a costco run turns into a cheap dinner date.

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that’s how much dinner cost us last night
for 2 hot dogs & 2 20 oz. sodas (+ 2 free refills) at costco.
sometimes i can’t believe how much i love that place.
so much so, i’m willing to buy things in stock for the rockstar deal
even if it means having to creatively store 30 rolls of toilet paper
all over my teeny tiny bedroom. seriously.
to transport/ store our costco goodies.
we may only have one closet,
but we’ve got a car trunk that acts like a second!
i think this means we’re moving up in the world…
slowly, but surely! :)
  1. Oh we don't have a costco in Australia..that i know of. sounds like a strange and giant magical place. Do cheap ikea hot dogs count for good value?

    Bright Green Laces

  2. Jay

    still holding onto that bun of your then? ;)

  3. this made me laughing so hard and happy, as I always feared being the only "freak" doing such things. happy new year from berlin!

  4. Julia

    Costco pizza and hot dogs are the best!! Although the hot dogs might be in competition with street dogs in Toronto…

  5. Julia

    Costco pizza and hot dogs are the best!! Although the hot dogs might be in competition with street dogs in Toronto..

    I wish there were decent hot dogs in China!

  6. Julia

    Costco pizza and hot dogs are the best!! Although the hot dogs might be in competition with street dogs in Toronto..

    I wish there were decent hot dogs in China!

  7. I love Costco so much, my favorite ring is from there!!

    jealous that we dont have one in little Jersey


  8. Helen

    I love costco! I love the chicken & bacon roll things that they do hmmm. And the frozen yoghurt.

  9. Jenny

    ahh! I love those places. One of my parent's hobbies is just walking around and looking at the slightly stragne stuff. Have you even been to Sam's?

  10. costco, be still my heart! gotta love their ginormous pizzas and double family size containers of hummus! i'm also convinced you and your husband are their cutest customers ever!

  11. Laurie

    That picture of your husband flashing a gang sign is one of the dorkiest, most adorable things I've ever seen.

  12. Ivy

    My husband and I have gotten lunch after church there before – sooo cheap, and actually good!

  13. Sherry

    You know you are in love when even an evening at Costco is a fun night. Btw, our first apartment was so small, we stored our suitcases and our tiny grill in the trunk of the car. We called it "the attic".

  14. that is amazing, you look adorable and that little beetle trunk is TINY!

  15. Maddy

    We do the exact same thing! We always fall for their perfect deals on things and hide food and toilet paper, etc. all over the house haha.. but it's so worth it! And their food is amazing, we usually get pizza slices and froyo (so good!) We actually got a Sam's Club membership because we moved to a town that only had that and now we've moved back to a Costco town and I'm going to call and try to cancel our Sam's membership.. I just love Costco that much! haha

  16. @laurie, haha! i know. he was trying to make a $3 sign with his fingers and it totally looks like a gang sign. i love him.


  17. Kait

    I hear ya about creative storage! Is the Costco really busy at night? We usually go on weekends but it seems smarter to go during the week if it's not as crazy. Especially with a cheap dinner like that! :)

  18. amber

    agreed! costo is the greatest, glad we finally got one where i live! you just can't beat a date for $3.27 :)

  19. Cedar

    It may be early morning here, but the thought of eating at Costco right now sounds absolutely amazing! I'll blame it on the pregnancy hormones…. :)

  20. Lauren

    Love the pictures!
    Costco is the best. Nothing beats a $3.27 dinner for two, or three in your case! It helps that they have awesome hot dogs. :)

  21. Gato

    I Know what you mean! I wish we had a linen closet! I dream of a day when I don't have to store clean towels in plastic bags under the bed.

  22. how fun is this! i love your dinner-pics with you and your husband. you both look so happy and goofy!!

    love your hat, girl!

  23. Which Costco membership do you have? My husband and I are thinking about joining, too.

  24. Ashley

    haaaa….thats where we have daddy-daughter dates. So fantastic :)

  25. my hubby and i always do a costco dinner date on friday nights after work…it's so cheap it's practically FREE!

  26. SarahAnn

    I have always wanted one of those Costco hot dogs. We have to go there this week to stock up, so maybe I'll give into my preggo craving and get one.

    But these are the best dates. My husband HATES when I do any grocery shopping without him because he thinks it's so fun for us to go together. :)

  27. SarahAnn

    I have always wanted one of those Costco hot dogs. We have to go there this week to stock up, so maybe I'll give into my preggo craving and get one.

    But these are the best dates. My husband HATES when I do any grocery shopping without him because he thinks it's so fun for us to go together. :)

  28. YES! LOVE costco dinner dates. and costco. i just wanna buy everything when I get in there

  29. Shann

    Costco rocks. I TRY to convince myself to get the hot dog (mostly to get the soda) but I always get the pizza.

  30. McCrazys

    We love to have the Costco dogs too. We call it eating at "Exit."

    "Hey kids, do you want to go eat at Exit?"

    All of the sudden three kids are jumping up and down shrieking, "Hot dogs! Hot dogs! Exit! Exit!"

  31. I love this. The other night it was mine and husbands Saturday date night and we were contemplating where to eat… I -the pregnant one- had been thinking about Costco pizza for days, don't ask me why. So I suggested we go there for a quick bite. He looked at me like I had a third eye and turned it down. We went for Mexican instead but that Costco pizza is still on my mind! :)

  32. leann

    random question not about hot dogs —
    your engagement ring looks almost identical to mine. do you wear a wedding band with it? if so, would you share what it looks like? i'm getting married in april and having trouble finding something i like to go with my ring.
    1,000 thank yous!

  33. Chelsea

    yum, now i want a hot dog too!

  34. Tanwon

    Costco is amazing. They sell everything – even coffins! I hear you on the storage thing, my bubsy and I currently use our trunk as storage too. I may even use our broken dryer to store toilet paper rolls.

  35. oh man.

    we love cheap.
    ikea breakfast is our favorite. 3 bucks a person for the works {sweedish pancakes?! yes please.}

    i'm laughing at the use of your trunk space as a second closet. i totally get that! we've got our whole lives in our cars, because we live in a studio apartment. glad to know i'm not the only one! ;)

  36. PJ

    I kinda love that you are eating a Costco hot dog while pregnant. I thought those were on the "do not touch with a 10 foot pole list" for pregnant women — at least according to my completely neurotic pregnant friends!

    I also love how you and your husband take photos of yourselves anywhere and everywhere! I think I'd be too shy to whip out my DSLR at Costco.

  37. MellyB

    Jared and I go on Costco sample dates all the time. Nothing more filling than a bite size cheese, a plastic cup of pasta and some chocolate covered raisens. Yay for Costco!

  38. eralon

    Yeah, my husband actively opposes me eating hot dogs while I'm pregnant.

  39. I've been craving hot dogs through out my whole pregnancy.. I'm have 7wks left and I want one sooo bad, the doctor told me I shouldn't have them during pregnancy though. Weird.

    Anywhoo, I love your outfit by the way.

    Big dinosaur hugs,
    Sisilia – http://twonerdsinapod.blogspot.com

  40. Haley K

    3.27 is my kinda bill ;) And free refills, holla! ;) Glad you guys had a fun/romantic trip to costco :)

    PS – shopping is always better with a sidekick (aka husband) isn't it?…And soon you'll always have a shopping buddy! You're going to LOVE shopping with your little one…I know people will oooo and aaahh over his or her cuteness :)

  41. Don't you love fun trips and things that are "blog worthy" that don't cost a lot of money?

    Experiences over things.

    And yummy food versus fancy food!


    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  42. Oh, I do love Costco too, so much that I will buy two giant jars of kalamata olives and a ten pound bag of carrots (only for two people!) because they were such a good deal. But I am a bit tired of carrot soup!

  43. Haha we are the SAME way! Going to CostCo is a big deal for us because it takes quite a while to get there. We also have very little storage space for all the food and supplies we bring back and it takes a lot of creative thinking where to store it all!

  44. Faith

    $3.27?! Another reason to love CostCo. And hot dogs.

  45. Yay! I love Costco…and they actually have really great food!

  46. Oh I am with you on the steal of a deal meal over there at the food court at Costco! LoVe those hot dogs! And just yesterday when I was in my spare bathroom, I looked at the shower that no one uses and thought it would be a great place to keep all those huge packages of toilet paper and paper towels from Costco!!! :)

  47. ikea also has really good and cheap food! my roommates and I like to go there sometimes :)

  48. hana

    My husband and I always end up grabbing dinner when we go shopping at Costco! Can't help it, pizza and hotdogs at their cheapest but still so delicious!

  49. Costco is the love of my life. –Cori

  50. nova

    I live right across the street from Costco. Isn't it wonderful?

  51. looove Costco and their cheap food…and it's actually really delicious! but every time we go there we spend a minimum of $200 and have to strategically find storage space in our apartment for everything…tetris style.

  52. Sarita

    1. Your blog is the first I check in my Google Reader to see if you've had your sure to be adorable baby yet!

    2. When we lived in Iowa, my husband and I would have cheap dinner dates at Sam's Club all the time! It's awesome!

  53. liz

    oh and those are tasty too! i hear you on the toilet paper, haha!

  54. @leann, congrats on your upcoming marriage! i have a thin and simple white gold wedding band which i wear on my other hand. sometimes i just wear the little band and not my engagement ring, too, as i'm not a big jewelry girl. hope you find something you like!

  55. Alexia

    Speaking of rings – I can't believe you're still wearing yours! That's so great! I know SO many ladies who can't wear theirs toward the end of their pregnancy. I guess you haven't gained very much weight :)

  56. Everytime I go to Costco, I think of the Modern Family line, "I'm like Costco. I'm big, not too fancy, and I dare you not to love me!"

    And of course, hooray for cheap rockstar dates! :)

  57. Melina

    You guys are so adorable!! What a great little date too. Costco is so great for everything!


    .but i like it.

  58. Crystal

    It's so hard to resist Costco food when we go shopping. Even if I just need to get one item from the store. You can just SMELL the food the minute you get out of the car!

    …kind of like In N Out haha

  59. Miyan

    love costco and all of the great discounts it has to offer. and agreed, it is really hard to beat a dinner date that costs less than a salad at most restuarants!



  60. i just found your blog and I am totally in love with it :) not to mention you both have epic photography skills!

    love me some costco – i always go for their fro yo!

  61. A&L

    My gosh I am all about Costco dates! We love the pizza. So bad for you but sooooo good.

    Also that checked shirt is darling!

  62. I <3 Costco!! Well done :)

  63. love it! how cute because I can totally relate about the dinner date – bill and the love of costco.

  64. Shawna

    Oh my gosh, now I feel like I need to go to Costco for dinner tonight. Costco, Gap, and Target are my favorite stores!

  65. Just rediscovered you today and feel SO inspired by this lovely place! Eager for you guys as you get closer and closer to meeting your sweet baby!

    I plan on returning regularly!

  66. Wow! Nice cheap date! :D

  67. I SO wish we had a Costco here in Sydney. One coming soon I think! I want a hotdog too!

  68. Lauren

    Are you having a baby right now?! I keep looking for an update, and you haven't posted for a little bit, so my fingers are crossed that you are! :)

  69. Costco dinner dates rock. But when I was pregnant my heart burn was so insane I opted for the yogurt twist. Good luck the next few weeks…hoping and praying your little one arrives soon and safely!

  70. Deanna

    That is extraordinarily adorable! You and your husband are constantly giving me hope that all the insane adolescent teenage boys in my life will somehow manage to someday grow into good husbands. ;P

    <3 Deanna

  71. Ivy

    If you haven't posted today, does that mean you're having the baby?!

  72. Ayley

    you two are the cutest little things i have seen. goodgollygosh!

  73. What a cute couple you are!

  74. ~L~

    Wow this was our exact date last night as well.

  75. I go to Costco every other week, and I always plane my trip around a meal so that I can get myself a hot dog and a diet coke.

  76. Costco is such a blessing in every life. :)

  77. What a great, cheap date!

  78. Regan

    Thats the costco i go to!!

  79. My little sister and I love the costco hotdog run. Especially on free sample day (warehouse section)… it's the dessert for our cheap-o meal.

  80. i've totally been hankering for a costco hot dog! this was our cheap date when we were first married and broke :).

  81. Becky H.

    Costco IS pretty darn amazing! I love shopping there.

  82. I was in Sam's the other day and it made me realize how much more I love Costco..
    Whose got the best hot dogs?? Team Costco! ;)


  83. Your outfit looks amazing, love the colours! x

  84. Kristin

    We do Costco dates like that too! Glad we're not the only ones.