a birthday burger.

we went out for burgers saturday night (yes, they still make me gag, but it was husband’s birthday and i wasn’t about to deny him a birthday burger on my behalf). we stopped by ray’s hell burger in arlington because their burgers are pretty fantastic (or so i thought before i got pregnant). my favorite part of the place is the big world map with all the little push pins showing where people came from for a burger.... Read more

the bump that keeps on growing. the babe that won’t come out. the mama-to-be that is so ready to be a mama. the crib in the back that is lonely.

we have been laying low the last few days celebrating josh’s weekend birthday and getting ready to celebrate another little birthday here soon, too. it’s been one tough week for me…but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we’re really really close! part of me feels like baby needed these extra 2 weeks because my tummy has literally tripled in size this last week alone, so i’m glad he or she was able to stay cozy and grow and develop a bit more.... Read more

we finally got our snowstorm.

after being teased with teeny tiny little snow dustings in d.c. the past few months, we’re finally experiencing our first major winter storm of the season. it’s beautiful outside… and it’s making up for my terrible-no good-still no baby day. thanks for showing up, snow. i like you, lots. ... Read more