last year, this year. {+ giveaway winner!}

we picked up little 7 week old kingsley in ohio last christmas eve. then we set him beside my nutcracker christmas morning for a photo to show off his tiny size.
this year, when i unpacked the nutcracker, kingsley growled at it. he’s never growled at anything in his life, but he kept growling at it all day, so i had to hide it in our bedroom… because it obviously disturbs my little king. and we can’t have that. (even though i kind of wanted a photo of the two together again to show just how much kingsley has grown…)
oh well… i guess you don’t need a comparing visual when there are photos like this of him floating around the internet. he’s no longer 7 pounds. the end.
and congrats to C.M. below for winning our giveaway!

please email me your necklace choice and shipping info!

  1. oh they grow up so fast.. i love them when they're babies.. big over sized paws.. very cute!

  2. i. cannot. believe. how tiny he is. in that picture. slash how HUGE he is now?!

  3. nicole

    What a little sweetie! Love this photo!

  4. He's so tiny there! I remember when my dog was that small.. now it's like, what happened? :)

  5. Rhianne

    this year has flown by, I can't really believe it! Funny how things set dogs off, my parents dog growls at one toy sheep whenever he sees it…

  6. oh my goodness oh my goodness! he is like a little creampuff of cuteness!

  7. Oh my gosh…I forgot how little he used to be! haha

  8. emily

    i'm going to have to agree with kingsley. nutcrackers freak me out too (but we still have one up because ben insisted…)

  9. How funny that he is growling at his old friend. I hope they warm up to each other again. :)

  10. He was the ding dang cutest 7-pound puppy ever. And now he's the most handsome Kinglsey :)

  11. I have a puppy who is not fond of water bottles. It's funny how dogs react to certain things.

  12. That's adorable.

    My dog growls at water hoses…they've got their little quirks, too!

  13. Oh, Kingsley…you melt my heart. :)

  14. man he sure has grown!! he was teeny tiny!! now like my little brother would say, he's a "big man"

  15. Danielle

    I just want to smush him! So cute.

  16. Bre

    What a little cutie he was, my how he has grown, now he's so handsome. And ferocious for protecting you all from the big bad Nutcracker haha

  17. amanda

    he's soooo presh!

  18. Aww! Bulldogs are such cute puppies!

  19. Colleen

    Gosh I love this pup. Too too cute!

  20. Oh my gosh, I just found your blog via my sister (Renee Chronicles), your dog is do damn cute! So tiny there, wow!

  21. Emily

    I just found your blog! We got a french bulldog last year for Christmas, and are now expecting our first Child as well. I love your blog.