christmas day.

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we had a lovely christmas here in d.c. with josh’s parents. i love spending this time of year with family and friends, thinking of our savior, eating good wonderful rich food, finally having a valid excuse to be gifted baby things and enjoying the d.c. snow “dusting” (we’ll have our blizzard one of these days…at least i hope. in the meantime, i’ll just keep looking at snow photos from last year here, here, here and here.)
hope you had a merry happy christmas spent with loved ones and good food, too!
p.s. baby didn’t show up on christmas! it was my only christmas wish…. besides wishing for a healthy baby and uneventful birth. :) baby, you can come any day you want now! we’re ready and waiting!
  1. bethani

    okay is that a gingerbread church? I LOVE IT!

    and the capital tree is pretty spectacular too!

  2. Sonja

    Awww that looks like a wonderful Christmas. Not gonna lie, I was kinda hoping to read that the baby came on Christmas. hehe
    Glad to see you had a wonderful holiday, gorgeous photos as usual!
    All the best! :o)

  3. Ohh how cute is ur Christmas!! Aww love the baby spoon & the lil outfit! Best wishes with it all! =)

  4. your amazing photography skills never fail to amaze me! i esp like the pic of the cupcake with the out of focus tree lights behind it. very atmospheric! happy christmas!

  5. Ashley

    Love the baby things! Very cute! =) Also digging Joshs red suit pants.. very festive!

    When is the babys actual due date?

  6. Helen

    awww baby's little romper is so cute! merry christmas.

  7. Casey

    Beautiful photos! Merry Christmas!!

  8. Brit

    Yes, what a blessing a healthy baby is! :) Very cute outfit!

  9. Michelle

    Aww, the baby has such cute things! Hopefully he or she will come sooooon!

  10. i loooooove the baby bump so much! and i have to fly through DC tomorrow on my way back to europe so the flights canNOT be cancelled! please no snowstorms yet!

  11. Those baby clothes are to die for. Ah! So darling! You two are going to be the most adorable parents ever. So exited for you!! And that gingerbread house is ca-razy!

  12. Haley K

    oh i LOVE brown paper packages :) And seeing the adorable baby items made me smile. Merry Christmas!

  13. Good luck with Baby! I loved that outfit he was holding! SO CUTE!

  14. Look like you had a wonderful Christmas! Perhaps a New Years baby? ;) Can't wait for him/her to get here!!!

    PS Love Josh's red pants.

  15. Kelsi

    Naomi, all of your posts make me cry. I am not pregnant, so there is no excuse for this. It's just that all of your photos are so lovely, and all of your words are, too.

    P.S. Where did you get the sweater you're wearing while opening presents (and in your last post,too)? It looks so cozy and I love/must have it!

    Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

  16. oh my, that little baby outfit is SO darling! glad you had such a lovely christmas. :)

  17. Love that little baby outfit!


  18. Oh my gaaahhh! That little baby onsie is too cute! Those elbow pads are perfect :) Glad to see you had a great day!

  19. MellyB

    I'm in love with the little elbow patches! I want some for my Phinny! Loooks like you had a lovely holiday and you still only look six months pregnant. Amazing!

  20. cdm910

    What shade/brand of lipstick are you wearing in the pic of you and josh with his parents? I love it!

  21. oh man, the elbow patches?! i cannot believe something so great for babies. they are cute already, and elbow patches just take it to another level. and the fact that its yours and your precious husbands baby is just gonna be even more adorable :)

    glad you had a day full of loveliness, girl :)

  22. Sarah

    The baby gifts are darling! :)

  23. Brittany

    So, this is dorky, but have you ever been asked how you do your hair bun? I think it's fantastic and would not oppose to a tutorial. :)

  24. Whitney

    The Capitol and the tree! I love that one!
    Baby Anthro is so perfect. As is the cupcake.
    Good gravy, they're all so Christmas-y!

    (and I gotta ask since you keep wearing all of these perfect sweaters: where is THAT sweater from?)

  25. looks like you had a beautiful Christmas! so exciting that baby is just around the corner…maybe he/she will be a New Year's baby instead!

  26. Chelsea

    that little baby outfit is soooooo cute!

  27. looks like a spectacular christmas!

  28. Lainey

    Seriously the most beautiful pregnant woman I've ever seen! How do you do it Naomi! Can't wait for your baby to arrive too. That's gonna be one lucky, good-looking baby.

  29. Erin

    Ha! I kept wishing my baby would come on Christmas, but one car accident later, we got her the day after ;) Cute, cute family you have.

  30. That gingerbread temple is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Sarah

    You can't possibly be far enough to deliver can you?? Maybe you're doing a fantastic job of dressing as a pregnant lady, you don't look a day past 5 months along! I'm sure you're sending him/her lots of good vibes to grow healthy :D

  32. Victoria

    You look glowing and lovely! Can't wait to hear of the arrival :) x

  33. Colleen

    That baby spoon is too cute. Hope these last few weeks go quickly for you!

  34. I second the bun tutorial!!!!!

  35. Your Christmas looks perfect aside from not having the little one show up as a Christmas present. AND I can't believe how grown up Kingsley is looking. Cute, cute, cute.

  36. That gingerbread church is masterful!
    Praying for a safe and happy delivery of your little Davis. Hang in there! :) LL

  37. Gussy

    you're so stinkin' cute! and so is that baby spoon :]

    so glad you had a wonderful christmas! xoxo

  38. Alex

    What a beautiful Christmas!! Sending prayers your way for the arrival of your sweet baby!

  39. Rachel

    you guys are such cuties

  40. those cupcakes are adorable! How do you get the frosting to do that!?!?!?! I try and try…. glad you had a great Christmas!

  41. Sophie

    hi i'm from chile i'm 19 years old and i reall really love your blog i come here very often.
    and I really hope to be lucky enough to have a wonderful family like yours, I hope your baby is healthy and as beautiful as you two, i think you are beautiful and i love your style, i hope i could find a husband like yours who semms to love you A LOT.

    I wish you a happy new year and hugs from chile


    Ps: Im sorry for my bad English.

  42. Owww…love all the photos … wishing u n Josh the very best with the baby :)

  43. Kalani

    1. What shade of red lipstick do you wear? And do you have any tips for wearing and/or applying?

    2. I love the thin belt! Where did you get it?

  44. Cara-Mia

    Just wanted to say I think you're impossibly cute & am glad you & your family had a great Christmas. :)

  45. do you put make-up onto your eyes when you use a pink or red lipstick? cause i can't figure out. thanks! merry Christmas! ;_)