last night…

friends. s’mores. pitango hot cocoa. gingerbread houses. holiday music. entrepreneurial ideas discussed. baby names too. new holiday traditions. happy happy evening.
  1. ADORABLE. I've been dying to do a gingerbread house. Maybe this weekend will be it!

  2. i've never actually made a gingerbread house! i know i'm missing out…it looks so fun :)

  3. Hi Naomi! I've been looking for a long, cozy sweater just like this one to give my cousin for Christmas. Any ideas on where I might find one? ;)

  4. Looks like such fun. A lovely idea. I've actually never made a gingerbread house!

  5. These photos are adorable, and y'all made such sweet gingerbread houses! New traditions are always fun.

  6. @lady lyles, are you talking about the long sweater i am wearing? it's from h&m.; they have a bunch! xo

  7. MellyB

    Ooh little mini houses. So fun! We're making one this weekend and I think I might make go for that tiny size. Smaller always = cuter!
    Babies are total proof.

  8. :o Oh my! look how big your belly has got, you must be so excited! x

  9. Gussy

    oh muh goodness. look at you in that last pic ;]

    sooooo sweet! xoxo & happy weekend!

  10. grace

    what a fun evening! your gingerbread houses are adorable.
    you look like you're getting ready to pop- so exciting! christmas baby?

  11. Riley

    I attempted to make one and it's still in the works. No where near as cute as your little ones though! I can't believe how big your tummy has gotten! :)

  12. You are the cutest pregnant woman ever! Those are adorable ginger bread houses too!

  13. Sarah

    So ridiculously darling. Your bump is the sweetest!

  14. maybe you should just stay pregnant forever….SO adorable!!!!!!

  15. That's the one! H&M; is great news for our gift swap's 30 dollar price cap. Thanks so much :)

  16. love those gingerbread houses! esp the triangle ones. :-)

  17. Jennifer

    awww look at that bump! :D

    and those are cute! looks like a lot of fun and yummmmmmy houses, haha.


  19. you and your friends are so adorable! ah, your blog continually makes me want to switch places with you, a la "freaky friday". so gorgeous and full of life :)

  20. I did not realize you guys are friends :) I follow both blogs and just never put two and two together ha… I probably found one via the other. But anyway, LOVE this post! Such beautiful couples!

  21. Sera

    i still can't get over your baby bump! and i LOVE your sweater in the last photo!

  22. 2busy

    Oh my, those look delicious. (The coke, too.)

  23. You are seriously so cute prego. I think you're due about the same time as my sis-in-law who lives in D.C. Give her a what's up for me if you see her in the hospital. :)

  24. janis

    i made one of those gingerbread houses with my nephew + niece. they were so gosh darn cute. my niece just ate all the candy, and my nephew claimed after it was finished that he had done it all by himself! haha!

  25. I am not a hands on persona, unfortunately, so I would be completely incapable of making a gingerbread house :(

  26. amanda

    gingerbread houses ROCK!

    and you look stunning!

  27. CUTE!! Little mini gingerbread houses… love it! Merry Christmas!

  28. Chelsea

    aw, that looks like SO much fun!

  29. morgan.

    yummmm. oh, im drooling.

  30. Whitney

    Oh! That looks like fun!
    Love the sweater.

  31. Bridget

    looking lovely as always, naomi!

  32. we have matching sweaters :)

  33. so fun! i haven't made one this year, and i'm sad… i hope i get to, i love decorating gingerbread houses. :)

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  35. I never tried to do one myself, but after looking through the pictures I really want to!
    P.s. u look great

  36. Rachel

    your gingerbread houses are so cute! mine always look like a monkey made them, haha!

  37. How adorable? that looks like fun…and so very yummy :3


  38. omg! your little bun in the oven is adorable

  39. so sweet :]


  40. i spy kingsley sitting by the fire as usual, back there…

  41. oh my gosh,i just noticed kingsley, too. so adorable. and i take back what i said about staying pregnant forever… i am sure you are ready to get your apetite back (not to mention meeting that little baby….)

  42. Nicole

    I just learned about your blog.. and I LOVE it! You guys are adorable and stylish and awesome. Great gingerbread houses!

  43. Carly

    you've inspired me to make a gingerbread house with some buddies! i'm going to try to grab one before christmas comes, eep! :)

  44. Kelly

    what lovely gingerbread houses!!