it snowed (kind of.) and other weekend events.

this weekend we witnessed the first “teeny tiny” snowfall of the season, i tried out pitango’s hot chocolate with girlfriends (that stuff is rich!), we researched and shopped for our stroller (major headache… let’s not talk about it), josh came to the studio and watched me try to teach with a big belly, josh ate ice cream for breakfast and i came close to joining him, we went to a white elephant gift exchange and also our ward christmas party, had lunch at jimmy t’s together, cleaned our bedroom (although you can’t really tell today) and spent time with mister kingsley. here are a few photos….

how was your weekend? can you believe christmas is next saturday?!
  1. that apron is so adorable…you look so cute with your sweet baby bump!

  2. Jennifer

    You're gorgeous and these pictures are cute! :D

  3. bethani

    so cute!!! white elephant gift exchanges are the best!

  4. you rock the pregnancy look. when's the baby coming?

  5. I'm always on the lookout for really rich Italian hot cocoa :) What a cute sexy mama picture by the tree! It's not snowing at all here in MS, just bitter cold (if you can believe it) ;)

  6. seems like such a nice and relaxing weekend! ps. love your sweater in the last shot! oh, and the headband, too!

  7. That hot chocolate looks so good. :)

  8. Love your baby bump! Thats Hannah Terrill…well she is married now, but she grew up in my stake in ca…funny!

  9. i love hot chocolate, but looking at how rich that is almost made me gag.

  10. your weekend seems fab! :) and you are sososo beautiful! :) *hugs*

  11. So cute Naomi! And you freaked me out with the Christmas next saturday (well, next as in after the saturday of this week). reminds me I need to finish a few Christmas whoops this week!

    xx Vivian @

  12. Coope

    Pregnancy suits you very well, you are the most beautiful mama I´ve ever seen! :)
    And do you know Stokke strollers? It is a swedish brand. They have a very nice design (not oldschool but nice anyway) adn are so practical, handy and easy to use.


  13. kirby

    Hi Naomi!

    Just wanted to say thanks for the Eastern Market tree tip :) Went over and picked out a little cutie a couple weekends ago.

  14. Katerina

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  15. Sera

    i love all your decorations! and what a cute baby bump!

  16. hanner

    that last picture made me laugh out loud. we are so festive! also, i felt really gluttonous that i was the only one who finished my hot chocolate… in like 2 minutes…

  17. Jessica

    What a precious baby bump you have! It kind of snowed here, too. Actually it was more like flurries all day long and nothing stuck to the ground so it was kind of sad. If it's going to be this cold I expect a winter wonderland out of it!

  18. We had a huge dumping of snow in the Midwest, so I'm sure more is headed your way. Can't wait for Christmas! (Though you totally freaked me out because I panicked for a second that it was this coming Saturday!)

    And now I shall make myself some (much less rich) hot chocolate. ^_^

  19. annie

    you look beautiful, as usual! looks like you had a fabulous weekend!

  20. Lynn

    sounds like a super fun-filled weekend complete with an "almost" snow…i would love just a little sprinkle to come to our town soon.

    love the photos Naomi and also very strategic tree placement so the King can't start digging into those gifties! ; )

    gosh i laughed when i scrolled down to see you girls with your xmas headbands, awesome as anything is what! ♥

  21. Jenna

    you are so beautiful in all of your photos. i hope you have a wonderful monday!

  22. Nicole

    Naomi, I've been loving your pregnancy outfits!! Always so stylish and adorable. If you have time, I'd love to see a quick post on where you've had luck. I'm definitely not pregnant, but perhaps one day I will be and would love to keep looking stylish :)


  23. Rachel

    You are just too cute :) And we've had barely any snow in Utah, yet. Well, at least in Provo. My family, though, said it was snowing last night in Georgia!! That's crazy!

  24. you are seriously the cutest pregnant woman ever! I'm jealous of the snow! we don't really get much of that in Texas… it's like 60 degrees outside right now!

  25. Bre

    Adorable pictures as always. Ice cream for breakfast is something I fully support!

  26. sounds like a really fun weekend! ice cream for breakfast sounds good to me…

  27. Whitney

    Mmmm. That hot chocolate looks sooo yummy!
    And I LOVE your sweater in the last pic!

  28. Libby

    i just watched your little video on the side of your page and I'm not joking when I say this: i have never seen somebody with such a look of love on their face than you had towards your husband. the two of you together both had looks of love, but you just look absolutely looked enamored by him and it made me get misty eyed! so beautiful, and so lucky!

  29. Fun weekend! What is your Christmas tree on? It looks cool and weathered. Is that something you picked up especially for your tree or you have in your home regularly?

  30. amber

    you are glowing!!! wonderful photos :)

  31. aw you look gorgeous, naomi!! beautiful photos. :]


  32. kelly*

    your baby bump is SO cute!!
    also that sweater you have on in the last picture…where did you find that?!?! i want one!

  33. so much loveliness in one weekend! just gonna call it now, your baby is going to be the most precious baby of all. a part of me feels creepy for saying this, but i hope he or she has to wear precious glasses like your hubz does! that would be so cute i might explode. ::) glad you had a lovely weekend, pretty lady!

  34. 2busy

    Next Saturday? Oh, dear…

  35. Kez*

    when i have a baby in the (far away) future, i hope i look as lovely as you do. you're actually glowing and there i thought that that was a myth x

  36. Darcie

    Holy cow–next Saturday!?! I've got to get moving!

  37. Kelly

    there is nothing wrong with ice cream for breakfast : )

    Can't wait for Christmas!!

  38. It's be a long time, Naomi – but CONGRATS! You look fabulous. We are so happy for you and Josh and hope you both are doing as well as it seems. Merry Christmas to you both!

  39. Eleven

    I wrap my gifts in brown paper and tie them with shiny ribbon, too! Sounds like you had a productive week. :)

  40. Danielle

    That picture of Josh is cracking me up, no idea why. Looks fun!

  41. I love how adorable you and the mister are! And ice cream for breakfast is always A-OK.

  42. i'm forever thinking this every time i read your blog, but i decided that i must tell you….

    you are absolutely the most beautiful pregnant woman i've ever seen. seriously. i just showed my husband that top photo and said: if i knew i'd look this cute while pregnant i'd jump on that bandwagon right now :).

    just thought you should know :). glad you had a good weekend!

  43. Sammy

    girl you are tiny! :) i wish my belly stayed that small when i was pregnant! :) you look great!

  44. Vanessa

    Are you having ice cream aversions?? That would make me think boy! A girlfriend and I were discussing this just the other day, we both have had three girls and ice cream was no problem – but when I was prego with my boy ice cream made my stomach turn. Same for my girlfriend, who just found out it's a boy! :)

  45. i've said it before and i'll say it again….cutest pregnant girl ever!!!

  46. Colleen

    Looking good Naomi!! We had our first light snow in NYC last night, it was magical. Enjoy the rest of Christmas!

  47. Just thought id drop by and say hi *waves* i am pretty new to this blogging malarky.

    Pregnancy really suits you :)

    We've had quite a bit of snow in England, but its cleared now! I was starting to get fed up of having cold toes! xx

  48. Megan

    You are freaking adorable! And I loved for baby research, they do all the testing for you and rate it. I don't have to do a thing. And it's all conducted by real mom's with real lives!

  49. Shann

    Did you lighten your hair? The first pic of you and the bump is amazing! I'd say its a framer for sure!

  50. t.

    i remember being pregnant at christmas time. it seemed to make the whole season even more magical! merry christmas to you. :)

  51. lauren

    that sweater is wonderful! may i ask where that sweater in your last picture is from?

  52. @lauren, it's from h&m;!