pizza night.

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during these last few weeks of pregnancy, it’s been hard for me to find something that sounds good to eat. and usually, after a few bites, i feel full and sick. but last night pizza sounded appetizing and somehow i managed to eat my entire pizza pie all by myself! maybe i shouldn’t admit it, but accomplishing that made me feel like my regular self again! ha. i love food.

and i loved the hanging ornaments from the ceiling pipes, too.
i just love everything about seventh hill, though.
it’s one of my favorite places on capitol hill.
thanks for a nice evening out, josh.
  1. Michelle

    Oh yum, now I'm totally craving pizza! And yay for getting your appetite back for pizza! :)

  2. Daisy

    I just found your blog….You are soo stinkin cute!!

  3. now I'm craaaaaving pizza, too!
    and this pizza looks so delicious!

  4. Jennifer

    That looks so yummy! It's seriously picture-perfect pizza! :D

  5. erin

    looks delicious. glad you're feeling like your regular self again!

  6. holtkamp

    looks delicious! you guys find the best places to eat…we need to check them out sometime :)

  7. wow, i love it too!! (and FOOD!!!). i really want to go there.


  8. Sera

    i LOVE those ornaments!

  9. 2busy

    Looks delicious! Pizza made me sick in pregnancy. Even the smell…

  10. that was my biggest problem when i was pregnant – i just could not find anything that sounded good, ever. it was horrible! i think i ended up eating a lot of pizza too though… :)

  11. i love your pictures!! that pizza looks so yummy, it's been awhile since i've been out for pizza.

  12. Chelsea

    your belly is adorable.

  13. getting pizza as we speak… or, type rather!

  14. Liz

    yum! I'll never get sick of pizza. I could eat it every day! How many weeks are you at now? You look amazing!

  15. i LOVE food too….i cannot imagine how hard that must be for you!

  16. so many of my pregnant friends are feeling the same way…at leas you're not alone! way to go after that whole pie though :)

  17. yum I had pizza yesterday…and i love the ornaments, how festive :)

  18. Brittan

    naomi, i just love your face in that first picture. you're like "oh yeah, mama's gonna eat this whole pizza." so cute.

  19. Alivia

    Yum! Glad you found something tasty for you + baby! :) I love those ornaments…I bet they'd look cute from a chandelier!

  20. Sera Pie

    You look beautiful!

  21. that pizza looks so good!
    and i love the ornaments!

  22. I love pizza! Those ornaments are absolutely darling :).

  23. amber

    yum! that pizza looks delicious. and i love those hanging ornaments :)

  24. .uil

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  25. .uil

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  26. Frenchy

    Love pizza ! You look so skinny ! So cool ! i gain so much weight during pregnancy. Yicks !
    it is way easier when you don't gain a lot of weight :)
    You are so beautiful !

  27. I also ate pizza yesterday! So delicious!

  28. Mmm…Baby Davis must love pizza!

  29. Bridget

    that pizza looks realllllly good.

  30. Kelly

    that pizza looks sooooo good. I really want some now!

  31. Linka

    You guys have the best pizza nights!! Makes me want pizza right now.

  32. Ashley

    I craved pizza most when I was pregnant and I had a little boy! Who knows?! :) Glad to hear you could eat!

  33. Splendor

    you are the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen!

  34. Emily

    isn't it weird how being pregnant doesn't feel like real life? i loved those little moments when i felt like a real person again. it is all worth it!

  35. MamaQ

    my fave pizza place too – and i LOVE their italian sub. the hot peppers, the prociutto, the bread! oh, i'm missing dc right this second!