christmas lights.

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we spent a good portion of our day today
at the d.c. temple with josh’s parents who are in town
to celebrate christmas with us this weekend.
all of the christmas lights on the temple grounds are beautiful.
they make me want to grab a sleeping bag
and camp out underneath them.
but baby it’s cold outside!
  1. N. Puga


  2. N. Puga


  3. i think i could camp out there! so pretty…

  4. Aw, how lovely.

    I wish I could camp underneath these lights too.

    The first night we got our lights up my husband and I camped out in our living room because the glow was just so beautiful and serene.

    P.S. You are literally glowing like a pretty mama in this photo.

    Merry Christmas!!!!

    Big dinosaur hugs,

  5. Riley

    I agree it's so pretty!

  6. Jennifer

    You're gorgeous.
    And those lights are great!
    Merry Christmas! I hope you have fun together!

  7. i love those lights. i live in salt lake and we went to see the lights in temple square last week too. i hope you have a merry christmas!

  8. oh my, so gorgeous!

  9. kirby

    So gorgeous!

    I read recently that these lights are the best in DC. It sure looks like it :) Hopefully they'll still be up when I get back!

    Merry {almost} Christmas Eve!

  10. so so so so gorgeous! you are glowing as much as the lights! :) hope you have a lovely holiday, girl!

  11. Gorgeous temple… and you look darling in that last picture!!

  12. Cindy

    Beautiful pictures! You look great and I love the lip color!

  13. such beautiful lights!!

  14. Julie

    Oh, these pictures make me feel a little homesick. I'm from Pennsylvania, and D.C. was always "my" temple. It's so beautiful, especially at Christmastime.

  15. so beautiful. one of my favorite temples.
    merry christmas to your cute growing family.

  16. Your earmuffs are adorable. I haven't worn any in years, but you make them look so cute that I just might have to go buy a pair :)

  17. Ceres

    Beautiful pictures! May I ask what camera you use?

  18. Frenchy

    Beautiful pictures :)
    Love the Temple :)
    Merry Christmas !

  19. andrea

    Christmas lights always make everything feel like magic! How beautiful! :)

  20. Beautiful! A very Merry Christmas to you!

  21. Colleen

    I grew up in Vienna (love when you take Kingsley there!) and my sister's best friend was Mormon, so we'd always go to look at the lights with her family. Always beautiful. Great post!

  22. Christmas lights on an already beautiful building just make it even better :D Merry Christmas!

  23. Chaucee

    love these photographs! christmas lights are the best.

  24. Alivia

    Sweet sparkles!

  25. janis

    merry christmas davis family!!


  26. Sonja

    Wow that really is beautiful!!!
    I feel like Toronto is not quite in the spirit this year :oS
    I hope you and Josh and Kingsley and baby (on the way) and well your whoooole family have a really wonderful Merry Christmas. :o)

  27. Beautiful shots!
    Merry Christmas to you, Josh, and Kingsley!

  28. beautiful!!! what lipstick are you wearing?! I LOVE IT.

  29. I have been to a lot of temples, but not that one yet. I can't wait for that someday!

    Merry Christmas!

  30. Marine

    Awesome colorful lights! Have a perfect Christmas day! :)

  31. Hannah

    I love the Temple lights! We went a few days ago here in Tempe. Merry Christmas!

  32. Kelly


  33. gab

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