a car seat, a car seat! now, show yourself baby!

yesterday, we finally installed the car seat into the back of our car. we’d learned at our birthing class months earlier that it’s a good idea to have that thing ready to go 5 weeks before your due date… but a combination of laziness and other things i can’t remember exactly led to it sitting in a box just inside our front door until yesterday.
but it’s in the car now (thanks, josh!), which i guess means everything is “officially ready” for this baby who is already driving his or her mama insane! there is only so much waiting i can do, baby. i’ve already eaten all of josh’s hospital treats out of our hospital bag and i feel like i can’t go buy more because i’ll just eat them before we even get there!
anyway, if you’re pregnant and wanting some advice, count your pregnancy all the way to 42 weeks from the beginning… you will just drive yourself nutty if you count it to 40 and nothing happens. (then, if your baby does come at 40 weeks –lucky you!–, it will be a blessed surprise!) considering that i was 2 weeks late coming into this world, i should have known better than to get my hopes up for an on-time baby.
  1. which car seat did you purchase? curious! :)

  2. My first was exactly a week late, so this time around, I'm not buying the whole "Baby can come any time after 37 weeks!" At almost 31 weeks I'm telling myself I have at least ten more to go!

    He/she will be here before you know it, AND this waiting game won't seem so bad after you are holding them ;]

  3. aw can't wait for baby davis to be here!

  4. Kait

    Yay! Let that baby know you're really ready now!!!

  5. I was two weeks late too! Oh we have so much in common!

  6. You've come so far, you've GOT THIS!

  7. i was 2 weeks late, too! i bet this photo will be one you'll look back on, though, and cherish this pre-baby season :)

  8. emma

    I was three weeks early. Good luck with the waiting!

  9. I was 2 weeks late as well. My midwife said in France they count on 41 weeks as standard. Probably makes sense!

  10. oh emma

    i'm so excited for this baby haha! bet its going to be beautiful like its mumma :)

    emma xo

  11. aw! baby will come soon! good luck, xo!

  12. I just discovered your blog! I was where you are now just six month ago! I'm also LDS, good luck mama!

  13. Bethany

    good luck you guys!

  14. i was a week late. my stomach was so big i just started doing odd things like seeing how long i could balance something on it or see who would give me a present if i complained enough. xx

  15. I keep checking twitter to see if baby has arrived!!! I am so excited for you!

  16. Liz

    aw I can't even imagine the anticipation you're feeling! every time I see a new blog post from you I get excited and thing you're introducing baby. It will happen soon enough!! hoping he/she comes very soon :)

  17. Jenna

    So refreshing to see a woman waiting for baby to decide to come instead of the other way around. I vividly remember the walking and walking and walking I did at 40 weeks to try to get things started.

    I check daily to see if you've had that baby of yours yet. I'm sending labor inducing thoughts your way!

  18. Jr. Mint

    I just hit 37 weeks, but I'm telling myself that I have at least 3 more to go. My car seat is also sitting in my house instead of being secure in my car. Oh well! Crossing my fingers for you that baby decides to show up NOW!

  19. Janeal

    Average gestation for a first baby is 41 weeks, 1 day. You can do it! We're all rooting for you!!

  20. Have you tried driving over a cobblestone street? That always worked for my mom (6 kids). My brother's girlfriend was almost 2 weeks late and about 8 hours after driving over cobblestones she went into labor!

  21. Jessica

    I am SO ready for your baby to make an appearance! I eagerly check the blog every morning to see if a grand entrance was made, but no such luck yet. I'm 35 weeks pregnant and thought I had 5 weeks left, but apparently, I should add some time to that estimate! Good luck to you!!

  22. I'm sorry you're playing the waiting game. That's what I'm afraid of when I get close. Have you tried the old wives tales ie: bumpy car ride, eating spicey food, etc? It may help.
    Well there's one thing that's for sure. You don't look 42 weeks pregnant! You look amazing and I'm sure will bounce back so quickly :)

  23. Alivia

    This picture is adorable. Maybe Muffin was waiting for it before arriving? Here's hoping!

  24. Kalen

    Hang in there, mama! Soon! It all happens so fast and you turn around and you have a baby! It's wild. :)

  25. Kate

    i have something you can do while you're waiting! why don't you take the car/carseat to have it inspected? some fire stations are licensed to do this, and i think some car dealerships, too. thankfully we signed up for a carseat check through our birthing class. you might call your hospital or nurse and see where they recommend. then, after they look at it and say "good job, you're ready to go" you can continue twiddling your thumbs ;-)

  26. Oh passing your due date without a baby is just the worst! I don't know if you are interested, but I was ready to do anything to get that baby to come. A friend told me eating black licorice and pineapple works. I laughed and totally didn't believe her but after I passed my due date I thought "A little pineapple can't hurt, right?" So I had me a pineapple and went into labor 4 hours later. Might be worth a try? :) Good luck! I am so excited for you!!

  27. Katy

    I kept hoping for my first to come early… he came 4 days late and it took him 37.5 hours of labor to finally decide he was ready. I am 28 weeks with my second and said I don't care how late he is… as long as I am not in labor for 37 hours again :) Enjoy pregnancy while it lasts… you will miss it! At least I did!

  28. I was 2 weeks late! Who knew what torture I was putting my mother through?

  29. kELLO!

    we are trying- so that is good (and sad) advice for me to hear :) come quickly baby boy/girl!

  30. I'm not sure if I'm more nervous about baby coming early or being late…either way, I guess they'll come when they're ready. Make sure you're taking lots of walks and eating some spicy foods. Maybe even a pedicure?? Judging from your photo below it looks like baby Davis has dropped so I'm sure it'll be any day now. Best of luck!!

  31. I know exactly how you feel! That was the worst part of pregnancy for me. I felt huge, just wanted to meet my baby and time was going sooo slow!! My baby was 8 days late, but I was induced, so i could still be pregnant, prob not but it sure felt like it! This will pass, but I know thats not something you want to hear right now, but just keep keeping on!! Soon, with all the no sleep you might wish your baby was back inside!!

  32. Emily

    The end is so long! Will you be induced?

  33. I am just happy it didn't come last night, I was worried about some high speed driving on icy roads. That said, I hope it comes soon. Spicy Chinese food? That's what my mom did with me!

  34. Carly

    I was just like you waiting for my baby to get here, I was going crazy! My baby girl is now 8 1/2 months old, time is flying, and she still isn't sleeping through the night! So I would say try to enjoy your bundle of joy inside of you as much as possible, it's so much better having them out but sleep will be a thing of the past:)

    So excited for you, hope all goes well!

  35. Naomi! YOu must be feeling SO impatient. I was the same. I wanted to meet my baby SO badly (also, I was DONE with being pregnant). I remember I had an epic meltdown the night before my water broke. I kind of lost it for a bit. I know you have tried most things people have suggested on twitter. Have you tried having a meltdown? If you have one tonight, your water might break tomorrow morning! ;)
    Good luck!! Will be thinking of you guys.

    p.s. the worst (best?) part of my story is that my baby was only ONE day late. I know, I was kind of dramatic. I can't imagine two weeks! YOu are a trooper!
    xxo andrea

  36. Maria

    Awh hopefully the baby will be coming soon!

  37. Splendor

    ahaha my mom says girls ar eimpatient and they come early but in your situation if the baby is like his/her mom, things would be different.
    Good luck!

  38. You could be like my mom – I was sixteen days late and came moments before the doctors were going to induce her.
    At least everything's ready for baby!
    Best wishes!!!

  39. Eat Chinese food. When I was pregnant with my twins someone told me to eat Chinese food, I did and I went into labor that night. Good luck!!

  40. Colleen

    Hang in there Namoi! I know it will happen soon – good luck for a quick delivery and prayers for a healthy bundle of joy. Can't wait!

  41. Holly

    don't worry he or she will be here very soon!

  42. I can totally understand you. Everyone, including my husband and me, thoughts that our baby will come much earlier, we took a picture every day in the morning with a piece of paper and the actual date on it to have a morning photo from the day the baby comes…41 week and 3 days later we got to hospital to induce labor and again have to wait 24 hours more till I had a Caesarean and finally got my daughter! Some babys just feel too comfortable inside.

    greetings and good luck to you!

  43. Suse

    Hang in there! (From across town.)

  44. Rachel

    Come on little baby! We're waaaaiting! Can't wait to hear the glorious news!


  45. Dawnica

    upside down instructions…? hah, cute.

  46. Glad you are all prepared! Carseats are hard to put in sometimes.

    One of my children was 2 weeks late and the other one 2 weeks early!

    Eat chinese food…that's what I did both times and I don't know why but it worked like a charm. ;)


  47. first babies are often super late, yes? (not like that makes you feel better!) chin up, buttercup– s/he'll be here any moment now! xo

  48. @kelseywilliams, we got a graco snugride 30, it works with our stroller.

    @kate, i love that your brought this up! we learned about that in one of the classes we took and plan on having it "approved" at our local fire station tonight or tomorrow. i think it's awesome that they do that.

    @dawnica, haha! the spanish instructions are on the opposite side, so the instruction manual can be flipped if you want to read them… he's reading the english version the right way up! :)

    thanks for sympathizing and sharing your tips with me, everyone. i figure baby will just arrive when he or she is ready (since i've been chugging pineapple juice, etc and still nothing.) ugh.

  49. KillerB

    Hey, were you and Josh models for this month's issue of The Nest Magazine?

  50. Very, very exciting :) I recently came across your blog, and I've enjoyed it very, very much. I appreciate your honesty and humor. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for being an inspiration!

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  51. Emily

    I was also 2 weeks late. My momma planned on having a homebirth so the midwife broke her water the day before my birthday and told her, "If you're not in labor by midnight, you're going to the hospital." So my mom decided to jump on the trampoline! At 11:15 pm labor finally started!

    Oh, and something that helped me when I was pregnant was to change the "due date" into a "birth month." Since 2 weeks early and 2 weeks late is all considered to be normal, that gives you a whole month that the little baby can arrive and you won't feel frustration that the due date came and went.

    Good luck!

  52. Leigh

    Good for you, talking about being patient and encouraging more women to embrace the natural timing of birth! Too many people look at week 40 as the "deadline" instead of realizing that it is merely the midpoint of an estimated date range (38-42 weeks) during which it is perfectly normal for baby to arrive. 40 weeks and one day is not "late", people! Real harm comes from medically unnecessary inductions.

    Best of luck to you in these last days of your pregnancy! XOXO.

  53. Leslie

    Hi, Naomi! Would you mind telling me how you get that pretty/antique-looking frame around your pictures?

  54. Oh goodness! If I've learned anything, it's that babies come when they're ready and not a second sooner. I was nearly 4 weeks late (back when they let people go on and on) in the middle of a blazing hot summer! (My poor, poor mama…)

    In the mean time, lots of walking and physical activity may help speed things along. Just don't overdo it. Good luck!

  55. Hang in there, girl! I was overdue as well, and it sucks. Just keep yourself busy! (But not so busy that you exhaust yourself.)

    Oh, and everyone I know who has tried castor oil regrets it. If the baby needs more time to cook, let him/her cook a little bit & enjoy this time. :) Can't wait to see pictures of the little one!

  56. Kari

    I am playing the same waiting game right now, this is my third and the other two were both early, so I'm going batty. Good luck!

  57. Lola

    So exciting!!!!! A car seat makes it seem even more real.

    What stroller did you end up choosing? I'm dying to know because you'd mentioned that it was causing your grief, I'd love to know what you wound up with.


  58. Michelle

    i hope baby comes soon! any hunches to the sex?

  59. I can just love the playful way you handle all that baby stuff; the little one will have heaven with such relaxed parents around. The fact that it is taking its time, is for sure tough to chew now, but it shows, there is a lot of mummy and daddy with baby already!

  60. Jessica

    My 2nd baby was two weeks late and I remember the torturous waiting. The good thing is that you're body is all ripe and ready so the baby just pops out!

  61. Seriously, Baby! What is your deal?!

  62. dude good for you.
    we brought our car seat to the hospital and dave installed it while we were napping after alice was born…and she was 14 days late so we were lazy to the max.

    thinking of you!

  63. a friend of mine told me with my latest baby that if you put the car seat in the baby will come. i put mine in and had my baby that night. so your baby is on it's way! hooray!!!

  64. Thoughts to you Naomi! Hope the little one arrives soon but determination is a great thing ;) You will love looking at your cherub's face (when they arrive). I'm 15 weeks – I have a LONG way to go. So I am just going to try and enjoy every moment, like you have xx

  65. Lisa

    Unfortunately (or fortunately) I cannot relate: all four of my babies were premature! It's funny how I was crossing my legs and standing on my head (not really) to keep them from escaping, but I think most women experience just the opposite. Well, I do know that the good news is that there is only one option: the baby HAS to come out at some point! Probably not comforting, but I'm sure the anticipation will make baby's arrival all the more exhilerating! Isn't this a funny world where I keep checking in to see if you have your bundle, and I don't even know you? Mormon Mommy Bloggers :) Best of luck to you!

  66. Oh my. I remember that. Wanting more than anything to be in labor, to hold that little one in my arms.

    Try doing all the things you won't have time for in the first bit after the baby comes.

    Read a book. Watch a movie. Write. Lay in bed and look at each other. Take the longest bath/shower ever. Call your best friend and talk for 3 hours straight. Get a pedicure (you will soon be able to see your feet). Write a letter to your little one. Talk to the baby and tell him/her you are ready to meet them as soon as they are ready to come.

    Your babymoon will be here before you know it! :D

  67. Liz

    Poor Mama Davis! I keep checking your blog every day hoping the baby has made his or her arrival. From your follower list, I would guess that there are thousands of people almost as impatient as you are (I say almost because really, no one can be more impatient than the expecting mother). :)

  68. Erin

    Your bloggie was mentioned on kls.com today. Congrats!

  69. Deanna

    I was born a month premature. I definitely don't want that for any future babies I might have, but having an on time baby would be nice. But I'll probably prepare for an early one juuuust in case. (Knowing my luck it'd probably be like three weeks late)

    Good look! I'm so excited for you!

  70. Sammy

    Babies don't really have a "due date" – unfortunately once you get it in your head though, it's hard to drop it!! :) The baby will come out when he/she is good and ready. :) The due date is just an educated guess really.

    Try to rest, enjoy your husband and the quiet life you have because everything changes very soon!

    Best of luck to you both! xx

  71. Gussy

    awe — i can't even imagine what that feels like to wait. but, i know you know how great it will be once your new baby arrives :]

    hang in there, pal!

  72. Our little guy came almost a month early.

    When we went to the police station to get our car seat placed and I went to the bathroom I knew the baby was going to come soon and we still had about 12+ cars in front of us. I mentioned this to the police officer (one of them) and I went back to our car. Then we saw two police officers going car to car checking inside the cars and my husband and I were wondering what are they doing. Sure enough they were looking for the pregnant woman who might be having her baby (me). They found me and made all the cars back up so we can get out of line so they can put us in front of everyone.

    It was amazing
    We had chickfila afterwards
    and the baby the next week :-)

  73. Megs

    haha this makes me laugh :)

    i'm 36 weeks along and already getting antsy. :) i am seriously hoping i'm on time, at least!

  74. Gaby

    I just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it – very inspiring. Good luck getting the baby to come out!

  75. Gaby

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  76. Katyha

    I keep coming back here checking to see whether you've had your bub. Oh well, he/she wants to make a fabulous entrance I think!

  77. Oh so exciting!!! I say got get them hospital-bag treats! you deserve it!

  78. I am in the same situation as you right now! I am due, the hospital snacks have been eaten (since I am more hungry now than ever)and my anxiety gets worse by the day with snow storms in the forecast for the next straight week. *sigh* It WILL all be worth it, and yes, it is easier said that thought right now!


  79. that's good advice, since I'm a new mommy (20 weeks in). I'm excited to see your sweet little baby.

  80. i dreamt you were in labour last night! praying for a safe delivery for mama and baby :) good luck waiting the last few bits out

  81. Cortney

    Baby is teaching you your first lesson in being a mother- you are no longer completely in charge of your life :) This will be the first of hundreds of times that you will be waiting on/impatient with your child, wanting him or her to do something differently, while they stubbornly do their own thing instead, haha :)Happy waiting, and here's to a healthy deliver when baby decides to make an appearance!

  82. Good luck lady!! I can't wait to see your new bundle of joy!

  83. Susie

    You are SO right – it's all about managing expectations. So why not plan for 42 weeks and be pleasantly surprised it's 41 weeks? That's what I told myself too. I was overdue with my first two kids & I didn't mind so much with the second one (because I was busy with the first). And I just kept reminding myself to enjoy my full night's sleep – if that's possible at 40+ weeks – while it lasts.

    Good luck!

  84. Kelsey

    oh my goodness you poor, poor thing!! i'm 3 months away from my due date today and already freaking out about the carseat. i dont know when we'll get one but its like the biggest thing stressing me out haha. glad you got yours installed, just in time ;) good luck with the baby!

  85. I've heard that 42 weeks is considered full term and usually your first baby takes a little longer to cook than the next one(s).
    Hang in there, you can do it!

  86. kym

    I was the same way. And I had to wait 41 weeks for my little girl. Just know, they come when they are ready. Get as much sleep as you can now.

    Side note: Practice figuring out how to pull the car seat out of the base. I didn't, and spent 20 minutes trying to get our daughter out to bring her into my parents house. We were laughing and crying and asking ourselves, "Why is this thing beating us? We're smarter than this!" We were idiots. ;)

    Good luck. You look like a million bucks!

    Greeting from Utah!

  87. Kiasa

    Oh Naomi, I'm so sorry you have to wait! All three if my babies have been late and it is SO hard! Remember 40 weeks is average gestation. Some take longer, some are shorter. Still, I'm still secretly jealous of women who give birth before their due date. you are amazing!!! That baby will come, I promise!!!

  88. awwwe he/she will be an aquarius now! :)

  89. Chessa!

    installing the car seat was hilarious. apparently you have to be a rocket scientist. go josh! my husband did the infant car seat – I was so huge and impatient. and last month i installed her convertible car seat. sigh…it goes so fast.

  90. Carissa

    oh, I hope your little bundle of joy comes soon Naomi! I bet he or she is going to be just the cutest ever! I know I would be getting impatient too… so babes, hurry up! :) at least you got the car ready :)

  91. Carissa

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  92. I am LoW

    All 5 pregnancies, I watched the due date come and go. NOBODY can understand that feeling unless they've been there. I feel for you!!

  93. t.

    my husband installed our baby's carseat while i was writhing around on the bed having massive labor pains, waiting for him to be done so we could go to the hospital which was almost an hour away. so you're way ahead of the game as far as i'm concerned! ;) i hope your baby shows up soon.