1. You're pictures are beautiful! That market looks wonderful and Kingsley looks like such a cutie patootie in his sweater! :)

    <3 kris&kel;

  2. Lovely pictures.
    p.s. Merry Christmas! :)

  3. Paula

    very pictures!
    you are really beautiful.

    merry christmas!

  4. Paula

    oh i meant very PRETTY pictures!!!

  5. amber

    the eastern market looks like so much fun! no wonder you like it so much :) next time i go to d.c. i will HAVE to check it out!

  6. Chris

    ok a few things. i haven't been to your site in ages:

    – love Hey, It's Christmas album. Thank you for helping me get a little bit more in the Christmas spirits, its been one of those years. I have been listening to it this morning and I finally felt that warmness in my chest and little thrill in my heart.

    – love your wee tree with the brown wrapped presents–I have the same wee tree with brown wrapped prezzies.

    – you are possibly the most stylish pregnant chica ever. Yes, it helps that you were oober stylish before.

    – I am glad you are having a better December than last.

    – Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  7. Casey

    Awww.. what beautiful pics! Love the one where the donut is in focus.

    Have a great Monday!!!


  8. naomi, you're stunning in these photos.

  9. Jay

    You look fantastic sweetie!! Who would have guessed that you're at the very end of your pregnancy? I look forward to seeing what the new year brings you, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas yourselves :) Best wishes from Norway

    PS. Give Kingsley a good hug from me!! He's just too cute ;)

  10. MellyB

    I love Kingsley's little coat. Animals were so meant to wear clothing. I wish we had a markety thing here, looks lovely.

  11. These images are gorgeous! Great colour! x

  12. that market looks amazing! love your coat & earmuffs! :)

  13. love that red coat!!

    I feel more in the Christmas spirit just looking at all these adorable pictures!

  14. I'm loving these pictures; it looks like a great place to get into the holiday spirit. Also, I love that you wear red lipstick for everyday occasions…you look fabulous!

  15. your blog makes me SO EXCITED about Christmas! i love the cold weather clothes too…so cute :)

  16. holtkamp

    love all your christmas pictures!

  17. Chelsea

    you look adorable in those ear muffs.

    and dang, i wish we had a place like that in las vegas.

    looks like loads of fun.

  18. that looks like a fabulous little saturday adventure :) loving all the christmas decor, it just makes me so happy!!

  19. Oh man, I could use some cute earmuffs like that! ;)

  20. ooohhh.. I haven't ventured to Eastern Market in the winter yet. It's one of my favorite places!

  21. D.C. looks like such a fun place to be! I hope to visit there soon :)


  22. Kelly

    What a wonderful setting for a walk! Love the close-up of Kingsley…so cute! My dog has a little coat like that too : )

  23. Kris

    What a lovely stroll! Happy Holidays!

  24. Oh that looks so fun! I love your ear muffs :). And your pictures in the last post makes me crave a good margarita pizza!

  25. caroline

    Love the fingerless gloves. Handknit?

  26. Lisa

    Awwwe, such a festive stroll! I live right outside of DC but I haven't been to Eastern Market before. I'll have to make my where there soon!

  27. you look so cute!! love that mini donut! yum!

  28. Jennifer

    Your pictures are movie-Christmas-perfect! :D

  29. I just love how you do your hair in that big bun on the top of your head! Naomi- DO NOT cut your gorgeous hair after your have your sweet little baby! I used to have hair like yours and then I cut it to achieve the 'cute mom bob'- I overwhelmingly regret my decision! What a sweet time to be having a baby- when your heart is already focused on the birth of the sweetest baby who ever lived- Jesus! Embrace this time at the end of your pregnancy even though is is probably the hardest physically! I'm praying for a swift and easy labor and delivery for you and baby Davis. Love, Brittney

  30. I LOVE Kingsley's jacket! So pretty! I say cut your hair if you want! I bet it will be gorgeous! :)

  31. i love it all too!

    and if you do cut your hair, as someone was talking about above, i know you'll rock it no matter what, but i agree with them: don't do the mom-bob. go SUPER short. but i have a feeling your hair's not going anywhere anyway ;]


  32. Sera Pie

    Sweet photos (as usual!), have a merry merry Christmas!

  33. Heather

    It all looks so beautiful! Love this season too. :)

  34. aww these pics make me smile, you do such a good job of capturing little details in all your pics! love your mustard coat too :)

  35. Sarah

    please tell me you bought that red coat with the fur trim. love it. miss you

  36. you're just the sweetest little family ever! :)

  37. Please tell me how you can look that good in ear muffs? I'd look like a total clown ;) You look stunning, as always! Beautiful photos.

  38. I love going to Eastern Market! Especially during this time of year, everything is so festive!


  39. What a lovely day!

  40. once again, i must say. you live a lovely existence, it seems! and your photos are beyond stunning! what kind of camera do you use?! :)

  41. I love Kingsley's jacket :) I also love those donuts at eastern market! I discovered that gem about 3 weekends ago and have struggled not to go back to get some every weekend since (….2 out of 3 weekends there isn't that bad right…..?) :) Merry Christmas and hope to see you around Capitol Hill sometime soon!

  42. counting down till Christmas! you look great! xo

  43. Lindsey

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  44. Lindsey

    Love those pictures. Totally put me more in the holiday spirit (which has been lacking). You both look great!

  45. barrel

    Your blog always makes me miss DC, I miss walking through the alphabetical and numerical streets. I miss the way it felt when I walked through the Eastern market. I miss strolling through a Smithsonian museum in the middle of the day. I miss taking in all the history DC has to offer. I miss, it all.
    Please send more pictures.

  46. Morgan.

    I absolutely love the look of that market, and your family looks so so so cute! Perfect photos :)

    love your blog :)


  47. I LOVE THIS!!

  48. Michelle

    you are SOOOO adorable its ridiculous.
    love everything about these photos

    love m.

  49. gorgeous photos…you really make me want to visit D.C.!

  50. JD

    Love the earmuffs!

  51. Jen

    great photos! I saw you at Eastern market that day as I was walking around with a few friends but was too chicken to come say hi ha. Kingsley looked adorable.

  52. Erin

    Where is that gorgeous yellow coat from?

  53. i love love love your mustard coat! its the perfect contrast against your beautiful red lips! hope you had a merry christmas!

  54. Where do you get those AWESOME animal hats? :)

  55. I love your yellow coat! Where did you get it?