pie night!

we hosted a little pie night over the weekend for friends. josh and i both grew up with neighbors who hosted a pie night of sorts and apparently, josh has always won the “best pie” part back in the day whenever he’s entered a pie baking competition. so naturally, he wanted to host a “best pie” contest with an awards ceremony at the end of the night. he made fancy certificates and got little prizes for the winners. everyone brought such tasty pies! our friends sure know how to bake! it was a crazy sugar rush of an evening, but so much fun!

leslie’s beautiful key lime pie won best pie… then miss julie won second with the most delicious pear butterscotch i’ve ever tried, and christina came in third with a lovely coconut creme. but every single pie i tried was so good, it was hard to vote! i kind of wish we could have pie night every weekend.

  1. MegRuth

    It's so bizarre reading and loving your blog and then seeing my friends on it!

    Christina and I were roomies in NYC for a while and you know the Fauxes too!

    Have you looked at Christina's post about the coconut cream pie? I was dying that she won third prize after all the calamities!

  2. amber

    pie night is a fabulous idea!! i have got to do that with our friends. and i really love your sequins top!! :)

  3. Kelli K.

    you and your friends have the best style. I need a rockstar closet makeover. So innovative, I love it.

  4. Kelly

    pie night – what a great idea! glad it was fun!

  5. Connie

    Your life is so lovely but I'm certain cause you make it so! You're darling!

  6. i was wondering if the winning keylime pie recipe was available for sharing? (; i've been looking for a good one! thanks xo, t.