let it snow! let it snow! let it snow!

the first real snow fall
(meaning it’s coming down fast and sticking!)
of the season is happening right now!
kingsley and i played in it together early this morning
after he reminded himself that it’s ok to get his paws wet…
(seeing him gallop around in the white stuff
reminded me of last year. i love him.)
hope it sticks and stays clean and pretty for a few days!
  1. amber

    awww he is so cute!! wish we would get some snow like that here in TN.

  2. Kingsley always makes my heart sing! Enjoy the weather and stay warm Momma! ox

    P.S. Send some down here to Alabama I've been dying for a winter wonderland and fear when I come home to visit Gaithersburg for the holidays I'll get snowed in again and not be able to see friends! ox

  3. We've had so much snow here we got snowed in for a whole week a few weeks ago. It was kind of romantic, but mostly enough to drive you crazy! So hope you don't get too much snow!

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  6. how pretty! you're so lucky to have a white Christmas!!

  7. what a fun time for your sweet pup! my dogs adore the snow…they go nuts :)

  8. Berlin is totally white already, but Kingsley seems to be the real Snow-King. Great pics!

  9. bethani

    kingsley is sooo cute..

    send some snow to TX

  10. Melinda

    Were your picture borders made with an app? Just curious because the negative number is the same on the top off all of them and I haven't heard of an RVP slide film. Looks cute though!

  11. Ohh lucky that you got some snow!! We only got a few flurries up here in NY so far! Soon enough tho! =) Kingsley is soo cute!!!

    Melanie's Randomness

  12. @melinda, these were just taken with the iphone app, instagram.

  13. Rachel

    same here – we've barely gotten any snow this year. now that we have some i'm just hoping it stays all pretty for christmas!!

  14. Riley

    He is so adorable!
    I cant believe how much he has grown since last winter. :)
    We got our fist snow fall this week and this is our third day out of school for a snow day.

  15. Lindsay

    I am so in love with Kingsley! My fiance and I would love to adopt a bulldog in a few years but for now, I keep checking back to your blog for more pics of this cutie. :)

  16. oh my! he has gotten SO big!!!!

  17. I love the snow! I'm living in Indianapolis right now and it just snowed a bunch. It's beautiful!
    I love your pictures :)

  18. Sera Pie

    How fun! What cute photos!

  19. Kingsley is adorable! i love him

  20. Looks lovely! Hope you don't get too snowed in! Its started again here in the Uk too!

  21. Jennifer

    i never get tired of your doggy! :D he's sooo preciousss.

  22. Kingsley is SO cute!! It's so white there!! Great pics–I have an app that does just that and I love it!

    <3 kris&kel;

  23. Sera

    my puppy loved the snow!

  24. Nikki

    oh my, Kingsley is too cute! love him in the snow!


  25. Gyda

    Kingsley is so cute, love seeing pictures if him. It was snowing in Vermont today, let's hope for white Christmas.

  26. The first snow fall of the season has to be one of the most magical things in the world! Playing outside with you favorite 4 legged pal is definitely the best way to spend it :)

  27. Lori

    Beautiful! We were in DC in December of 2008 when it started to snow and we loved it! We get a very small amount in our little part of California but other than that, there's no white Christmas over here. Enjoy it!

  28. snow sounds welcoming after grey rainy skies!

    enjoy it my dear!

  29. So CUTE! Looks like so much fun. Sadly I've never experienced a white Christmas, hopefully one day I will! I'm missing out!

  30. We have snow here in Kentucky, also! I love it, and it appears that Kingsley does as well! Happy Snow!

  31. glad you got some good snow – hope you get to enjoy it all this time!


  32. Bee

    Your pup just may be the cutest dog around.

  33. amanda

    LOVE the snow. haha. seeing dogs prance in the snow is so cute and funny.

    enjoy it!

  34. Sarah

    the similarities between kingsley and Frank are shocking.

  35. Alexia

    Great photos! :)

  36. Madi

    I love your photos!
    I wish it would snow here in Seattle already >_

  37. He's so adorable! x

  38. Meg

    That sweet little face is too much!!!

  39. Hah he's having so much fun in that last shot! :)

  40. Amanda

    i love your kingsley posts – they always make me smile :)

  41. Leslie

    It looks so clean and pretty. Kingsley looks like he is having a great time.

  42. Jessica

    We are expecting snow tonight, let's just hope it sticks if they're going to get my hopes up!