getting ready.

… we still don’t know the sex of our baby. but since i naturally tend to migrate towards dresses and bows (i mean i am a girl after all), i snagged this little boy outfit above on etsy a few weeks ago to help even out my boy/ girl piles. (actually, it’s more of a “neutral” pile, with the exception of a few pieces. in my opinion, one of the blessed perks of not finding out the baby’s sex… you aren’t stuck with all baby blue, or all baby pink. maybe just one or two pink or blue items tops. and contrary to popular belief about gender neutral items, i don’t think we have any yellows or greens.)
these past few days have been a little more tough on my body… so i’ve been laying low with mister kingsley getting some stuff done around the house. yesterday i finally got around to washing all of our newborn stuff. doing the laundry has never been so fun. and i doubt it will ever be that fun again. next step, pack that hospital bag. my doctor told me to pack before thanksgiving, and considering how excited i’ve been about it for ages, i don’t know why it’s still not packed. i will get on that.
we made a little stop by target monday night to pick up a few things. we were in the baby section and decided it was finally time to check out that big ticket item… diapers. oh my. have you seen how teeny tiny size 1 diapers actually are? we got in the car and i kept saying “josh, we just bought diapers! can you believe it? diapers!” and so it begins…
  1. Who knew diapers could be so exciting! It makes perfect sense, though- congratulations again!

  2. Leslie

    You guys should try cloth diapers! They are so cute, eco-friendly, and much easier on the bank account (in the long run, anyway). Lots of cute ones to be found on Etsy. :)

  3. aww!! my best friend bought TONS of newborn diapers and i think baby wore them for a week? haha she was giant! good luck naomi, i can only imagine how exciting this time is!

  4. Hey Taza! A friend of mine just directed me to your blog and said you were from DC! My husband and I are moving there next year so I'll be combing through your blog for all the good DC info. You might like my blog Stella & Henry, it's all modern babies, kids & parents stuff. Good luck!

  5. Chloé

    EEEEEEeeeeee!!! So exciting! I think it's great to have gender neutral stuff so your next baby (!) can have hand me downs. But that little outfit is the most adorable thing EVER. xoxo

  6. Ashley

    That little outfit is darling. I'm really excited for you guys and I can't wait until we all get to know the sex of the baby! =)

  7. @leslie, we've chosen not to do cloth diapers, but i just finished the book diaper free, by ingrid bauer and plan on trying my hand at elimination communication. i've researched it a lot the past few months and think that is the best route for our family. thanks though!

  8. what a cute outfit!!!

  9. becky

    That outfit is the cutest thing. I am so excited for you guys and cannot wait to hear more about baby. I hope it all goes well.

  10. hang in there girl, laying low is probably just the thing you need to do right now. that, and buy incredibly adorable baby clothes :)

  11. MellyB

    Newborn diapies are sooo tiny. We have a ton of preemie ones I need to get rid and I can't believe my baby was ever that small. I'm so jealous you are on the cusp of newborn snuggles. In my opinion, that is one of the best things this world has to offer.

  12. Bridget

    that outfit is adorable. can't wait to see some baby pictures on your blog… soon!

  13. Jr. Mint

    I have loved washing our babies clothes in preparation for her arrival. It is the most, precious laundry I have ever done.

  14. Carly

    You're getting so close! Almost there!

  15. CoCoon

    Great little outfit.
    It's all so amazing to read about. So excited for you two. Gonna be one stylish kid, that's for sure!

  16. Carina

    this little outfit is incredibly cute!

  17. i cannot wait to see pics of the baby actual wearing such cute clothes!

  18. that's just too cute :)

  19. dandee

    This is such an exciting time in your life, savor every bit of it.

  20. Rhianne

    so excited for you both :)

  21. holtkamp

    so excited for you and josh!!!!

  22. this is sweet.
    and that baby boy outfit is darling!

  23. Alivia

    Yay! Diapers! This outfit is so cute– it might work for a little girl, too, maybe? Do you think you'll post pictures of the nursery? (pretty please?!)

  24. Brittany

    Yep, the reality of becoming a mother for me started when we bought our first pack of diapers. It came full circle when I entered the operating room (I had a c-section) and saw the incubators that my babies would be placed in. Crazy, but so exciting! Can't wait for you!

  25. Pia

    This is all so exciting!!
    I cannot wait for the day that I will buy some diapers for a soon to be born baby. It must be such a magical feeling.

  26. Ahn

    pink is exactly why i won't find out my baby's sex (when i have a baby).

  27. Liz

    aw, so excited for you guys! what an amazing time in your lives! can't wait to find out the sex :)

  28. grace

    so exciting! counting down the days until baby picture arrive!

  29. eeeeeekkk that is delicious.. and would look amazing with pink tights if it is a little girl!

    Oh I'd love to be baby shopping right now – you must be sooo excited!

  30. bethani

    awww YAY!! baby prepping time. the mister and i's best man just found out TODAY they are having a girl (due the week of our wedding day). I'm soo excited – I finally can walk by the baby stuff in target and buy something.. <3


  31. if you thought 1's were small… go get N's! you'll most likely need them:) my babe was 6 lb 11 oz and wore newborn diapers for at least 4 weeks. they have a little dip for their belly buttons too… pampers(?) naturals were the softest.

    i can't wait to see this adorable babe of yours!!

  32. Awww! So excited for you and Josh! I would love to wait to find out, but I think I wouldn't be able to contain myself with trying to wait to find out the sex! Happy anticipating!

    xx Vivian @

  33. Anna

    Yeah you will most likely want at least one pack of N size diapers. My baby was 6lbs 2oz (at 8 days overdue mind you) and even the N were too big (we had to go hunt down premie sized diapers for a week or so). She's now 6 months and still wearing size 1s.

    And in case no one has told you yet–'s subscribe and save program can save you a bundle on diapers. Also they deliver them right to your door with 2 day shipping–no hauling around big boxes.

  34. Liv

    i can definitely go along with the suggestion to buy newborn-sized diapers! my girl wore them for at least a month b/c she stayed so tiny for so long. she only wore size 1 for a little while after that before going up to 1/2.

    i started buying diapers as soon as i found out we were pregnant b/c the cost adds up so quickly! buying them before spending all my savings on the hospital bills meant my babe didn't have to go naked! hahaha

  35. kate

    go to immediately! you can get 35% cash back until christmas (to use towards another purchase) and it's free shipping. good luck with everything!

  36. hi everyone, we did buy 1 small pack of newborn diapers as well! i'm excited to open those if we need them! we'll see…


  37. Melany

    i remember thinking the exact same thing! "paul, we just bought diapers!!" haha so fun. i love that you're enjoying every second of it.

  38. Janssen

    My 7lb7oz baby wore newborn size diapers for about five weeks. They just fit so much better than size 1s (she wore size 1s in the hospital because that's what they had – they DROWNED her).

  39. MrsCab

    Oh Naomi! God bless your family!

  40. This post is adorable. I's all so exciting! I think it's really impressive that y'all have held off on finding out the gender, and that's such a good point about not ending up with massive amounts of blue and pink. I wish the very best of luck in the coming weeks!

  41. This is so exciting! You're going to make such an adorable mom :)

  42. jenn

    So awesome and exciting!!

  43. Awwww, Elle had preemie diapers! I found a few of her preemie onesie's the other day while I was removing some of her baby baby clothes from her closet to make room for the things she fits into now and, oh my gosh!!! To think of how tiny she was!!! Then I missed when she would just cuddle with me. Now she's a mile a minute! So much fun!! You're getting so close! Eeeee! Yay!

  44. The outfit is so so cute – just as your whole blog. I can't agree more on the options and pre-conception of colors! The other day at a store I picked up several kimono-like pieces in pastel blue, lavender, green, brown, etc., and at the registry the woman asked: "Oh, there's a pink one – do you want this one too?" I do! These all are for girls!
    I think I am exactly far along in my pregnancy – almost 36 weeks. And the first "brand new" present we've got was newborn diapers, with the same reaction – I basically cried repeating to my husband: "They are so tiny, they are so adorable, I want to have children so much" (it was only a few weeks ago). And "free diapering" is what we are going for as well! It's just so fun to read about people going through the same experiences – thank you for sharing.

  45. caroline

    That outfit is adorable– I never would have thought to look for baby clothes on Etsy. One of my friends is having a baby shower this weekend, and has decided not to find out the baby's gender. I found this extremely liberating when designing an outfit; the cardigan I knit for him/her is a creamy ivory with stripes in chocolate brown and pale green. Such a pretty combination!

  46. amanda

    baby diapers are the cutest!!

  47. jlc

    that's really cute!!! YAYYY diapers!!!


    Post made me smile as soon as I opened the page and saw the cute lil outfit.

  48. how exciting!! the days are getting close…the anticipation must be crazy!!

  49. Meaghan

    I love reading your blog!
    My boy is almost 9 months already, it goes by so fast. It is so fun to read about someones experiences going through the same things I once did. Like everyone else I am so excited to see your sweet baby when he/she arrives. I to never loved having to fold laundry more then when I washed all of my Maximus' newborn baby clothes. I kept thinking "I cant believe I will be dressing a little baby soon!"

    Also I used huggies for awhile, but just recently I decided to try the Target up and up brand. And for one they are cuter with the polka dots and they are cheaper, soft, and so far have worked really well. Just thought I would share :)

    <3 Meaghan

  50. Casey

    Awwwwwwwwwww! I am so excited/happy for you! Can't wait to see the pics of the baby!!!


  51. Your excitement is so cute! I am a new mama myself and can attest that there will be a million little things coming up that make you feel this way! It is an amazing journey that you are on – enjoy every step of the way!!!

  52. ah…good times. enjoy it all, girl! when are you due?

  53. Just so you know, size 1 will be TOO SMALL at first. I'm not kidding. You need the newborn size at least, if not the preemie size, even for a regular 7 pound baby. You will not believe how tiny their bums are.

    Washing the newborn clothes while I'm still pregnant is my absolute FAVORITE part of pregnancy, and I'm not kidding. 9 months pregnant, uncomfortable, exhausted, I always do the baby laundry and it cheers me right up.

  54. I mean too big, not too small! Ack!

  55. Kelly

    so exciting!! i guess diapers are a ture reality check that things are getting closer to meeting the little one!! yay :)

  56. Jessica

    Diapers are oh so fun in the beging! I remember how tiny size ones were, although my son was born 9 lbs 7.5 ounces, so he soon graduated to size 2's! Enjoy it, it goes so fast, and 2 year old diapers are definitely not as fun!
    Can't wait to know what you are having, that was a darling outfit:)

  57. koko

    So PRECIOUS! boy – girl…perfect.

  58. joolee

    hooray! he/she will be here soon! maybe i shouldn't say that buying diapers soon loses the novelty once you realize how MANY that little one needs. :) but it IS fun, isn't it??? so happy for you. i'm glad you don't know the sex, doesn't it just increase the anticipation? we just had our third and didn't find out, but we were set as far as boy/girl clothes since we'd had one of each already. good luck!

  59. Sera Pie

    So exciting!! Wishing you and baby lots of health and happiness. :)

  60. Alie

    How exciting! Our first (a darling little boy named Jack) is five weeks old.

    Two things:
    1. Kudos for not packing your bags quite yet. I got too excited and packed mine about six weeks early, and by the time Jack was born (on his due date, actually) I had no idea what was even in the bags. Pregnancy makes you quite forgetful. Pack them maybe two weeks in advance, or write down what is in them!
    2. Get some newborn diapers. Jack was 7lb. 12oz and they fit him for a little over two weeks. We got three small packages and it was perfect.

    Congrats! And check out my blog if you want more tips. I posted a bunch of things I wish I had known (and believed). It's pretty straight-forward and candid.

  61. Haley K

    oh that little outfit is to die for! Your babe is going to be one stylish little peanut :) And isn't washing and folding/hanging their clothes so fun! i think the tiny-factor adds something special to it :)

  62. Lisa

    That is just the most exciting thing!! I am so happy and excited for you!!

  63. Diaper free? Interesting! I hope you post about it! I'm interested to hear how that works/how it goes!

  64. Melina

    Oh that outfit is too cute!! Good luck in the upcoming weeks! I'm so excited for you guys. You'll make amazing parents!


  65. Sherry

    My first born was a premie and the premie diapers were so tiny. I still have one tucked away. I might have to get it out and hang it on my rear view mirror. Enjoy!

  66. I have to say that you made me cry when you said that thing about diapers. I know I'm a stranger, I know we might never meet, but steel, I want you to know that I'm sending all my love to your family ande I hope very sincerely that the four of you will be just as happy as you diserve, just as happy as we all wish you to.

    with so much love,


  67. CAPow!

    you guys are so cute! I can't wait for the day I hop over and read your post announcing the little one's birth!

  68. I was about 10000000000 loads of laundry behind last weekend and was thinking – if two people can create so much laundry what in the world happens when you add in tenny tinny outfits although my friend assured me that it is much more fun to fold their tiny clothes – Yeah for buying diapers!

  69. liz city

    That outfit is DARLING!!!!

  70. la beast

    Cant wait see pictures of your new little rockstar!

  71. Colleen

    So many things: 1 – you can do it! I know it must be so hard on your body by the end but only about 5 weeks left – stay focused on the goal! 2 – Pack that bag – you never know when it may come! and 3 – so cute. My friends that have had children say the same thing at the end – "can you believe we just got…". It's the whole mentality of looking back on the first time you met, your first date, etc., and looking at where it brought you. Congrats little mama! Keep up the hard work – you're doing great!

  72. I think this outfit is totally suitable for a girl! Especially a girl with a fun attitude too :)

  73. Linka

    I am so excited for you guys!!! Have you purchased bottles yet?

  74. erin

    well this is about the most exciting adventure i can think of! wishing you both so many good thoughts!

  75. You are in for such a ride! Diapers don't stay so teeny for long. I found one of my boy's teeny diapers in my purse and was blown away that his big butt use to fit in there. It happens so fast. This is a precious time – enjoy!

  76. tip… you will need more size one diapers than newborn. stock up on those!! good luck naomi :)

  77. Shandey

    Tip- make sure to maybe pack things for husband, too. I didnt even think about doing that. So when I had my little Lola, my husband ended up wearing the comfy pants I packed for myself… and yes; size ones are tee-eee-eeeny. It makes me sad to think how much baby has grown in 9 months.

    I'm so happy and excited for you. I loved being pregnant. I loved being in labor (all 26 hours) I loved being in the hospital after delivering and every minute afterwards( even the hard parts).

    Hooray for babies!

  78. your blog makes me so excited and happy about my own wedding and my future little family =]

    i read it almost every day to see what other new and exciting things you have done.

    im so excited for you and your husband and this new little addition to your family. congrats and i hope your holiday season is amazing!!!


  79. Hailey

    so cute!

  80. i just stocked the changing table with diapers too…they are sooo tiny! and i just keep looking at the newborn onesies and can't believe how tiny they are! although, when baby sticks a foot up in my ribcage, she doesn't really feel all that tiny =P

  81. Carissa

    that is just the cutest little outfit! ahhh! :) so many things to prepare and get ready, but it's all so exciting! enjoy every minute!

  82. oh my god … I'll eat it

  83. I don't know how you do it. How you go to ultrasounds and not want to blurt out "Boy or girl?!" I would die I'm pretty sure. And I went to that etsy shop and snagged a cute little vintage white sweater for a little girl. That's which way I'm leaning…. we'll see if that's true. I can't wait to see your little one!

  84. That little outfit is adorable! Can you believe you are going to have an itty bitty baby inside those cute clothes and tiny diapers soon?!! So exciting!

  85. Maddy

    Hi Naomi, you don't know me, but I'm married to Bryce Egbert, am Andrea Egbert's sister in law, and she showed me your blog. You guys are cute :) And we're due at the same time, so it's been fun watching your pregnant belly with mine! Anyway, I was looking up my local plato's closet store hours and on their website found a picture of you… I thought it was super random and just had to tell you. Good luck with Baby!!

  86. Sidney

    i'm really so happy for you! first baby is the most exciting time in life. i'm so excited to find out if it's a boy or girl too!!! :)

  87. Kaycee

    That outfit is so precious! Your lil rockstar will be best dressed out of all the babies!

  88. lar

    I have to ask, what is that wall color? It is gorgeous.

  89. washable diapers are very fun to wash ;) and your kiddo won't have to deal with the landfills later….and they are VERY CUTE!

  90. you too are so sweet. so excited for your little bundle to finally arrive!

  91. Maria

    That outfit is so adorable! Congratulations!