a birthday burger.

we went out for burgers saturday night (yes, they still make me gag, but it was husband’s birthday and i wasn’t about to deny him a birthday burger on my behalf). we stopped by ray’s hell burger in arlington because their burgers are pretty fantastic (or so i thought before i got pregnant). my favorite part of the place is the big world map with all the little push pins showing where people came from for a burger. i also love seeing my husband all animated over a good milkshake, burger and fries. that man makes me laugh, i love him.
  1. On my school trip to Washington in the Autumn, we spent time at the Arlington High School and fell in love with the area! This post has made me miss the area so much. It's such a shame that it's such hassle to reach Washington from dreary old England!

    Hope that baby pops out sometime soon – we're all desperate to meet the newest little rockstar!

    Tea and Biscuits

  2. Maddy

    WOW that burger looks amazing! The picture of you leaning against the wall made me giggle, the things we do for love, right?! I hope you're able to eat lots of burgers again soon :)

  3. naomi, i read your tweet and i'm so excited you're there!! i'll be praying for you! :)

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  5. Megan.

    I love reading your blog, It never fails to cheer me up when i am sad. Your such a cute couple and i really hope your baby comes soon!! :D x x x

  6. i just want to say that you are probably the cutest pregnant person that i have ever seen. seriously, you look amazing.

  7. M

    These pictures have me craving a burger, fries and milkshake! and its only 9am!! Best of luck with your soon to be newest member! I hope that you get your appetite back for burgers, bc they look mighty delicious!

  8. Cassie

    You guys are just adorable! Happy birthday to your hubby!

  9. WOW! That is some burger…Happy birthday to your hubby!
    Naomi, hope your baby comes soon :)

  10. Ronise

    you look so tiny, i would not believe you are about to have a baby if you didn´t tell. really cute!

  11. Legs

    Firstly, you were right by my apt! I love that burger place! :D Secondly, how do you get the flair on your sweater to lay so nicely? I have a sweater just like that and one of those little flaps are always sticking up. And finally, happy birthday to your husband and happy birthday to your new little babe! It sounds like you'll be holding him/her very soon!

  12. katy.

    Saw your tweet from last night, SO excited for you!! Praying for a smooth delivery today, can't wait to meet the rockstar baby!

  13. Shiloh

    oh man, I normally don't care a ton for hamburgers, I mean, I am human, I like hamburgers, but I don't crave them, until now, 5 months prego and I all want are hamburgers.

  14. holtkamp

    love ray's hell burger! hoping your baby comes soon! :)

  15. i keep dropping by to see if your little one is here! you guys are adorable and i can't wait for the fourth member of the family! p.s. where is your sweet cardigan from???

  16. cute cardi. :) i love that your baby is a little vegetarian. who would have thought!?

  17. You two are adorable. So excited to meet your little addition!

  18. Bruna

    My husband is the same!
    He gets very, very happy about eating something not healthful!

  19. Sounds like you'll meet your little baby soon – saying a prayer for your family! so so excited for you:)

    I am in love with that cardigan! Where did you get it??

  20. Hannah

    that burger looks AMAZING! ahh so hungry now!


  21. Faith

    The flagged map is a fun idea! I love a good burger, and that… that looks like a good burger.

  22. Hannah

    I love this! I've been looking everywhere for a great personal blog to read, and I think I've found it! :)

  23. Rachael

    When I was living around there, I never knew cute burger joints go to! I don't like to eat beef much anymore, but that burger sure looks tasty!

  24. You look so small in that picture, I would never believe you're pregnant! And 9 months pregnant at that..! Crazy. I live around the corner from Ray's Hell Burger and still haven't gone…now I must.

  25. Courtney

    Ohh that burger looks SO good! I'm loving that map! And you are such a cute pregnant woman! :o)

  26. Hannah

    Oh my word that burger looks DELICIOUS!!! Hopefully baby will make an appearance soon!

  27. Rachel

    Love, love, love that map & you two are seriously the cutest couple ever. Besides my husband and I, because we are better than everyone, but STILL YOU ARE SO CUTE!

    Grown Up Rachel

  28. i'm sending you good vibes that TODAY will be the day that baby Davis is born!

    hang in there beautiful girl!

  29. that shake looks tasty. you are nice to go somewhere that your stomach is not inclined to. i was pretty much Veruca Salt when i was a week late. sweet memories. xx

  30. all i ate when i was pregnant was fruits and veggies. burgers and all the usual favorites grossed me out. what an exciting day today is for you! cant wait for updates via twitter! good luck.

  31. you're quite the trooper, naomi!! looks like a nice little burger night…i am keeping you all in my prayers and hope you're feeling well and baby comes soon :)

  32. Lindsay

    That burger looks amazing!!!

  33. perfect way to celebrate josh's day! i remember that amazing burger cake you made for him, way to keep the trend going. sorry you couldn't enjoy it as much, but cutest sad face ever is what!!!

    what a cool idea they have with the push pin board, love that. ♥

  34. bethani

    saw your tweet – hope you, josh and soon to be new arrival are doing well waiting for yet another birthday to occur.

    we can't wait for updates, pictures, gender and a name of kingsley's new little play pal.


  35. well this place looks awesome. and i should put a pushpin in someday, hailing from vancouver, canada!

    and can't wait for the other birthday coming up (this week!?) for that little babe! but in the meantime, happy birthday josh!

  36. julia

    Are you in the hospital?
    I learned this on twitter.How are you?

  37. L

    Saw the tweet.. was at a friend's last night with a 10 day old baby, listening to stories about back labour and beyond. Wishing you a safe & smooth birth.

  38. whoa, that place looks awesome! and, you poor little thing. being overdue is the worst. but you are still so adorable! good luck, hope it's today!!!!

  39. I don't even like burgers, but that one looks pretty good. And with a tastey milkshake….mmmmm.

    Happy Birthday Josh!

    Goodluck with your labor! All things will go well! Baby is so excited to be with you two and Kingsley!

  40. Anna

    Cute ass sweater, where's it from?

  41. wow I want this burger!! ;D
    Your sweater is so cutee! (:

  42. Trina

    Fun outing! I have to say, your baby bump is teeny tiny for being what 42 weeks almost?! You're adorable. Good luck with the labor, I sincerely hope for a perfect experience for you.

  43. 2nd Girl

    Naomi I've been checking every day to see how you are and if you've had your baby. I know it's so hard waiting (not from personal experience but a lot of my friends were also kept waiting) but it'll be so worth it in the end. Try to stay as relaxed and calm as you can, it won't be long now xxx

  44. Lauren

    You two are such a cute couple!! And I'm sure your baby is going to be just as adorable!!

    Your husband's style is great! And I can't get over how flawless your hair-bun is, i'm sure you put no effort into it!!


  45. That burger looks, juices-dripping- off-your-elbow delicious. Sorry if that makes you sick. :) By the way, you look great!

  46. Connie

    I'll have to hit it up the next time I visit my parents who live in arlington (: YUM!

  47. she & he

    Happy Birthday to your hubby! What a sweet pregnant wife to sit through it despite the gagging :-) Can't WAIT for that baby! Praying for you guys!

  48. she & he

    Happy Birthday to your hubby! What a sweet pregnant wife to sit through it despite the gagging :-) Can't WAIT for that baby! Praying for you guys!

  49. Julie

    That burger is shocking! It looks so tasty-paired with a milkshake it would be pure heaven!

  50. Pablo

    i'll put that place on the tour (going to the states next july),
    im from the other side of the world (Uruguay, down south between Argentina and Brazil) hoping ill be the first one to put My pin in the map, hell yeah!

  51. that burger looks amazing! I keep checking to see if you've had sweet baby yet… hope you're hanging in there and feeling well! you look fabulous.

  52. Holly

    wow, i think i need 3 things right now….a burger, fries and a milkshake!! oh, make that 4….baby!

  53. Breezy

    Your cardigan is so cute! Where is it from?

  54. I'm totally with your husband on this one! It's a classic combination! You look fantastic, by the way.

  55. wow, I really like the map idea and if I ever opened a shop in my life I would do the same, just out of curiosity…

    I keep coming back to your blog to see if they baby is here yet. I wish you guys all the best and you're going to be great parents! :)

  56. Michelle

    Waiting patiently for baby news – I check in once a day! Hang in there – you look amazing, by the way – just a little watermelon. Oh and happy bday to hubby.

  57. Liza

    Great blog!! I wandered your way after seeing you featured in an article. I'm now in love with your blog and cannot wait to see if your baby is a boy or a girl!!!!

  58. Karen

    That definitely does look like an amazing burger….your posts like this make me want to live in your area so that I can visit all of these yummy places!

  59. cristie

    i like this photo of you sooo much.

    sending love your way.
    nothing compares to being a mama. xox

  60. Ew!! that burger looks soooo gross!!!!

  61. I am so jealous – you are just the cutest little pregnant chick. I always envy the ladies who get pregnant just in the front – when I was pregnant, I was pregnant all over!

  62. you are the absolute most beautiful pregnant woman i have ever seen! your are so cute!

  63. you look amazing. I will have to second and third everyones compliments, you are the cutest pregnant woman ever! I adore your cardy too cute! Hope that your little bundle pops out soon. Loving your blog, so happy that I found it. xx veronika

  64. jlc

    I adore your sappy face here. You look sooo incredibly ready to have this baby. <3

  65. They have the BEST milkshakes!!! Love the burgers too.

  66. Jenna

    lovely post! i am always impressed by your husbands outfit. Does he ever just wear jeans and a tshirt!?
    I can barely even get my boyfriend out of flip flops…yes, even in the winter.

  67. Jessica

    where is your cardigan from!? i love it.
    and you always make me want burgers.

  68. I'm vegan, but that burger looks mighty tasty!
    Cute cardigan in the equally cute picture of you :)

  69. Allison

    you might be the cutest pregnant person I've ever seen.

    congratulations with the baby on the way! we waited to find out the sex too and it was so much fun! my guess is you'll have a girl.

    enjoy the silent moments and feeling your baby move before the big day comes. she/he will be here before you know it :)

  70. leigh

    You are so stinking cute & bashful! Let us see your beautiful face pregnant woman!
    No . . . I will for sure be the same way! Can't wait to meet (in the blog world) your little love bug!!
    <3 leigh

  71. Colleen

    Haha Naomi you're so cute with your head against the wall! Hope all is going well with labor and baby!

  72. I really enjoy your blog!:) Hope that baby makes his/her grand entrance…..or maybe he/she already has?:)

  73. Michaela

    Oh jeez, I love everything about that cardigan. So cute!
    Hope your labor is going/went well. I know you've been in there a while, I saw the tweets!


  74. Haley K

    Goodness, it's 9am and looking at that burger makes me hungry for lunch! ;) Happy Birthday to your man!!! (I still remember you burger cake from last year…epic:)

  75. I'm glad you're still finding much joy over this hard time. I hope baby comes soon and very soon!

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  76. Kelli

    I don't know how I am just now discovering your blog…but I LOVE it! I just found out i'm pregnant (only 11 weeks) but if I look half as cute as you when I get to 40 I will be ecstatic! Much Love -Kelli

  77. kwistin

    can i just say…i seriously hope i look as adorable as you when i'm pregnant.

  78. Sini

    mmm sounds like a great birthday dinner! i'm sorry that makes you feel sick, it's not just right.

  79. Courtney

    Welcome baby girl! Welcome to you mom and dad to the land of "sugar and spice and everything nice"… rest and enjoy the incommunicable joy a new baby brings!

  80. Annie

    Congrats to you both!!!!!!! :)
    Still need to try Ray's…

  81. Michelle

    oh my goodness you are the cutest pregnant lady ever :]

    love m.

  82. nova

    That map is amazing! Must be a popular place.

  83. Congratulations! I just saw your tweet…she's beautiful. And she's here, she's finally here! Pretty well worth the wait, huh?! Hope you're feeling well and getting some rest now :)

  84. Wahy

    you look so pretty :D x

  85. This is adorable!

    So, I don't have a Twitter so I'm inferring from comments when I say this… CONGRATS ON THE BABY!

  86. Megan

    WOW. That is a serious burger!

  87. I really do love your blog very much! x

  88. i found your blog through wily brunette, fell in love, and i'm your 9900th follower! your little family was adorable back in this post, and is even more adorable now. seriously, baby girl in her little headbands and thigh rolls are just too much for me. cutest thing ever. and you and your husband are adorable as well :)