an afternoon at mt. vernon. {+ giveaway winner announced!}

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while josh’s parents were in town
we spent a good portion of christmas eve at mt. vernon.
i can’t believe all the history that surrounds us here in d.c.
i’m hoping we’re more proactive in 2011
at taking advantage of all the great things around us.
(mostly meaning all the free museums and monuments!)
i imagine mt. vernon will be gorgeous in the spring and summertime,
so hopefully we’ll be back!

and inside was the sweetest little ginger bread rendition of mt. vernon.

also, thanks to all who entered our giveaway this week!
below is our winner!

congrats to shelby rad! please email me your contact info!

  1. Helen

    that gingerbread house is AMAZING!


    oh my lanta, i LOVED mt. vernon. the little shops right outside of it, but i could not stop staring at everything inside the house and the grounds themselves. such a gorgeous place.

    and that gingerbread house puts mine to shame as well! ha :)

  3. nicole

    looks cold!!! but so pretty…

  4. My family and I went to Mount Vernon a few years ago when my parents lived in DC and I loved it! The views of the water and that house… amazing. I can't imagine living there surrounded by such beauty. We went there in the Spring and it was magnificent. :)

  5. oh i think my parents took me there was i was 3 months old! obviously i don't remember it so i would love to go back. it's gorgeous!

  6. My aunt and her family live in Fredericksburg and I'm hoping to come back there to visit during Spring Break. Last time we visited, Mt. Vernon was my absolute favorite of all the sites. We came during the Cherry Blossom Festival and everything was exquisite.

  7. amanda

    happy new years to the four of you! {baby included}

    what a great place to visit. dc seriously has some amazing things-it's kind of overwhelming!


    My jaw just hit the FLOOR.
    I SOOO was not expecting to win! Ohmyword!

  9. Katz NYC

    HIPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR DARLINGS! It's great that you always find these amazing places to visit in your nearby area. I feel like I haven't seen anything new in our state in the last 3 years which is a shame, shame, shame…

  10. Moriah

    i visited mt. vernon back in 5th grade and still remember all the cool things about it! such fun history!

  11. Lindsey

    Pictures of Mt. Vernon make my heart happy. So glad I am going back in February. That view of the Potomac River is breath-taking.

  12. Rachael

    I've been there! Was there on a school trip. Don't know much about history….
    That's a pretty cool gingerbread house though! It amazes me how people can build those things! The patience you need!
    Used to live in Alex.VA. So reading your blog has been bittersweet for me. But I'm glad I discovered your blog this year, it's fun to read.
    Cheers to you and your family for having a fabulous new year! Of course it will be though, with a baby coming!

  13. Becky H.

    Awesome! I LOVE places packed with history. These pictures so make me wanna visit there ASAP!

  14. Andrea

    Mount Vernon really is rather special…and just beautiful in the summer. It can also be *packed* so if you do decide to visit again, be warned (it was like a cramped conveyor belt walking through the house).

    My favourite part, though, was out-of-doors, at the edge of a field (a little ways along the dirt road with all of the out buildings)…there was a fence and a ditch with a little museum-interpretation detailing and quoting Washington on the virtues of a well dug ditch. Loved it.

  15. Rachel

    Fun! I want to go to Mt. Vernon for the history, but also because of National Treasure. Do you like those movies?! "I am going to steal the Declaration of Independence!"- Nick Cage

  16. Rachel

    psh, i wish i could make a gingerbread house like that! dang – me and the hubs would be fed for a week! haha

  17. because of your blog – my mister & i are planning a trip to see if we'd like to live there ;] happy new year!!

  18. Brooke

    Are you taking obnoxious guesses on the sex of the baby? Well, of course you are! ; )

    I call boy.

  19. Caty

    I love that little Gingerbread village!

  20. This looks like a very pretty place! xx

  21. kim

    What a great trip!

  22. What a beautiful trip!

  23. Jess E.

    I went to Mt. Vernon several years ago, and it was blanketed in snow. It was so beautiful, especially by the water.

  24. Maria

    I'd love to go there, looks like a lovely place.

  25. eithei

    omg, i know this sound completely random, but IM SO GLAD THAT YOU'RE PREGNANT!!!!!!

  26. nicole

    I love Mt. Vernon!

  27. Anna

    I fell in love with Mt.Vernon the 1st time I went to DC. I love the round barn they used to create "horse power" to harvest the crops.
    Great pictures!

  28. Annie

    We've been meaning to go.. it looks so beautiful! Thank you for the reminder :)

  29. Sarah

    Oh! You were in my neck of the woods again! I hope you took the GW parkway in. I just love the parkway!