an afternoon at mt. vernon. {+ giveaway winner announced!}

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while josh’s parents were in town we spent a good portion of christmas eve at mt. vernon. i can’t believe all the history that surrounds us here in d.c. i’m hoping we’re more proactive in 2011 at taking advantage of all the great things around us. (mostly meaning all the free museums and monuments!) i imagine mt.... Read more

2010 in review.

a few of our favorite highlights from this past year…. in january, we spent new years day in NYC and kingsley met stellie his girlfriend. he also got sick with pneumonia and had to stay at the pet hospital for a few days (let’s not talk about it… it still makes me sad). we ate cheesecake, i developed a really old roll of diana film, we celebrated josh’s birthday with a big homemade hamburger birthday cake, and we put kingsley in a turtleneck!... Read more

the u.s. botanical garden, holiday exhibit.

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we checked out the annual holiday exhibit at the u.s. botanical garden with josh’s parents yesterday. the exhibit included a number of different railways and trains, historic landmark buildings in d.c. and others around the world made out of plant materials like tree bark which blows my mind. it was impressive.

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christmas day.

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we had a lovely christmas here in d.c. with josh’s parents. i love spending this time of year with family and friends, thinking of our savior, eating good wonderful rich food, finally having a valid excuse to be gifted baby things and enjoying the d.c. snow “dusting” (we’ll have our blizzard one of these days…at least i hope.... Read more