pie night!

we hosted a little pie night over the weekend for friends. josh and i both grew up with neighbors who hosted a pie night of sorts and apparently, josh has always won the “best pie” part back in the day whenever he’s entered a pie baking competition. so naturally, he wanted to host a “best pie” contest with an awards ceremony at the end of the night. he made fancy certificates and got little prizes for the winners. everyone brought such tasty pies! our friends sure know how to bake! it was a crazy sugar rush of an evening, but so much fun!

leslie’s beautiful key lime pie won best pie… then miss julie won second with the most delicious pear butterscotch i’ve ever tried, and christina came in third with a lovely coconut creme. but every single pie i tried was so good, it was hard to vote! i kind of wish we could have pie night every weekend.

  1. jenny

    What a fun night! Josh looked very festive in his red and white. Love. (:

    Hey, do you know where you friend got the red pie stand? Loved that.

  2. That is a cool spin on a holiday party! I love that he might certificates and gave prizes, what a sweet man you have!

  3. Brooke

    oh my gosh! I've never heard of this.. This is so fun! and they all look yummy :D

  4. Oh, I love pie parties! My roommates and I hosted one when we moved into our current apartment- I think we had eight pies. We never had a contest, though- I think that would make it even better!

  5. maria

    what a great idea!!!! and you look stunning, love that sequin top!!!

  6. Bruna

    So yummy!

  7. This sounds like a really fun night!

  8. mmmmm key lime sounds sooooooo good right now.

  9. key lime pie wins for me every time…what a fabulous celebration!

  10. @jenny, the red pie stand is actually mine and i got it at Target around valentines day last year. it has cute hearts on it!


  11. Brittany

    I REALLY wish I could get my Josh to wear red pants. Love it!

  12. ummm i guess i need to host one of these nights immediately or something… ps where did your bangs go? cute, cute, cute nonetheless!

  13. Maddy

    I want to do this! I love pie.

  14. @brittany, i REALLY really wish i could get my josh to take off and never wear again his red pants. ha. just kidding (kind of.)

  15. Nancy

    Fun party idea! I'm totally going to try that in the new year. Reminds me (a lot!) of Pushing Daisies. :)

  16. Haley K

    I'm so glad you mentioned you got the red pie plate @ Target, I'll be all the lookout for something similar this v-day ;) And i'm in love with the mint green one…do you know where that one came from? And Pear butterscotch?? sounds heavenly :)

    PS – your festive top and your hubby's tie are both fan-tastic :)

  17. A.Co

    Seriously, SUCH a fun idea!! I might have to do this considering pie is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE dessert!! My mouth is WATERING!!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  18. Jessica

    This looks like such a blast! I'm pretty sure Josh should wear those pants all the time! haha so festive! I could eat pie for every meal of the day if I didn't know any better!

  19. Chloé

    Parties revolving around food are usually the best parties ever. They all look sooo good!!!

  20. hanner

    that picture of christina and josh KILLS me. that whole awards ceremony was the best!

  21. {kara}

    I have a new thing for pie lately! What a fun idea!

  22. meig

    I love this idea! How fantastic!

    By the way, your sequined top is so pretty!

  23. grace

    what a cute and delicious idea! i now crave pie.

  24. Jr. Mint

    Such an awesome idea! Now I want to host a pie night, or just eat pie. Yum!

  25. Leslie

    I'm sure you get this question all the time, but what color/brand is your light pink lipstick? It's SO pretty!

  26. Eeny

    What a fun idea. I love pies – any kind – so this sounds like a fun thing to do.

    You look amazing in those pictures.

  27. this looks like so much fun! i now have crazy cravings for pie… you guys are adorable, keep doing you ;) x

  28. Shorty

    OMG my husband loooooves pies! And pie night looks so fun. What a wonderful tradition.

  29. Liz

    Pie night? How awesomely amazing! Love this idea!

  30. I'm completely going to do this too. Looks fun. :)

  31. Miyan

    you can just see the enthusiasm in your husband at the award ceremony, this whole night looks so cute! what a fun & delicious idea!! you look stunning as always !!



  32. Whitney

    I'm SO having a pie night during Christmas break! Goodness that's awesome! And I spy an Emile Henry pie dish (want one soooo very badly!)

  33. Sasha

    That looks like so much fun! And everyone dressed up so cute :) I'll have to try this.

  34. I am TOTALLY stealing this idea and making a tradition of it. Nothing is better than pie!

  35. How fun! p.s. Josh's red pants and striped tie are so awesome lol!

  36. Leslie

    Great pictures! We had such a good time. I am going to extend my workout by an extra hour today to try to deal with all of those extra pie calories, but it was so worth every bite! Thank you for including us.

  37. Chiara

    This sounds like sooo much fun, did you try them all to give a fair vote?

  38. Carolyn

    all those pies look so delicious! you are very lucky to have great bakers as friends ;) pie night is such a great idea!

  39. megan

    this is so freakin' cute i can't even take it. i'm totally going to have to copy this idea!

  40. Can we be invited next year? no really can we? Not so much for the pie, but so we can see Josh's holiday pants up close! ;)

  41. Carly

    Your sparkly dress is so cute, Naomi. Where is it from?

    P.S. I am so excited for you guys to have a beautiful baby! :)

  42. so fun- i love how into it your husband got.

  43. Kim

    they all look so delicious! heart your sparkly shirt/dress! perfect for the holidays!

  44. I love your top! Where is it from? I also love the red and black dress from the previous entry. You rock! :)

  45. Staci

    I NEED THAT SHIRT you are wearing! WHERE DID YOU GET IT????

  46. @betsyuga30 & @staci, thanks! it is a vintage top that i got last year on etsy.


  47. @hailey k, that mint green cake stand is my friend julie's, i'll ask her where she got it! :)

    @leslie, it's "pink me up" by maybelline. i loooove it!

  48. Kristina

    Such a fun night! I thought I would be tired of pie on Sunday . . . but I wasn't :)

  49. Pie night sounds like a ton of fun! Your outfit is really cute and Josh looks so pumped to be giving out those certificates!


  50. naomi, can i steal this idea? i'm gonna. and josh is rockin' that outfit!!

  51. abigail

    genius idea for a party!
    it's hard to compete with key lime pie.

  52. Karen

    What a delicious idea :)

    I moved to Australia from Canada a couple of years ago, and truly miss sweet pies! They do meat and savoury pies here, but fruit pies are hard to come by- and they clearly haven't had the practice to perfect them quite yet. I think I'll have to do this one night and introduce all of the Aussies to a night of tasty heaven!

    PS–I think you two are the most adorable couple on earth!

  53. Your sequin top is SO CUTE – if you see this, where did you get it?? Adorable!

    Also, I am so not surprised key lime pie won, it is so delicious!

  54. @bailey, thanks! it's from etsy. it was vintage.

  55. Riley

    Cute outfit! I always love your style! :)
    The pies all look yummy, great idea!

  56. bethani

    how exciting!! josh appears to have definetely gotten into the fesitivities.


  57. KIMB!

    pies look so so so so yummy. ugh, it makes me want to host a pie night! :)

  58. Nicole*

    well thats fantastic!

  59. looks like way too much fun, strawberry rhubarb is the best! Are you growing your bangs out as well?

  60. liz city

    PIE NIGHT. OMG. That looks soo fun and Christmasy!
    Y'all are so fun.:)

  61. K. Marie

    so much fun! what a creative way to get everyone together. pregnancy suits you, i love the top.

    :) kelci

  62. wow, what a bunch of hams. you captured some truly amazing moments, especially the series of josh being the king of christmas pies. i love this!

  63. Kate

    Yum – you've completely inspired me to have a pie night now!

  64. Aw, this is so precious! And your hubs has me cracking up in his festive ensemble. You picked a goodun!

  65. Bre

    This looks so fun! What a great idea and a wonderful excuse to get together with friends. Pear butterscotch? I'm intrigued!

  66. You have the coolest group of friends ever. I mean, mine are awesome too, but we don't have pie nights! I'm inspired. Maybe a hot chocolate bar…?

    PS: I love the sequin top you're wearing!

  67. What a great idea ~ it looks like you all had so much fun. And now I have to hunt up a butterscotch pear pie recipe, because Must Have It.

  68. b.a.

    soooo….john owns red pants, huh?! :) looks like a really fun night. and, um…your friends are all gorgeous!

  69. Lainey

    Aww, Hannah and Robbie! I like her hair like that! And I love that sequined top of yours. You look amazing. I wish I looked as good as you when I'm pregnant. It looks like such a fun night.

  70. They all look SO yummy!! I bet it was hard to choose the winners! Next time you should have everyone bring the recipes so you could share with all of your eager readers! :)

    <3 kris&kel;

  71. this is so cute – prizes and everything! what a great thing to do with friends. :]

    ps. i totally remember that sequin shirt! glad you kept it!!


  72. Danielle

    Looks like an enormous amount of fun. Makes me want to have a pie night! Maybe cupcake night?

  73. Andrea

    I really love that you did this!! I hope to carry on my mom's tradition wherever I end up too. Pie night is so fun and yummy.

  74. Mandy

    oh way too cool.
    i LOVE pie.
    loving your holiday sparkles too.


  75. Melina

    Aww, what a cute and fun idea!! I'll have to do something like this in the future!


    .but i like it.

  76. What a fantastic idea! I love it. And I also love your sequined top. That's simply gorgeous!

  77. yum yum yum.
    I need to make a summer pie stat.

  78. the strawberry rhubarb looks amazing. that is my favourite. I love the awards idea!!!

  79. Love this idea! All of the pies look delish!!!

  80. Deb

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  81. Mikhaila

    That is one of the best ideas ever!! Who doesn't love pie?? Looks like you all had a blast :)

  82. Lou :)

    Aw I really adore this and want to make it as soon as possible :)

    Your blog is really inspiring :D

  83. Lori

    omigosh, those pies look delicious! How did you stop yourself from eating all of it!?!? I'm definitely hosting a pie night in our near future. So fun!

  84. Nikki

    What a cute idea! Everyone's pie looks delicious, but key lime is one of my favs! Must have been amazing to try them all!


  85. What a cool idea! I'm about to move (and get married, yay!) in the States (I'm from Argentina). Maybe organizing something like this would be a good idea to get to know my new neighbors and David's friends. Sounds like a good idea! =D Thanks!


  86. Lindsey

    would you consider posting the three winning recipes? they sound so incredibly delicious!


  87. Chelsea

    I'm coveting that sequin shirt you're wearing. so cute.

  88. amanda

    what a delicious night! and shared with friends? even better!

  89. whimsy

    i have made like 6 pies in the last month. shouldve just had one big pie party instead:)
    looks fabulous

  90. Looks like it was an awesome night! What a great idea. All your friends are so stylish!

  91. gotta say, i'm not really a bi pie person, but this post makes me want to run to the nearest bakery for some!!!
    also, where do you shop? i love your outfits!!!