1. The last one is my favourite! SO cute! x

  2. in.tin.

    oh,my [dog].
    Kingsley is such a little monster :)

  3. FeeMail

    Haha, this coat makes Kingsley look a bit like Dracula. The teeth match as well :)! So cute those pictures. He ist getting even bigger, is he?!

  4. Mikhaila

    Aww adorable! Your dog is awesome!

  5. OH! those faces are so cute! i love it when my hubby snuggles with our dogs…it makes my heart melt :) i can't imagine how that'll go when we actually have children :)

  6. Louise

    Aw two very handsome chaps!! Such lovely pictures x

  7. That is one pretty smile Kingsley has on his face!! And I love how his hair is sticking up, very handsome.

  8. That is one pretty smile Kingsley has on his face!! And I love how his hair is sticking up, very handsome.

  9. oh yes. kings knows how to work the camera like no other.

  10. Brianna!

    SO so soooooo PRECIOUS


  11. Brianna!

    SO so soooooo PRECIOUS


  12. Brianna!

    SO so soooooo PRECIOUS


  13. nicole

    Your puppy is officially all grown up! (aww) Great photos of the men in your life. xo.

  14. Kingsley's way too cute! Thnaks for sharing and have a Merry Christmas.

  15. r.

    Love that last picture of Josh and Kingsley! Kingsley is too cute!

  16. aww so cute!!

  17. sandi

    I have 2 bulldogs and one looks just like Kingsley! His name is Winston. I think (know) we need that cape!

  18. that last photo is exceptional! love mr. kingsley's vampire fangs!

  19. Whitney

    The top picture is so cute!
    Soon, you'll have three loves (exciting!)!

  20. D*mac

    Your puppy looks like count dracula in the last picture, so cute.

  21. can't wait until we get to meet the new member of the family!! that little guy/gal is going to have so much blog love! :)

  22. Too cute! I love the second shot, and whoever said Kingsley looks like Dracula in the last post wasn't kidding. It's darling!

  23. A.Co

    So cute.

    Good work on the pizza in that last post – yum!

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

  24. Sera Pie

    Haha, Kingsley looks so cute in the last photo! :)

  25. Jill

    oh my goodness! kingsley is so cute!! i love how the little hairs on the top of his head are sticking up! it looks like he slept on it the wrong way! :) i hope you and your adorable family are enjoying the holiday season!

  26. Kara

    I love your blog- found it through Bleubird! I showed my husband Matt your dog photos (we have a black lab and she can be disobedient at times too, but its always really funny stuff) and he was really inspired by how your husband dresses! So much so, that he wore a button down shirt, tie and sport coat with jeans to church this Sunday (our church is casual dress) – he normally wears jeans, a tshirt and a hoodie! Bravo Rockstars for helping my husband!

  27. hélène

    this dog is so funny, i love it!!!

  28. Riley

    This is so sweet!:)

  29. Danielle

    Kingsley just won't stop growing! It looks like he has a little buzz cut in the last picture. Too cute.

  30. Ashley

    hehe this makes my day. Kingsley face is just so funny and cute at the same time. =)

  31. Chelsea

    that third picture is priceless. how funny is that sweet doggie of yours!

  32. so so cute.

  33. 2busy

    Your dog is hilarious. Love his squishy face…

  34. simply adorable!

  35. Hahaha! The last picture with the cape collar makes Kingsley look like a confused vampire doggie! Yesh!

  36. Kelly

    adorable : )