it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas on capitol hill!

i am a big fan of holiday door wreaths, glittery lights and anything that looks like christmas! i’m also especially fond of capitol hill at the moment (but like i ever wasn’t) because people who live here really get into their holiday decorating. practically every door on the hill has a wreath of some sort… and that makes me happy!

  1. Jenae

    I love Christmas time! Capitol Hill looks so sweet!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love Christmas time, also! BTW, I was a reader quite a while ago. But, I got out of blogging. It felt like a void in my life and I'm glad to be back to blogging (and reading) ! Happy Holidays!

  3. Christmastime is the best! I love the last photo with the wreath on the wooden door. I wanted to try my hand at making a wreath buuuuut…. maybe next year. ;)

    Talia Christine

  4. Ali

    We have a giraffe just like that in our backyard! No joke.

  5. rebecca

    i wish people got that excited about decorating here in utah. it's like a scavenger hunt to find christmas lights and wreaths in these neighborhoods!

  6. Cole

    Beautiful pictures! I would love to take a trip back east. It doesn't feel super Christmasy here in Arizona when its 85 and sunny out. I especially love that last wreath. I make holidays wreaths in my shop and love it. :)

  7. Love this dress! Hope I win!

    Merry Christmas!

  8. what a beautiful site to see…i love wreaths but haven't been able to bring myself to buy one or make one. they're stunning though!

  9. amanda

    i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE snooping into peoples houses and seeing their decorated christmas trees. it makes me so happy. it just makes everything a little bit cheerier!

    so of course, that picture with the tree in the front window is to die for.

  10. Carly

    so pretty!!

  11. Adorable :) Great photos too! Makes me extra excited to finish putting up all my Chrsitmas decorations!

  12. Love this! Classic evergreen wreaths are my favorite!

  13. I'd like to visit and experience it! Merry Christmas

  14. Leigh

    That last door is GORGEOUS. Literally out of a magazine. Beautiful.

  15. Bee

    So nice. I love love love Christmas time!

  16. Amanda

    beautiful noticings.

  17. Nikki

    So nice!
    Last time we were in DC I decided I was in love with Capital Hill. It was gorgeous!


  18. Cara-Mia

    So gorgeous! Much nicer than Christmas in southern California.

  19. Kelsey

    Jealous, no one seems to have quite the same Christmas spirit here in Utah. My family doesn't even put lights on the house anymore.

  20. That last photo is so pretty! Love the tall door and simple wreath with the bright red bow!

  21. Meaghan

    I love the last picture of the door. Its such a cool old door.

  22. i love christmas time and all the decorations that come out as well. the season makes me miss my family back east but the general warmth and happiness christmas time brings makes things better.

  23. Lane

    Hey girl,
    I’m doing a Christmas card swap at my blog and would love to have you join in :)

  24. that might be the most charming neighborhood ever! I have a friend that just moved there and I'm dying to visit, especially now after these photos!

  25. Tiq

    Aahhhhhh…so lovely……~~

  26. please oh please tell me you live in front of the festive giraffe! or at least go to dinner parties with the people who own the festive giraffe! that is beyond awesome!

  27. Michele

    The photos are delightful.

  28. Whitney

    Those all look SO ideal!
    Oh Christmas, I'm so excited you're finally here!

  29. Alivia

    Beautiful! I think I need a wreath, now!
    …Or one of those giraffes. Cuuuute :)

  30. kim

    Yay! It's the most wonderful time of the year!

  31. Jennifer

    cute decorations! it makes me want to do something more festive around here now!

  32. Riley

    Completely agree!
    I'm in such a Christmas mood now! :)
    Lately all I want to watch is Christmas stuff and go play in the snow.

  33. RozaSam

    Hey!! Happy holidays! :D

    I love the pictures and the camera!! It makes everything look vibrant and beautiful!! Congrats on the pregnancy!!! :DD

    Read my blog if you got time's not much! i just started blogging after my friend had continuously begged me to!!

  34. Melina

    Your neighborhood is so gorgeous! Mine in LA doesn't even compare, but I'm excited to travel home to New England and get into the spirit of things!


    .but i like it.

  35. Linka

    So pretty! These photos make me happy! I love Christmas!!!

  36. In contrast, I noticed that the people in Denver haven't decorated much this year at all. Maybe because its been in the 60's here?

  37. i love how festive your neighborhood is for every holidays!

  38. Kelly

    I LOVE door wreaths! Thank you for sharing!

  39. Tanwon

    Boxwood wreaths like the one in the last picture are my favorite! Pretty Christmas pictures.

  40. Jessica

    I also love the simplicity of that wreath. I've been to DC once during Christmas and it was lovely looking at all of the decorations. I'm so sad this time of year will be over in a matter of days now!

  41. that giraffe is too cute…looks like a wonderful place to be at christmas :)

  42. Rebecca

    Pretty! We just moved to DC two months ago and have plans to see the tree this weekend – can't wait!!

  43. eep :) Christmas-giraffe :) that looks really funny…thank you ever so much for sharing this :)
    hope you are well and everything is great :)


  44. Victoria

    Such pretty perfect pictures! xx

  45. Sita

    Love your pictures.
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    For a cool one, which is very comfortable/handy (3 wheels)=> the Urban Yungle.
    For a stylish one (4 wheels)=> the Bugaboo

    I really like the planning calendar you have hanging! Could you please let me know where I can get it?

    Thank you! Best wishes with your last pregnancy weeks!

  46. It's so christmas-y! Where i live it's hot all year round so i never get that complete christmas feeling

  47. like the decor! im really into the xmas spirit also!

  48. i love these scenes. i love glittery lights and christmas-y things too. :]


  49. I love the style of your photography, Naomi. P.S. It's quite possible that you're the cutest pregnant lady ever.

  50. Wreaths are my favorite Christmas decoration! Love these pictures. And I agree with Lindsay Kay – you're the most adorable pregnant lady ever.