the most wonderful time of year is almost here!

while grabbing a quick lunch together on saturday, josh found this holiday 2010 cocoa-cola can inside a little sushi restaurant! you don’t know how excited this made me.
i might be the only person on earth who doesn’t mind when stores start bringing out the holiday decor before halloween takes place. i also might be the only person on earth who secretly listens to christmas music at home alone or in my car starting in early october (or july, depending on my mood.)
and i’m really glad halloween is over just so i can openly talk and prep and plan for the holidays without getting in trouble now! bring on the pine needles and glittery lights and jingle bells!
  1. Robyn

    while i may not haul out the decorations and open talk of the holiday season until after Halloween, i can be caught listening to Christmas music pretty much all year 'round, and knitting holiday gifts pretty much any chance i get!

  2. Brittany

    you are not the only one…i adore it too! happy holidays, naomi!

  3. I'm with you. People always complain about the season being too short. Well then let's make it longer! Thanksgiving, Halloween and of course Christmas are totally rolled up into "the holidays" for me.

  4. I hear you. I am totally ready for the holidays. First Thanksgiving and then the Big One! I live for the holidays.

  5. @natalie! agreed! let's start celebrating oct 1! trying hard to get josh to agree to putting up the tree before thanksgiving this year. i presented all the reasons why this past weekend. he told me he'd think about it. haha. having it up for just 20-30 days is no fun!


  6. Tanya M

    Hey, I don't even celebrate Halloween, so I'm sooo glad it's over and I don't have to look at demons anymore. Just give me a thankful heart and baby Jesus and I'm happy! Can't wait to decorate; I think I'm going big this year!

  7. geri e.

    ha! You totally took the words right out of my mouth!! (and I'm not even exaggerating—I told Jas that I was going to be decorating for the holidays at the end of this week.)

  8. MJ

    so freaking excited.

  9. bailey

    oh i totally made a Christmas music Pandora station today for me and my office mate who (THANKFULLY) is just as ready for the Christmas tunes as i am. considering putting my Christmas tree up soon – am i crazy? it's my first married Christmas so i'm super duper excited. :)


  10. Shalay

    I DO THE SAME THING!! I can't get enough of Christmas! It really boggles my mind that so many people are so negative about it!

  11. Amy

    my sister, brother and i used to watch christmas shows during our summer vacation! i haven't pulled out the decorations just yet, but i did spend a couple hours yesterday making cards and have picked up a few gifts too. and the Kenny and Dolly CD will be brought into rotation probably next week :)

  12. Katy

    So excited to hear someone else say this!! I've been waiting anxiously for our local radio station to start the Christmas music! One year they did it the day after Halloween…I thought it was perfect but so many people complained! This is the only time if year I am willing to go to the home improvement stores just because of all the great lawn decorations! And those red cups at Starbucks are out! Oh I'm so excited. Thanks for perking up my day! Happy Holidays!!

  13. Brissa

    I got so excited when I went to the mall last week and saw the beginnings of Christmas decorations being put up. AAHHH!!! I love Christmas!!

  14. Lesley

    you're so funny! i used to have the mindset of "no christmas before thanksgiving." not anymore! we listened to christmas music on friday. :)

  15. Amanda*

    I love this AND the holiday cup designs at Starbucks :)

  16. Smash

    Though I'm excited for Thanksgiving's arrival soon (nom nom nom!), Christmas is getting me more and more excited. The shopping area by my work is all lit up with Christmas lights already!

  17. Linka

    LOL!! I know I'm so excited too! I can't wait there's nothing like the feeling of the holidays!

  18. yeah – i'm the same way! my apartment has already been decked out in holiday garb since the day after halloween! and the christmas music started in the summer for a couple days and then went in to full effect on halloween! i cannnnot wait for this holiday season! it's my first holiday season back up north! so excited for our first snow here in minneapolis! cannot wait! happy holidays to you and yours!

  19. I have been collecting decorated soda cans for years, which I know is an odd hobby…hehe…anywho, I used to always get the holiday coca-cola cans, but in the last couple years they stopped putting Santa on the cans because of complaints or something with them only recognizing Christmas by using Santa, not sure…so, I was pleasantly surprised to see on a Holiday 2010 can…I have missed them! :) I have only seen their usual snowflake ones in CA, but perhaps this sushi place brought them in from outside the US! Love it!

  20. Melina

    I agree! I think getting into the spirit totally helps put the stress the holidays can bring into perspective.

  21. Julie

    I LOVE Christmas, and I have decorated for Christmas the past few years or so around November 1… maybe I would have decorated earlier if I wasn't afraid of my roommates murdering me for it. :) But now that I'm married, my husband refuses to let me decorate before Thanksgiving. *sigh*

  22. bethani

    I totally agree about being a christmasholic. I would leave my tree up year round if the hubby to be would let me :( I'm already stocking up on early bird christmas sales for decor, dishware, baking and wrapping goods. I'm somewhat like Clark Griswold on Christmas Vacation – but on the inside of course since we have an apartment..


  23. *S

    You are definitely not the only one! Hubby & I are suckers for Christmas time. Christmas movies started playing in our house in early October & This year the Tree was up & the house was decorated even before Halloween was over… ;)

  24. Ash Att

    im glad im not the only one who a) listens to christmas music in july and b) wants the christmas holiday to last longer.
    the holidays are the best!

  25. haha naomi you are not alone! i was playing it beginning of october and i'd mute it the second anyone walked in. christmas time makes everything right:)

  26. Caroline

    Judging by these comments, you're clearly not alone! Since we're all fessing up, I've been listening to Christmas music for weeks now! Now that Halloween is over, I've been doing it in secret less so. Still getting in trouble though from my boyfriend. He is a firm believer that you can't start until after thanksgiving. =[ anyway, I've been buying gifts for the last month or so. It's always good to plan ahead!


  27. Caty

    I am SO excited for the Holidays. I have been playing Christmas music for a few weeks now, too.

  28. becky

    I feel exactly the same! I love this time of year so much. As soon as I get to mid-October, I start thinking about Christmas. Usually my intentions are to make loads of presents that I never get round to but I love the planning period anyway. I love when the weather turns icy cold and the city gets dark early, lit up with lights. I love The Salvation Army band in the streets and the wisps of music I catch on the air. This time of year excites me so much! I imagine you and Josh are extra excited this year, too!

  29. kim

    yes please!! I am with you.

  30. YAY! so glad you all feel the same way! i love you!

    p.s. marissa (stylebook), it's ok. i still love you, too!

  31. Chloé

    Yay I am so excited! I spotted those snowflake lights that they put on the street lamps/power lines this weekend. It's the BEST time of year!!

  32. Carrie

    We're on the same page… I'm trying hard to convince my husband that it's totally appropriate to set up the Christmas tree right now. What's wrong with a little extra cheer, right? :)

  33. not unlike many of these other 'commenters' – i agree 100% . past roommates have been known to make rules so i don't start too early (at least not where they can hear). i am so excited, bring on the glitter, eggnog, music, and cheer!

  34. Katie

    oh no…you're one of THOSE people! lol, that's ok, i will forgive you…i am obsessed with white lights all year long! :)

  35. You are a girl after my own heart, in every way. I'm so happy to read this post of yours. See, I NEVER used to get in the Christmas spirit before Thanksgiving…in fact, I kinda sorta made fun of those who did. (Shame on me.) But this year, I don't know what came over me. I started blasting xmas music in my apartment and watching Elf, Love Actually, and Home Alone in mid-October. Thank goodness my husband is such a doll about it. I know how it can annoy people, but it has put me in the best mood.

    (Also excited because this Christmas is the first my husband and I will have spent together as a married couple!)

  36. Heck yes it is! I love Christmas!!!

  37. i am the same!!! i can listen to Christmas music all year round. and love it when i start seeing Christmas stuff in stores. makes my heart smile!! :)

  38. i LOVE the holidays. it's my fave time of year. (i guess i'm not quite as hardcore as you though…i wait until november 1st before i fully embrace the holiday spirit)

  39. yes! i put out a garland last night and bought a cinnamon broom from trader joe's.
    are you guys going to put up lights this year? we're still deciding (if i have anything to do with this decision, it will be YES).

  40. Lynn

    you are so cute Naomi! i totally "get it" and love the fact that the next second after Oct 31st closes shop the Christmas commercials hit the small screen. it's the best!!!

    also, side note, that Cola can red looks so amazing next to the turquoise counter top. LOVE this pic ♥

  41. Brittan

    you are definitely NOT the only person. i don't understand why people complain about early Christmas celebrating. it's the most wonderful time of the year people! i already put a reindeer welcome mat outside of my apartment door and have been listening to my favorite christmas albums.

  42. Brittany

    I hear ya! The Christmas season, for me, starts as soon as September hits!

  43. Bridget

    AGREED. i asked my friends today if i could start decorating. unanimous- yes.

    also- i just read your tweet about diaper bags. you have got to check out the "charlie" bag by timi and leslie that we sell at chulamama. it's pretty cute and does not look like a diaper bag–best part.

  44. i've been making my nana's stuffing recipe for weeks in anticipation of the holiday season.

  45. Colleen

    You are definitely not the only one! I love that season!

  46. Katy

    Nope! We put out tree up last weekend and I have been listening to the "sounds of the season" music channel since they switched to Christmas Music! I LOVE this time of the year!! :)

  47. whimsy

    haha! i love it!
    honestly we just got a new 12 pack of diet coke. i opened it on friday to find the holiday can. i honestly almost peed myself. and was giddy ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bring on the cheer! love it love it love it!!!
    and thank you for you kind concern for my husbands accident. so sweet of you. i too am so impressed with how the little VW held up in the accident! well done germany. well done.
    loves to you!

  48. margaret

    sometimes my best friend and i will break out christmas movies in the middle of july and bake christmas cookies/pies all day =)

    i've already set my ringtone to a christmas song…it was a pain trying to not do it any earlier than nov 1

  49. i listen to christmas music all the time! i can't help it… i love it. the whole feeling and vibe of the holidays make me over-the-moon joyful!

    i totally got this coke can the other day! it made me smile. :)

  50. jill

    I am one of those people as well. Already rocking the Christmas music without any regrets.

  51. janis

    i'm with you here taza. in august, i was listening to "all i want for christmas is you" and i got shivers of excitement for this christmas!!

  52. Kate

    I love this. We should become pen pals.


  53. amanda

    oh girlfriend, i've been prepping for christmas for MONTHS now! it's kind of the best…

    i babysat my nieces today and we listened to christmas jams and watched 'a charlie brown's christmas' and 'mr. magoo's christmas.' it was lovely!

  54. Me too! I was so glad my sweetie asked me to bring out the decorations this weekend and put up the tree. I'm glad were Both just as excited!


  55. i am so excited for christmas!! i don't care if its not thanksgiving yet!

  56. haha, i love this too.
    i admit.

    i thought about flying home for christmas today and got really, REALLY excited.


  57. Whitney

    I always work at a craft show, The Christmas Village, the week after Halloween and it gets me in the mood for Christmas.
    I'm a hardcore Thanksgiving fan…but…the Christmas tree goes up the day after Thanksgiving and other prep comes before that.
    (and I love christmas music at anytime of the year!)
    So…Merry Christmas!

  58. Sophie

    you and me both!

  59. I loooooove christmas! It's my fave time of year!
    It's so magical.. and for some unknown reason, it always makes me think back when I was a little girl and used to watch xmas'movies on TV with my mom before going to bed so Santa could visit us.
    I think that maybe deep down I still believe this is the spirit of Christmas..

    I also have to mention my mother cooks the best Christmas dinner ever!

    It's all about enjoying this time of the year.
    I'm looking forward to buying our tree and decorating it!

    Merry Xmas in advance!!

  60. I am already planning for christmas too! Since I live across the country from my parents, my mom and I start planning from Halloween on

  61. danica

    I love the holiday season! Maybe because everything starts smelling like cinnamon. haha.

    But you're not the only one…I already started a Christmas music pandora station! It's the best! :)

  62. eden

    nope. definitely not the only one. i have a strict listen-to-Christmas-music-whenever-the-devil-I-want-to policy. (:

  63. I am also like this too! I am glad I am not the only one! This pop can would also make me quite excited! You are so adorable! I have a slight girl crush on you, and hope one day when I am pregnant I look as cute as you do! Have a great week!

  64. I am also like this too! I am glad I am not the only one! This pop can would also make me quite excited! You are so adorable! I have a slight girl crush on you, and hope one day when I am pregnant I look as cute as you do! Have a great week!

  65. Natalie

    I have had a similar blog post in the last week about this very point of interest. :)

  66. Sini

    Naomi, you are not alone! I'm christmas crazy. I love it so much :)

  67. what a cute can! And yes, i'm looking forward too it!!

  68. i love Christmas so much and Christmas season is the best! i'm excited to be living outside of nuremberg, germany this year…it'S the Christmas capital of Europe with ''worldclass Christmas markets''!!! so excited!

  69. Jessica

    I love the holiday season too! So excited to decorate!

  70. Nikki

    This post made me so excited because your reminded me that it's that time of year! Im starting my Christmas shopping this weekend!!!!


  71. Shorty

    I tend to get really irritated when I see Christmas in July or October or anytime before Thanksgiving. But mostly just because I think it's degrading to the other holidays. Secretly I LOVE Christmas and I wish it could last all year. The holiday Coke cans make me smile and the decorations are so dreamy! (But that's just between us, ok? *wink*)

  72. your soooo not alone.
    although finding it strange to get into the mood this year as i've just moved to a new country where its still summer.

  73. Miyan

    I totally agree with you about loving Christmas decorations and not being bothered by hearing Christmas songs or feeling festive about it before Halloween =) !!

    I only wish they celebrated Christmas here in Israel, there's really no holiday like it….


  74. Elle

    I sing Christmas Carols, to the residents at the group home I work, at all year long! They love singing along with me to songs they know & never complain about it not being Christmas yet :)

  75. Nicole*

    you are def not alone! I've been listening to christmas music all week! and every once in a while, throughout the year you just need to hear a carol or two :)

  76. carina

    You are not alone – as Michael Jackson said! I am one of those persons! And why is it that nobody complains about spring clothes getting in the stores in January? I can't wait for Christmas!

  77. Bre

    I LOVE Halloween, it's my favorite holiday. However, I am excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year (even though I feel like it completely snuck up on me). I'm ready for friends, family, and food around the tree :)

  78. Breezy

    I know what you mean! I am trying so hard to wait to put my Christmas decor up until after Thanksgiving. Sooo hard!

  79. J

    hahaha ur so cute with the holidays! i love the holiday can!

  80. I totally break out the Christmas music in July too…and tell people I wait until October! I just love the holidays! I mean who doean't love dreaming of snow angles and Christmas trees a few months too early? :)

  81. Jules x

    It all sounds perfectly sensible to me. I did get some odd looks when humming Rudolf the Red nose Reindeer on my birthday this year… which is at the end of June.
    I wish we had Christmas coke cans. I've not even seen the TV advert yet!

  82. Kait

    You're definitely NOT the only person on Earth who doesn't mind! I get so excited when I start seeing Christmasy things. I just saw the first Christmas lights on my way home from work yesterday. Did you know the ice rink at Pentagon Row is open now? It's definitely the red-headed step-sister to the Sculpture Garden one, but it makes me very happy that it's open already… and they're doggie friendly in the area :) They're even having a "crazy holiday hat" contest on Saturday, haha.

  83. Liz

    totally agree! bring on the Christmas decorations!

  84. we put up all of our christmas decorations on november 1. it's the best thing ever! c:

  85. Sarita

    Nope! I'm with you. I LOVVVVE Thanksgiving and Christmas and have been listening to Christmas music for weeks <3

  86. Stef

    I'm so glad Christmas decorations and drinks and snacks and music are here! Santa coke cans!

  87. Luna

    i love christmas time too. cant wait to start decorating.