rock. teach that to the baby and you'll have my heart:)

  37. amen kingsley…i know ZERO winking bulldogs! you little stud ;)

  38. bethani

    i love him more and more everyday.. i wish my cats could do something cool.. but nope.

  39. I just love that Kingsley! I have been following since you first brought that sweet puppy home. Love to check in on your fun family! I also enjoy reading about when you all go out to eat or visit other shops. We love the DC area and visit often with our children.
    We usually stay at the Hotel Monaco in Old Town. BTW… The costco story is too funny.

    **Can't wait for the baby!!!

    (I'm not far from you….Richmond. I wonder if we will get that snow on Tues??? Hmmmm.)



  40. Holy crap! That is amazing! I have never seen a winking dog, ever… maybe I could find it on YouTube or somewhere that features noting but funny behaviors of pets, but not from a "real person".

    So cute.

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  41. aw kingsley you slay me…too cute.

  42. Alison

    my little heart just went pitter-patter <3

  43. Favorite.Dog.Ever :)

  44. DJ

    Ohh, so cute! Our little pitbull mix winks – friends always ask him if he's flirting with them!

  45. Rachel

    So i read your blog and have for a while! but I just randomly got the magazine The Nest in the mail… I'm not sure how or why… But is that you and your hubby in the magazine? on Page 18 and 19?? I saw the article and said "I KNOW THEM!" haha.

  46. Shorty

    Wow! I wonder if my dog can wink?

  47. Helen

    My dogs winks too! Not on demand but I think it's just when he gets something in his eye haha.

  48. Adorable! My kitty winks sometimes, too.

  49. hiLda

    Hands down cutes dog ever!!!!

  50. oh kingsley how smart you are!

  51. aaren

    oh so cute ,my dog prefers tricks he can do laying down as well! :)

  52. aaren

    oh so cute ,my dog prefers tricks he can do laying down as well! :)

  53. Adorable.

    So, I'm pretty your baby has to be one of the most anticipated of the year. I'm predicting you have (him) on Sunday afternoon. :)

  54. kingsley is such a talented dog!

  55. Jennifer

    If I didn't know any better, I'd think that second shot was Photoshopped–but I know Kingsley is royally talented! He is so going to entertain your little one.

  56. Awhhh adorable! x

  57. I love the Kingsley posts! Such a cutie! I do have a question for him (or his parents). My boyfriend and I have a frenchie, and I notice that Kingley's wrinkles are so clean! I noticed in the FAQ that you wipe his folds daily, and I was just wondering what wipes you used?

    Do you use any other dog products for the bulldog breed that you've found to be very helpful in keeping them healthy and pretty?

    Thanks so much!

  58. BSJ

    love it! love dogs! they are so full of character!

  59. nova

    Awzers! I have a bulldog too…I have to teach him that trick

  60. Caty

    That is TOO stinkin' cute!

  61. Kelly

    Sooooo adorable!