the u.s. botanical garden, holiday exhibit.

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we checked out the annual holiday exhibit at the u.s. botanical garden with josh’s parents yesterday. the exhibit included a number of different railways and trains, historic landmark buildings in d.c. and others around the world made out of plant materials like tree bark which blows my mind. it was impressive.

  1. i LOVE the botanical gardens. i love all the decorations!

  2. love botanical gardens! :) and you look soo beautiful! :)


  3. love botanical gardens! :) and you look soo beautiful! :)


  4. Those are beautiful decorations! I love the Thomas the Train addition. It's cute! I love your blouse, too.

  5. your dc posts are some of my favorites. best city i've ever lived in– miss it!

  6. Kelly

    so neat!

  7. Naurnie

    hey, cuteness! where DID you get that red hat?? xxo

  8. That looks like it was so much fun! my boyfriend and I sometimes come down to DC to be tourists and i might have to put this on my list for next year! Also your hat is awesome, where did you get it?


  9. geri e.

    I am completely in love with that gigantic Christmas tree! and you are the most adorable little pregger girl I have ever seen. gahhhh! :)

  10. wow! those are incredible! imagine creating those.

  11. Eva

    wow, i wish i could visit there one day ! & i love the photos too (:

  12. That is an awesome maternity top… Where did you find that?

  13. Victoria

    I love your top/dress.

    These photos are very pretty. x

  14. Casey

    This is super cool! You are one of the cutest pregnant people that I know BY FAR!!!


    PS: Make sure you enter my giveaway for today- it's for $10 at Groupon!

  15. WOW!!! That is soooo coool! I've never seen anything like that!

  16. Heather

    Oh my goodness, it all looks so beautiful! Love the pictures. You look radiant! :)

  17. I didnt even know that exsisted! PS. LOVE YOUR BEANIE! :)

  18. bethani

    very pretty.

    we had something like this at our state fair this year – but the building were from around texas. very cool how they can take plants and make beautiful art.

  19. l.c.s.

    I am a native Washingtonian and live in Georgetown now, but I have never seen the botanical gardens at Christmas… shame on me! Thanks for the pictures!


  20. i love your posts! Can't wait for baby!

  21. Great post!

    I must know where you've been getting all your adorable maternity clothes! I'm desperate to still keep my personal style while growing without succumbing to the "mom" inspired options out there.

  22. @Naurnie, ckscribbles, my hat is from H&M; a few years ago.

    and @jessica, i actually haven't bought any besides a maternity shirt from Target. it's been a fun challenge trying to make my current wardrobe work. the skirt i'm wearing i bought a few sizes too big a couple of years ago at an anthro sale (because it was $10) and it's working great this last trimester. i think doing things like that are most practical if you want to keep your style and not succumb to the ugly stuff or expensive maternity clothing prices. (my opinion.)


  23. @larissa, oh my! it is him! thanks for passing that along.

  24. kirby

    You made it to the two places I had left on my 'Christmas Cheer Calendar'! We didn't have time to get to the temple or to the botanical garden. So glad you went so I can still see it even if it's not in person :)

  25. oh my, i'm in awe! i love the eiffel tower! :)

  26. Allison

    The New York Botanical Gardens have the exact same thing except its 140 landmarks in the New York City area. It's really cool! I took some pictures and put them up on my blog if you want to check them out.


  27. so gorgeous!! and look at your baby bump! when are you due again?

  28. Jennifer

    I had no idea they had a holiday exhibit! I'm so going there!!!

  29. whimsy

    ah so lovely!!! and we totally have twinner skirt!

  30. Sophie

    hi i'm from chile i'm 19 years old and i reall really love your blog i come here very often.
    and I really hope to be lucky enough to have a wonderful family like yours, I hope your baby is healthy and as beautiful as you two, i think you are beautiful and i love your style, i hope i could find a husband like yours who semms to love you A LOT.

    I wish you a happy new year and hugs from chile


    Ps: Im sorry for my bad English.

  31. Linka

    So pretty!! The photos just warm me up inside!

  32. stunning photos!

  33. Sini

    Beautiful, these buildings looks like they are made from eatable things :) yummy!

  34. Lily

    You are the cutest pregnant Lady around!

  35. Lily

    Oh yes, Merry Christmas mama (to be)!


  36. love LOVE the eiffel tower! i'll be seeing it for real in a few days!

    these are amazing – i'm diggin' the use of pine cones, especially.

    happy new year!

  37. I am in awe that people can actually create things like this!! Very inspiring.

    Also, your dress is adorable and I love that blazer!


  38. jill

    I was there in early december and the little room of trains and bark blew my mind. simply magical, I walked around there forever.

  39. Kat

    My fellow DC area resident {I live in Northern VA}! First of all, I LOVE the blog. You guys are too cute! Secondly, I adore your pictures, and was wondering what kind of program you use for collages?

    Keep up the inspirational and lovely posts! :)

  40. Julie

    wowza-those little buildings are stunning!

  41. @kat, i actually just take a screen shot of two photos next to each other. there might be an easier and better way, but that's all i know how to do, and i think it's pretty easy! :)

  42. Jessica

    OH what a nice idea!


  43. Claudia

    Looks like you guys had another awesome year! :)