“when i feel alive, i try to imagine a careless life. a scenic world where the sunsets are all breathtaking.”

1. upon a recommendation from josh to color code what’s hanging in my closet in order to help me stay more organized (i.e. not leave all my clothes on the floor in our closet/ bedroom like usual) i noticed the majority of my clothing is yellow. i like yellow. just hadn’t realized it’s kind of all i own and wear. 2. on our way out saturday morning, we stopped by peregrine and you know what? they really do have the best hot cocoa on the hill. and they make it all pretty. who doesn’t love pretty hot cocoa? 3. a big thanks to these friends for stopping over to play with and feed kingsley while we were gone all day saturday. considering that he always runs up to their front door when we take him out for a walk suggests he might love them more than us. 4. that’s just my handsome man. and i love him.
hope you had a beautiful little weekend! happy monday…
*post title lyrics from beirut.
  1. we love a good weekend!have a great week as well.

  2. SarahAnn

    I might have to stop reading until we've both had babies. Because you have the cutest baby bump in the world and I swear I've gained baby ALL OVER my body. Darling as always!


  3. It's funny what color-coding your closet can do. When I coded mine last year, I realized that my wardrobe is very grey-heavy. I wish it was a happier color though, like you with yellow!!

  4. Alanah

    Bought a Beirut CD last week because I LOVED their music in your video. I am SO excited to get it in the mail.

  5. Caty

    I am working on getting more yellow into my life. I love the color but don't own that much.

  6. Kristen

    You've inspired me to dive into my closet now. Thanks girl!

  7. Aww yellow does look very pretty on you!! Ooo I could go for one of those hot chocolates right now! Kingsley is so cute! =)

  8. Ash Att

    that is pretty hot chocolate. i love kinglsey's little teeth poking out.
    ps.how do you get your hair wavy like that? its adorable!

    ash att
    sending love your way from utah county!

  9. Anna

    I always look at your pictures, daily updates, and little video clips and wonder what your daily life is actually like. Your life seems like such a fairytale. I wonder if you ever have bad days like I have bad days.

    You really have clothes all piled on the floor?

  10. Yum, Peregrine is so good! Whenever my husband and I are in DC, we make sure to stop there!
    Yellow is such a cheerful color, I'm glad you embrace it. And it looks great on your skin tone!

  11. hanner

    i have tried color-coding because it just looks so nice but then i always get messy! blah. and i've never had the hot chocolate at peregrine but they have tasty baked goods!

    and you're welcome for walking him, we definitely met a lot of interesting people! did robbie tell you about how kingsley flung himself on the ground when he was playing with other dogs? so funny.

  12. yellow is a great color on you! and that hot cocoa looks delish…

  13. I will never understand the talent of coffee art, but I surely do appreciate it. :)

    You post the sweetest little pictures.
    I love your blog to pieces. <3

  14. I think I saw a picture of you in my savvy shopper pamphlet that came in the mail this weekend. Now I'm going to feel pretty stupid if it wasn't you.

  15. Love the photos. And, your hair is always perfect!

  16. I love yellow too! And that dress (which you turned into a skirt and i've been meaning to try that since it makes it infinitely more wearable! That's such a pretty cup of hot cocoa and the most adorable pics of your two loves!

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

  17. Celeste

    I'm realizing that I have more yellow than I thought I did, too! It's ridiculous but the color is so beautiful.

  18. geri e.

    my husband suggested I organize my closet last night too! hopefully this thing lasts.
    and I am going to go make some hot chocolate to try my hand at making pretty designs. how do they do that??

  19. Rhianne

    yeay yellow :) I need more yellow! You look lovely!

  20. Ha! I follow your blog and Hannah's blog separately. Small world! We think they are delightful and I love your yellow dress!

  21. I adore yellow! I can never find it when I want to though. I have always wanted to go to a place where they made the foam in warm drinks all pretty.

    I love your posts!

  22. koko

    Baby bump! I love it… Oh and Kingsleys teeth look funny but oh so adorable!

  23. Emily

    scenic world is my favorite beirut song!
    p.s. your family is adorable.

  24. @tiffany, i think that's my favorite photo of kingsley too. haha.

    @ash att, i do it the fast way. twist my hair up in a loose bun before it's almost dry for about 5-10ish minutes. it's easy and it lasts better than curling irons or blow drying in curls and all that jazz. my arms are too weak for all that stuff anyway.

    @anna, everyone has bad days. but i try hard to make my bad days happy ones and not focus on all that negative. it does me zero good to be pouty and sad. and yes, much to my husbands dismay, there are ALWAYS clothes all over our bedroom. organization isn't something that comes naturally to me.

    @geri e., i wish i knew how, too. if you ever discover how, do let me know! xo

  25. i absolutely LOVE yellow, a dark yellow mustard color! somehow i have accumulated much of it myself!

  26. Maddy

    I think the fact that you have a lot of yellow says a lot about you. It is the color of happiness after all! :)

    Props to Josh for having such a good idea! What a thoughtful guy.

    Kingsley is seriously 1)huge now! and 2) so cute. that face!

  27. Nicole*

    i totally just color coded my closet too! you go girl!

  28. @maddy, i know! i took him into the vet early this morning and he weighed a whopping 51 pounds! couldn't believe it either!


  29. Kate

    Ill play with Kingsley when I live in D.C. next fall – yep – I'm the creepy blog reader that loves your dog that much, haha.

  30. Moriah

    i just did the same thing with my closet this weekend, and noticed that all i wear is gray. hah!

  31. Those pictures are fantastic and I just love the love you both have and share for each other! I color code my closet and it really does help! :)

    Liesl :)

  32. so i just recently discovered your blog and after sufficient stalking i've determined you are the cutest pregnant lady i've ever seen. :)

  33. yellow is one of the best colours in the world. truly.

  34. Julia C

    i love that your clothes are yellow! makes me want more yellow too. hehe. its such a magnificent color on you :)

  35. Mallory

    the majority of my closet color is black. At least they are all different shades of black right??

  36. Love that yellow dress. And love your blog! You guys are the cutest couple and Kingsley is indeed a king.

    Thanks for making my day a little sunnier!

  37. Neri

    i noticed that you have a lot of yellow things to wear! it actually inspired me to find yellow stuffs too(because it looks so cute on you. cute on me is questionable though)

  38. glad to know i'm not the only one who leaves clothes lying all over the closet/bedroom/bathroom floor(s)..

  39. ACH

    I would never get out of the house if my closet wasn't color coded…which doesn't mean there aren't clothes scattered around the room/apartment as well!

  40. Bre

    Love these pictures. Yellow is a fantastic color on you, it just works. Could Kingsley be any more cute?!

  41. Sometimes when I'm feeling SUPER organized (so rarely) I color code my closet.

    I LOVE the music of Beirut.

  42. Meghan

    I'm new to your blog and LOVE the yellow dress you are wearing in picture #1. Can you tell me who makes it or where you got it? I'm going to be in a wedding in June and will be 8 months prego at that time. We're required to pick out any yellow dress we want and I want yours!!

  43. @meghan, i got it at Target this past spring. i don't remember who makes it but it was a halter top dress out of parachute material and i made mine into a skirt instead.

    good luck! congrats on the baby!

  44. Meghan

    Ooooh! Thanks for the info – much appreciated! You are adorable!

  45. Annie

    you look beautiful! I'll definitely have to try peregrine's hot cocoa now – Thanks! :)