christmas lights.

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we spent a good portion of our day today at the d.c. temple with josh’s parents who are in town to celebrate christmas with us this weekend. all of the christmas lights on the temple grounds are beautiful. they make me want to grab a sleeping bag and camp out underneath them. but baby it’s cold outside!... Read more

husband’s {secret recipe} ginger cookies.

on sunday night, in between lots of braxton hicks contractions (we’re getting to the fun part of this pregnancy!) i sat on the kitchen floor and watched my love bake his all-time favorite cookie. the davis ginger cookie. i’d have helped, but this is very much his thing (it’s like he forgot i took his name and am a davis now, too.) i’d also share the recipe with you, but like i said, it’s his thing.... Read more

here’s to happiness {christmas edition.}

it has been a long time since we’ve done a happy list on this blog. and since christmas is just a few days away, there is so much to be happy about and grateful for. so here are 10 things that make me terribly happy this week: the little girl at eastern market who saw kingsley and said “mom, why is that doggy so mad?” to which her mother replied, “he’s not mad, honey.... Read more