husband’s {secret recipe} ginger cookies.

on sunday night, in between lots of braxton hicks contractions (we’re getting to the fun part of this pregnancy!) i sat on the kitchen floor and watched my love bake his all-time favorite cookie. the davis ginger cookie. i’d have helped, but this is very much his thing (it’s like he forgot i took his name and am a davis now, too.) i’d also share the recipe with you, but like i said, it’s his thing. and it’s a secret. (sorry.)
  1. Mallory

    Braxton hicks always fooled me! Cookies look delicious!

  2. nicole

    i can smell them from here! they look really tasty!!

  3. O.

    those look great, thanks for sharing the secret

  4. floreal

    Lokks Yummy,, thanks for sharing..:)

  5. Cookies look amazing!! :D Hopefully your baby comes soon…I can't wait for my next little niece or nephew to arrive…it's such an exciting time :D

  6. those look tasty. men are so funny with the things that they decide they definitely cannot share with others.

  7. i love that they're your hubby's recipe…i love when my hubby makes food for me :)

  8. Sherry

    When's the sweet pea due? I'm a christmas eve baby and surprised my parents when I arrived a month early when they were home visiting the family for the holidays. My sweet peas were 4 weeks early, 3 weeks early, and 2 weeks early. Those babies are full of surprises…. enjoy the final stretch. It's so wonderful!!!

  9. Love this! The cookies look wonderful!!! Hope the "hicks" hit the road! :-)

  10. those look SO scrumptious!

  11. He is so sweet :)

  12. Heather

    Good heavens, those look…and sound heavenly…

  13. Love it – they looks so yummy and Christmasy!

  14. Shorty

    I LOVE ginger cookies with hot tea. Too bad he won't share his recipe. ;)

  15. first of all that is so sweet of him. and i love his apron. ha

    merry christmas!

  16. yummy! we made gingerbread cookies at my house this week along with some brownies, it was such fun! i mostly watched slash played around while my roommates did the hard labor though, haha :)

  17. my dad has recipes he won't share the recipe to either!! so rude! haha

  18. Suzanne

    Ohh how those braxton hicks are making you too uncomfortable! Those cookies look yum!

  19. Suzanne

    Oh goodness…so many typos. That was supposed to be "hope those braxton hicks aren't making you too uncomfortable" okay. much better!

  20. Renata

    oh my, i'd so wanna bake some cookies (and eat them of course), but here in montevideo it's 35ºC heat, if i bake i have serious risk of melting in my kitchen!!!

  21. yummm…these look great. gotta love a man who will bake for you :)

  22. Cookies sound like a wonderful distraction from Braxton Hicks. Just try to avoid loud movies…those always made mine go crazy!

  23. Colleen

    Agree…hope the Braxton Hicks aren't making you too uncomfortable. I hope the cookies helped!

  24. Haley K

    yay for braxton hicks! As long as they don't hurt ya, they are fun aren't they?? :) And brownie points to the hubs baking skills! mmmmmm, warm cookies & cold milk sound so good right about now :)

    And your happy list made me smile. Every. Single. Thing. =)

  25. Kristina

    Maybe you should have a cookie exchange next year! Then Josh can share the cookies even if he can't share the recipe!

  26. They look delicious!!! I'm not much of a baker, but I always have the urge to make cookies during Christmas.


  27. My dad used to be like this…he'd say, "You can have this recipe when you're older." And now I'm older and still have to beg them out of him!

  28. those look so delicious – i love ginger cookies.

  29. Jennifer

    Those look super yummy.
    You always make me jealous of your life, haha.

  30. Helena

    Good looking AND cooks!…lucky lady! Merry Christmas!

  31. MsShamz

    these look absolutely scrumptious!!

  32. teamBoo

    I used to LOVE ginger…until one morning when i made the mistake of eating one bite before a 10 mile run. ONE BITE! I'm pretty sure i dry heaved the whole way.

    Ginger cookies are still a no go for me.