pine needles everywhere!

last friday, we brought home and decorated
our 5th christmas tree together!
it is our first tree to decorate with kingsley
(we picked him up christmas eve last year)
and our very last tree to decorate as the two of us…
next year, i have a feeling
it will be decked out in “baby’s 1st christmas” ornaments…
kingsley helped pick out the tree over at eastern market…

we talked our moms into sending us
a bunch of our baby and childhood
tree ornaments a few years ago….

josh let me put the star on top of the tree…
then he tried to take a baby bump picture of me standing in front of it
but i couldn’t contain my excitement… so it didn’t really work.

p.s. do you see kingsley’s head popping up behind me in that last photo?
he’s been trying to figure out a plan on how to reach that tree…
not going to happen, buddy.
happy happy holidays!
you can see all our other little christmas trees here.

  1. Your tree looks so festive! I can't wait to have my first grown-up tree this year- I've never wanted one besides the one at my parents' before, but now I do!

  2. megara

    well done on the ornaments! we put ours up a few nights ago, and it took 15 seconds to put our three ornaments up. Ha. Love the star too!

    Happy Holidays!

  3. audrey

    you are seriously the most beautiful pregnant lady ever :)

  4. Carly

    so pretty! good idea about putting the tree up where the pup can't reach it, I know our dog would be in the tree in seconds flat!

  5. it's official, you're the most adorable pregnant woman ever :)

  6. bailey

    oh my gosh, your Max ornament from Where The Wild Things Are made me laugh! how cute!


  7. coloured lights.. woo hooo only the best trees have them.. looks perfect..

  8. I love your Where the wild things ornaments are! So cute! I can't wait to put up my tree now.x

  9. Brooke

    oh my gosh you're the most beautiful pregnant woman ever!! I hope Kingsley has a great Christmas too!

  10. How sweet this is!! Kingsley is so cute!! Ohh yeah I can imagine you will have tons & tons of "Baby's First Christmas" stuff!! Cute lil tree!! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  11. Whitney

    Aw, I loooove christmas ornaments! While decorating your tree it's as if you're sifting through childhood memories. (add a little eggnog and voila. perfect day!)
    Baby Davis is going to be a cutie pie!

  12. mina

    Your tree ornament chest is fantastic! Also, I think you're the prettiest pregnant person I've ever seen.

  13. Jessica

    How sweet that it's your first tree with Kingsley! I love all of the ornaments my mom has kept of ours from over the years. I'll have to steal some of hers one day! And you are way too cute!

  14. My dear Naomi, these photos are really delightful! I've missed you! xo

  15. Nikki

    Kingsley gets cuter and cuter! Your tree is fabulous and you guys look so happy :)


  16. so adorable! and you're glowing more than that beautiful tree of yours! how exciting.

  17. aww, this is so adorable! and your Christmas tree is AWESOME! and you look sososo beautiful and happy! :)


  18. how bittersweet/amazingly exciting that this is your last Christmas just the 2 (or rather 3.5) of you. :)

  19. kallina

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  20. Such a cute tree! I prefer colored lights over white ones :)

  21. {jaclyn}

    love your ornament collection! i had that same white pillow/baby's first christmas ornament too!

  22. how is it possible that you get more and more gorgeous? woman, explain, please!! xo, meg.

  23. I can't believe its been almost a year since you got Kingsley! That went fast!

  24. Sherry

    Love the tree and you belly, but I really, really, love the King's teethers :)

  25. such a pretty tree and i love how you both have childhood ornaments added, such a cute and great idea. my mom is to attached to all of ours so I have to fly up to Washington from California to see them.

  26. Maddy

    childhood ornaments are my favorite! i don't think my mom will ever give up mine though :( your tree looks beautiful and I love the idea of keeping Christmas stuff in a trunk, easily accessible and cute!

  27. Megan

    Brilliant ornament storage!
    You are all adorable. :) Love your tree!

  28. Andrea

    Hooray for tree decorating! I love that you both had so many ornaments from when you were little. I totally have that same bear ornament like yours with the santa hat!

    Also, You are beautiful! I hope these last few weeks go well for you and you can keep enjoying it and finding all the little things that are so wonderful about being pregnant.

  29. You are so cute! What motivates you to get ready everyday?! You are always so done up!!

  30. kallina

    Have you heard the song by Sixpence none the richer called "The last Christmas without you"? My sister in law introduced me to it and I love it! It totally reminded me of you. Here's the link to it on YouTube
    you might want to get a kleenex, then listen :).

  31. love your Christmas ornaments. i also have the sock monkey. he's so cute, don't you think!!!


  32. Haley K

    how fun are all those eclectic ornaments?? (the hubs & i have decided that this year we're starting to move away from a "themed" tree with matchey ornaments and start collecting…i'm excited!) And i love that you both were able to use some from your childhood :) One more thing, your baby-bump is absolutely adorable!

  33. Love it!!! I cannot tell you how much joy just reading your posts and seeing your pictures brings me, and I'm sure the many who read them…your energy just bursts through the pictures and your smile is addicting!

    Happy Holidays and December to you, Josh and Kingsley as well!

    Liesl :)

  34. geri e.

    look how cute you two are!! so in love with that trunk full of ornaments! so bright and festive. (my fave is that fantastic owl!! and the sock monkeys of course :)

  35. Kingsley looks so proud to have picked out the tree!

    Dying over the sock monkey and Where the Wild Things Are ornaments! LOVE!

  36. Oh my goodness, when I have babies I hope I will be just as gorgeous of a almost-mommy as you are! Can I just hire you as my personal shopper/stylish, please? And pay you in cupcakes?

    xo Mackenzie

  37. Lauren

    I love Kingsley's teef! So cute!

  38. grace

    i LOVE the trunk where you store your ornaments! very cute, and much more fun than tupperware.

  39. amanda

    i loveeee the second to last photo where you can see that baby bump! it's so cute. something about a little bump in the belly is just lovely!

    also, great ornaments!

  40. Jamie

    soooo cute!! i love it.
    and this will be our first christmas with the pups too and i'm a little scared! i see it toppling over… just no puppy treats/presents under the tree until xmas day!

    thanks for sharing :)

  41. such a sweet tree…i love this time of year…so magical. You look adorable with your baby bump in front of the tree and I love your dress. I'm guessing it's not maternity since I haven't found anything remotely wearable in maternity clothes…

  42. bethani

    decorating trees is one of the best parts of the holiday season…the future hubby and i have a tradition to buy a new ornament every year to symbolize something "new" for that year or the year to come.. this year was the "g" since i will be taking his name in a few months.. yay for Christmas!


  43. Eeee, so inspiring! I can't wait to get my Christmas tree.
    PS- Nice milkmaid braids!

  44. Briel79

    Cute tree! I have all my old ornaments from when I was little too. It's fun to look at them each year.

    How far along are you now? You look so small, though gorgeous! :)

  45. Annie

    dont get complacent with the dog/xmas tree situation! we did last year and on like the 29th Dec the dog walked under the tree, came back out and then a second 7 feet of pine needles were ALL OVER the carpet!!

  46. Sarah K.

    I love Kingsley! He is so silly and cute! I love your blog, it always makes me feel so happy!

  47. it's so important to have a good christmas tree. and we do colored lights, too! your ornaments are adorable times a million.

  48. Bre

    Your tree is gorgeous! Love all the heirloom ornaments, it makes it all the more special. Kingsley did an excellent job picking it out ;)

    P.S. You are positively glowing!

  49. love that you have all your childhood ornaments! beautiful tree as always!

  50. Ornaments of our childhood's always a nice touch for my tree as well. Wonderful! And kudos to kingsley for picking out a nice tree.

  51. Katz NYC

    You look so cute! And that minitree too. I'll be decorating our tree tomorrow since I took the day off and really got nothing better to do. Can't wait! My babyboy Moses likes to chew on our tree and we can't make him stop so hopefully there's nothing harmful coming out of it…

  52. 2busy

    You are so adorable, and I love your "childhood" tree.

  53. liz city

    Y'all are so cute. Kingsleyyyyyyy :)

    I love your tree!

  54. Mallory

    my husband is buying us a fake tree this year! I have pouted and whined and he won't budge. Pretty sure we will still be getting a real tree this Christmas the next! ; )

  55. whimsy

    so cute! i have all of my ornaments from childhood as well and im in love with them! yay for christmas! im excited to do your 25 day challenge! thanks for the inspiration… ok so weird but i kinda wanted to talk to you about something, would it be weird if i emailed you?

  56. heather

    i love how loaded with decorations it is!! and you, as always, are absolutely stunning. happy december!

  57. Sooo cute! Kingsley is adorable! I just had a baby 10 weeks ago and it is awesome. All the best with your bump!

  58. Davina

    I love your the challenges your mom sent! Christmas is a time to love and remember Christ's birth, thanks for reminding us of that. I'd like to do a challenge like this and pass them onto my future children : )

  59. man, i LOVE all your old ornaments. and hanging the ones from childhood is so fun…o the 80's.
    i love the "where the wild things are" ornaments and the monkeys!

    bravo on a great, great tree! xo.

  60. Emily

    Your tree is super cute, Kingsley is a doll look at the under bite, and your little belly the cutest!! Such fun pics.

  61. Leslie

    Happy Christmas Naomi! I just wanted to say that I think you are quite lovely, and I really appreciate the blogs where you share a little bit more from your heart about who you are and your life. I've been noticing a few more of those lately, and I just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading them! I know it's a complete risk to put yourself out there for the rest of the world to judge anonymously, and I admire your courage in doing that.

    Also, thank you for having such a great marriage, I love marriage and I get so encouraged when I read about your relationship with Josh (my husband is a Josh too!). It sheds such a counter-cultural view on what marriage could and should be like to others. So, thanks for being in love. Thanks for being lovely. You inspire me!

  62. I love the Where the Wild Things Are ornaments! So cute!

  63. I'm convinced at this point that you wear something mustard in every picture I see of you. It's a good thing I LOVE it!

  64. Pia

    I LOVE the picture of the box full of ornaments!
    And I love your tree of course. So pretty.

  65. i love the decorations from when you two were kids! Somehow old decorations make a tree seem more real.

  66. Frenchy

    You are so adorable and i love the Christmas challenges from your Mom !
    I have giveaways for 8 days and today is a prize i though you would like for Kingsley !
    Anyways, i always enjoy your blog and your cute family.

  67. that first photo of kingsley is absolutely adorable. what a stud.

    and you are just the cutest thing ever! i love your colourful tree. :)

  68. we usually go back east for Christmas so we don't get a tree and I almost forgot how much fun they are to decorate! Our first Christmas we weren't able to travel to see my fam and I was bummed so my husband surprised me with a home made fireplace/chimeny and a real tree – it was so sweet and such a good first Christmas memory

  69. aw your tree looks great!! stephen and i like to put up our childhood ornaments as well :) little bit of nostalgia goes a long way at christmas time!

  70. I love your tree. So meaningful!