the mischief continues…

kingsley made me cry yesterday. and for about 10 seconds afterwards, i debated giving him away. i usually keep an eye on him when he’s in the front room alone, but yesterday i turned my back for literally a minute while i was making dinner in the kitchen and he decides to have a go at my little green sofa by tearing off half of the trimming (you can see the pretty piece of furniture in its perfect condition before my dog got to it here and here). fortunately it’s something a glue gun can somewhat fix, but still. josh says he’s getting me ready for a toddler. but i don’t need him to prep me for a toddler, i just need him to be a good dog. he knows he’s not allowed on or near the sofa. especially after what he did to our last one.

…bad one-toothed-pirate-bulldog.
p.s. on our walk this morning a little red magnet clip like this one showed up in his “potty.” best part? i had no idea the magnet clip was even missing off our fridge. talk about mischievous.
  1. nicole

    i've been there with my crazy wiener dog!!! Sorry!!!

  2. Poor couch…I hope you get better soon. Watch out for those pirates!

  3. if it makes you feel better our bulldog throws up inside my shoes. weekly.

    sometimes, that vomit is actually poop. poop-vomit shoes.

  4. Bekah

    We realized our adorable chihuahua mix was part beaver when she chewed a door frame in our laundry room while we were at work. I was so mad, I cried too.

  5. CoCoon

    I can see why you're frustrated, it's such a gorgeous couch! Nothing a little glue gun and scolding can't fix!

  6. Chelsea

    Been there done that with our bully. It is SO frustrated. Fortunately for us, ours eventually grew out of it. He wouldn't harm anything in our house now, it just took a while. Good luck! I wish Kingsley & Guinness could meet!

  7. @the grumbles, yes. yes. that does make me feel better. and that made me laugh. thank you!

  8. Annah

    I would never, not in a million years, consider giving my dog away over something so silly. But that's just me.

  9. brittany

    it'll get better, i promise! my little 12 lb minnie literally ate 5 different spots out of our walls in her first year. awful. but she matured a lot at 1.5 years and is a perfect lady at 2 years! also, my neighbor has a 1 year old lab that just the other day chewed through her toilet hose thingy and water went all over the house. little fluffs are just full of mischief!

  10. FeeMail

    I can totally relate to what you were thinking. Even if you didn't mean it…

  11. @annah, i'd never really give kingsley away. i'd die. it's just rather sad how long the on going list of items he's destroyed in our house is getting. even with training and all. sometimes i just get really frustrated.


  12. watch Ceasar (dog whisperer)!! It's the only thing that works!

  13. Carly

    My dog ate my niece's sock this weekend and I had to pull it out of his throat with tweezers.

  14. Kait

    One time, before we got smart and let Rufus sleep in the same room as us, I opened my door and froze. He had chewed all sorts of things: couch pillows, papers, clothing, a sweater I was almost finished knitting, his dog bed, etc. Jason woke up and saw me standing in the doorway in the dark and asked if I was okay. I told him to come and take a look. Rufus had gathered his disaster into a pile and was sleeping on it.

  15. JenLynn

    Gotta love doggie adolescence. Thankfully it is just a phase…well lets hope that it's just a phase in Kingsley's case.

  16. i am so sorry. maybe you can put new trimming that is better?…

    but don't worry he's only one. our dog would eat through the walls when she was that age. but she never did anything since when she got a bit older.

  17. @carly and @kait, both of your comments made me laugh. i'm so glad i'm not alone when it comes to pets who like to get into trouble. haha.

  18. Ashley

    They tend to get jealous of new additions, and act out more… Hide your favorite shoes, etc., when the baby arrives! Lucky for him he's so cute, right?

  19. 2busy

    He's still a puppy! Ugh! Hope you get through it. Ours used to like the fine dining called Polly Pocket.

  20. emily

    i'm so sorry for your troubles with Kingsley, but sharing them makes me feel better about my dog (who gets into similar mischief).
    most recently, he threw up black pieces of plastic two mornings in a row and i couldn't figure out what was going on …a few days later, i realized my guitar strap had been dismembered.

  21. I don't mean to laugh…but I have one of these dogs. Except mine is a
    90 lb lab…so I guess it could be worse?

  22. Amy

    Sounds like he needs better training… We have 2 50+ lb dogs & they would never do anything like that.

  23. i'm so sorry to hear about your adorable little couch is ruined :( sad for you… i know this sounds kinda insulting, i don't mean it to be, but our dogs ripped up our couches and i combated it by always making sure they have cheapy little garage sale stuffed animals and raw hide… to get their chewing desires out. have you tried these things? It's fun to even take them to the garage sales with you and let them pick out their favorite toys :D best wishes. ps you're adorable. and you're going to make such wonderful parents… :D

  24. oooh, must be a week for dogs, because on monday, my little mauzer decided that since i went to the gym instead of playing with him immediately after work he was going to punish me by destroying my textbook. nevermind that i have a final paper due this week. i cried too. you are not alone!

  25. Meredith

    Our cat is more of a destroyer than our dog, but I know how you feel.

    And also, a student in our dorm once found a whole bag of her Hershey's Kisses completely empty. She spent days interrogating the other girls trying to find out who ate the candy…until three days later when I took the dog for a walk and suddenly discovered some tell-tale pieces of foil.

    I contemplate giving our pets away much less now that they're out of kitten/puppy stage, but there is still the occasional moment.

  26. Emily

    Our dog Rudi (a lab mix) does things like this, but only while we're away. After she destroyed two remotes @ $30 each and ate 3 pairs of my Victoria's Secret underwear, we realized a kennel was a worthwhile investment. She actually likes it in there, and we like having undies and an operational, but expensive, remote control. :)

  27. laurwilk

    I'm a bully mom too! Everyone has stories about 'oh my dog did this' and 'my dog did that' but I'm pretty sure only bully mom's can understand the amount of destruction and unbelievable digestive system of a bulldog!

    DuraChews are the only thing that keep me sane. Because somehow, everything else is swallowed (ropes, kongs, stuffed animals, EVERYTHING). The bigger the DuraChew, the better.

    It's a good thing they're SO DANG CUTE. And rolly.

  28. Suzy

    "Showed up in his potty" — you're too cute! I'm sorry about your pretty sofa :(

  29. @jaderox213, i am SO sorry! good luck with the paper!

    @rachelruelas, not insulting at all! i always need suggestions! but unfortunately kingsley already has plenty of little stuffed animals and chew type toys… i guess yesterday he just decided the sofa looked better.

    @emily, that is terrible. we have done crate training and kingsley actually loves his kennel. sometimes we can't get him to come out of it!

    @laurwilk, thanks for the tip on durachews. will have to look into those. i'm always amazed at the things a bulldog can swallow and digest. including "safe" dog chew toys.

  30. Deepali

    The best is when you do finally have a toddler and the dog and you can't figure out who has done what to what!
    They both seem to be in cahoots these days.

  31. Chaucee

    It's going to be really tough having a dog and a newborn baby. Perhaps your parents could watch him the first couple weeks or something like that? If he keeps on acting like this is just going to be more stressful! I hope you figure something out : /

  32. For about 10 seconds afterwards, i debated giving him away???????

  33. He's so young, give it time. So sorry for the seat, really love it.

  34. Julie

    I feel ya honey! Our dog is 5 now and let me tell you – these are the golden years. He's so fabulous. We've even debated getting another puppy but when I think about how great our dog is now versus 1-2 years old, I just can't go back. He'll outgrow it, promise. xo

  35. Em & Gar

    Oh girl, I so hear you. I love my little doogie but somedays…well I've briefy considered giving her up a couple times too. I just wish I could hear what the heck is going on in their little heads sometimes!
    Sprinkles once chewed up my brand new straightener. She somehow pulled it off the counter (she's like 6 inches tall) and chewed not only the plastic part but the METAL part too. WHAT? I about killed her. Also, someone who was supposed to be taking care of her once while we were out of town didn't put her in this indoor fence thing we have for her and she pooped all over the house, pulled off wall paper, chewed up a bunch of stuff (probably peed everywhere) and vomited on the floor. We walked in to find all this with a bunch of guests a few minutes behind us. I totally burst into tears.
    Sometimes I say to my husband "I can't believe we let an animal live with us." And then I grab her and kiss her and love her. :)

  36. Holly

    wait. the ENTIRE magnetic clip was in there ? or just part of it?

    eeeeek! you are a brave mama.

    a cat owner

  37. Just wondering… did you retrieve the magnet clip? lol

  38. Melina

    I have a cat (I know.. totally not the same!) who's built like a bulldog. Anyway, two days after getting a new couch he decided that it was his awesome new hangout by tearing apart the bottom of it and making the inside a cat playground.

    Now every time we sit on the couch, we feel him tunneling and eating his way through the springs and fabric in there…

  39. My puppy destroyed our bouffet. I was so sad I could barely look at him.

  40. Moocy

    Aw, I remember when our first puppy went through a destroyer phase. She left me tearful more than once! But she's very well behaved now that she's older, so have hope!

  41. @chaucee, no no, he's not like this 24/7. it's just occasionally. we plan on keeping him here when the baby comes home. we've been reading up on bringing a baby home to a pet. hoping it all goes over well!

    @happy sheep, the magnet clip has since been thrown away. :)

    it's nice to hear people say they do grow out of it. the chewing / hyper phase. and it's nice to hear all of you who can relate. you mean you don't have perfect perfect pets? makes me feel like i'm not alone.


  42. Oh dear. I want a puppy so badly, but then I see things like this and I remember they are more than a handful sometimes.

  43. Nat

    I feel your pain. I came home one time to find a hole in the wall at the exact height of my bulldog's mouth. She actually chewed a hole in the middle of the wall, who does that. She also gets mad when I'm getting ready for work in the morning so she opens the bottom drawn in our bathroom with her mouth and pull out all my head bands. Such characters, I love hearing stories about yours.

  44. denise

    I'm almost 100% you've probably already tried the bitter spray, but just in case you haven't .. It's a spray for doggies that makes things taste REALLY bad! It's safe to use on clothes, furniture.. pretty much anything your pup isn't supposed to be biting! You should try spraying it on your couch! They sell it at Pet's Smart or pretty much any pet store. Good luck!!!



  45. while im sad for your sofa im happy to hear hes not a perfect little angel! i was beginning to think i was the only one who had a dog with a little bit of devil inside him!

  46. it was about 2 1/2 yrs. before my little devil schnauzer stop chewing my shoes. she has great taste…she only likes designer shoes!!!

  47. DJ

    our dog does the same thing with our couch cushions – we like to say he was building a fort while we were gone :)

  48. I have the exact same magnet clips. Yesterday I walked into to the living room to find my choco lab had chewed the yellow one to bits….I know exactly how you feel!!!!!

  49. abby

    i have a brand new, granny smith apple colored couch (that i am in love with) and have been ooo'ing and awwww'ing over cute french bulldogs. maybe rethink this??

  50. Connie

    i know what it feels like to lose something dear to you! Not that you lost this really but one minute it was nice the next- torn. I lost my wedding ring recently! :(

    Hmm… my toddler has NEVER done anything like this so you should be good. Just crayons on the tv screen, that were easily washed away. (then again, i did have a friend who called her son a "rodent" because he chewed on wood and made bite marks in her tables. haha!)

  51. I can't relate to the dog destroying things post but my son took a pen and wrote on our brand new couch. And its the kind where you can't flip the cushions over because they don't fit. It wasn't a good day.

    Lesson learned, always buy cushions that you can flip over.

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  53. Ahhhh! I can totally relate to you on this. I have the same problem with one of my dogs. He one time ate a stick ball (weird table decoration) and $3,000 dollars later…he's still alive. Barely ;)

  54. it's amazing how quickly they can do damage! my little lu barely has any teeth and oh can she tear things up…and fast!

  55. Hey.

    I love your little Kingsley. He looks identical to my Tonka, who just turned four.

    I'm no saintly dog-mum because I have my fair share of problems with Tonka but I must say, often destruction is a result of boredom. Bully's are difficult because they can't get the exercise of other dogs due to their breathing issues (Tonka is panting before we leave the house!) so it's hard to work off their energy.

    My saving grace are Nylabones. NOTHING, and I literally mean, NOTHING has lasted the way those toys do. I have two around the house that I skip across the tiled floors to entertain him. When people are coming over, I give him those busy chew treats (just large treats) because he can't have raw hid.

    Skip the cute toys and get some tough bones.

    Sorry about your couch. In Tonka's first year he only destroyed one couch but had a penchant for chewing my bras if I left them on the floor.


  56. @denise, we tried bitter apple spray when kingsley was a few months old. didn't faze him. and i always seemed to get it in my mouth instead while spraying it. ugh!!!

    @ashley.readings, thanks for the tips on nylabones. we'll look into those. it is true that bullies get bored so fast because they lack the outdoor exercise other dogs get. we try to keep him entertained inside but it's hard. we'll try those nylabones.

    it's so sad (and slightly comical just because i know what it's like) to read through all the things your pups have destroyed! (and toddlers!) and @connie, i am SO SORRY about your wedding ring. i can't imagine that. awful!


  57. What a little stinker! You could probably buy some ribbon/trim to fix it, though. Please don't even give Kingsley away! He's too adorable, and much too entertaining. ^_^

  58. how annoying!

    Our cat completely ruined our yellow leather couches. A cat for crying out loud.

  59. And I thought I found random things on mine and Banks {dachshund/lab mix} potty breaks. LOL yowzahs!

  60. Taylor

    Our Australian Shepherd was hyper until she was 4 or 5. She destroyed an entire set of backyard furniture. We came home and it looked like it had snowed in our backyard due to the stuffing from the pillows. It does get better. She is the best behaved dog now and doesn't chew on anything but her toys. You just have to get past those first couple of years.

  61. Sini

    My dog when she was younger was tearing down literally everything, even the papers from the walls. Training helps really, I suggest to search help for that kind of behaviour. I don't want to sound mean or anything, but it's best to cut that out before the baby comes :)

  62. What a little trouble maker! Although I did have to laugh at the part about the magnet ;)

    (Moon Face)

  63. Jay

    Usually when dogs misbehave it can be chalked up to lazy or negligent care from their humans.

  64. Too, too, too funny!! Sorry about the couch – it is a gorgeous one.

  65. Brooke

    Poor couch! My dog has a big problem with chewing on the coffee table and he could chew through a leash in seconds! Once when I went to buy a new leash, the lady at petsmart told me they had a bitter apple spray that you can put on whatever you don't want them to chew. I decided to just try lemon juice and it worked pretty good! One taste of that and they will never chew again!

  66. I read that a dog should only be given one toy so that they are able to distinguish between what is theirs and what's off limits. After learning this, my life got much easier and my shoes are now safe. I also found that children's stuffed animals are better made and can take more abuse than pet toys as long as there are no buttons, etc. to choke on. Maybe this will help.


  67. Jessica

    Is he punished when he does something he knows is wrong?

  68. bell

    you are definitely not alone…

    my boston terrier ate the cover of my brand new $167 pastry chef book, knocked my MacBook off a table (which I had to spend $300 for a new hard disk, thank god they could recover the memory) and has chewed, peed and pooped in a few of our shoes.

    she has her own toys but she loves shoes, cotton padding and all kinds of paper including toilet paper. she mostly misbehave when she's alone. she's almost 3 years old now and I can say she is getting better. anyways, I don't trust her 100% still, so my favorite shoes are up in a shelf, 'cause she can manage to get inside the closet.

    I know it IS frustrating and I really hope this is just a phase, but please, don't give kingsley away!! he is to cute. T_T

  69. Danielle

    oh goodness.some peoples comments here are not very nice..anyone who reads your blog knows your not really giving this pup up! but i hear you..I adopted a boston terrirer a few months ago..the first 3 months were perfect..i couldnt belive anyone gave him up..until he got bored, ripped my couch up one day, peed all over ONE corner of my rug, and [email protected], left my a poop/vomit is boredom I think! I know you guys try so hard to be such good puppy parents..its so difficult because, um, their doggies and they cant talk to us. lol. it will get better. chin up :) try a kong.

  70. oh, have we ever been there! He probably feels the new change and is feeling anxious himself. We have considered it several times with Ansel. Do what is best for the 4 of you :)

  71. Glimmer

    I had a super energetic toddler boy (human type) who was full of mischief. And he never damaged furniture like that. Not even close. When he was in elementary school and his friends were over they got rowdy and fell on a small rocking chair, which messed up the chair. But that was because they needed to be outside running. Just to correct any impression that this might be normal behavior for a child.

    My worry would be that this behavior may well get worse with a baby in the house. You may be a candidate for that lovely English woman on TV who comes to the house and teaches owners how to curb their unruly dogs. I forget her name but you and your dog would be great subjects!

    I am sorry, I have spent time trying to compose this message in way that doesn't come across as mean. I wish you and yours the best.

  72. Nikki

    oh my gosh! I went through my fair share of that when I had a boxer. She never seemed to grow up. Kingsley is such a cutie though, I love that picture of him.


  73. Ivy

    Glad to know I'm not alone either! Our pup has chewed 2 (or is it 3?) of our remote controls, all of our cushions have a corner that has been chewed, and she chewed straight through our office door one day. We came home to find her laying on our bed. But I still love her SO MUCH, as I know you do too!

  74. Funny how those furry loves of our lives can upset us sometimes. I have two Giant Great Pyrenese… and a bunny. I understand. xo
    Carrie Lee

  75. leahbird

    this is hilarious. we got a puppy this past April and about 3 months in, he made me cry, too. because of all his "accidents", we decided to buy a steam cleaner. after spending 20 mins putting together this machine I had paid $100 for to solve an issue created by the little monster/adorable creature, I decided sit down on the couch for 5 mins. I noticed he was being awfully quiet, so I looked over the coffee table – only to find he's almost chewed thru the cord. My 5 month old puppy totally gave me a meltdown, and my boyfriend said the same thing – it was practice. I almost kicked them both out ;)